iDreamofNinja POETS…#16

…NINJA TRAINING TIME… LETS PLAY. Rushing onto and through strange streets on the way to Train with Ninja. A meet and greet… awaits. Shiro seeks out NINPO TRAINING NINJA… and pens this… Poem.






Rushing along, through these unfamiliar city streets.

This city, whose face is unknown to me still- yet one…

…Yet one i feel so at ease; …as if living a dream.


A City where Machines, Women and Men- daily quake.

A City within Lands of Rising Sun.

A City where Ninja train… it seems.


The Dojo door wide opens…

a true Master Ninja approaches close-

with both open hands,.. and heart.


He gives and takes both-

…both his and mine.


Smiling and nodding… you ready?…

Go Play.








2 thoughts on “iDreamofNinja POETS…#16

  1. It’s rare to find knowledgeable folks within this topic,
    you seem like there’s more to what you’re talking about!

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