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Sound Resounds In Our World. Legends Tell Sounds. Travel Arounds Abouts In Deeds. Indeed Sound So Renamings Emperors, Gods. Cosmic Imbalances In Yore Our Heavens. Cultures Shocked Sounding Outs In. Disasters Reshapings Our World. Legends Wherebys Sound By + By Greeted. Loudly So Writ. Softly Herein.


When Yore Sound is our


The Word. Sounds beings oft. Of alikes 0urs




Ju ju Huwe,

Iove +



that is. Is that re sound. Sounds gave Cultures

much such as. Yores

Our Chinese found. One new Emperor Name. Namely



Our others Yore Peoples oft. Of Israelites, Amer. Indians,

Indonesia, Greece + Mexico for five. Examples, so

found. One yahoo named

so brightly anew. God/Deity Nomen + when

Yore Sound. So Gets

Around Ours



means. Otherworldly ways outing Sounds. Sounds

in + from the Heavens aboves. Belows



becoming The Word. Wordlessly so

imagine one world. Our World, Yore World. Where

one so eyed astronomically

many. Sightings nightly our skies. In/with tension.

Dis with ease. One alikes approaches. Unliked

One. One. Entering


Our Yore Solar System was invaded. By One

bringing alongs great. Sounded effects. Sounds

in Our Yore. Cosmos when then there was War


oft. Of Them, Our

Yore Gods. Our Planetary Gods warred. Great

Planets roundly, soundly greatly so disturbed. So

when one grating Sound. Traveling East + West,

North + South all. Overs arounds abouts Our

World. Legends tell


so roundly mores. Moreovers underlying one.

Anomaly. So



Sounded outs this. That


One Cosmic Intruder spacily leading too. To

Two Planetary Deaths,

One Cosmic Intruder

too. To


Two Deaths, One Birth. Both Planetary mayhaps perhaps:

Planet Electra totally destroyed, so Ares aka

Mars totally cracked ups dyings.?. app. 747 B.C., Venus

born borne Planet

in our world. Legends tell… approx… 687 B.C.

Electra, Mars dying off. In birth Venus approached.


Electra = Asteroid Belt Planet destroyed bits. Bit

by the bug oft. Of War

Mars Battlings God of War became… = + lost too. To

Venus +/or Intruder. So Typhon/Tiamat. So…

Venus re-born into current Orbitals Pathways. One

then continuing-ons Cosmic


Intruder destroyed. Moon…+… brushed us by. Just.





Intruder this one.?. That Beings one alikes being

Novae frag/Comet/SpaceBlast ?


So unliked, soundly then there

Yores earlier + as per later Yores. So roundly headed

off. Oft elliptically actually

towards Our Sun. Yore, Their


Sounds accompanying Celestial Invaders

would have been. Phenomenal

in our world such much as these. Those Space

based mis-Adventures sounded. So far


outs + thus so unfolded. Folding in Our Yores

aftereffects so empirically +/or/into godly. When long

Yores our divined Sound Times, Places. Placing

much such as namely. Yores Ch. Emperor. Fang-huen

powering thus


into fully. To reflecting this, The Sound heavenly

so nomenly aroundabouts our. World Legends

Yore yahoo/din in deeds. Indeed Our

Yahou, Yahu. Ju ju Huwe,

Iove, Yaotl + Yahweh as well. Well as One Yores

Heavens sent. Soundly sendings soundings so. Sound


went so global. Locally our



next sounded. Outed in on 9/2: #29

Quirky. Quote.