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In Our World. Legends Tell Tales of Justice. Of Words becoming Weapons for Truth. Truth be Told. Herein. Writing from Our Hearts, Minds. We Share. The Truths. Our Truths. Lives and Dreams. So Writ.


As Guns were raised. Two. So too Eyebrows. Mine. Both.

Gun holders, in Uniform. Blue. Two. Two Green

Eyes of i, Shiro shone back. Two Words

floated into Space. My Ways.

“… Drop it…”


Thus, this,..

my Hanbo. Was

let slip to the Ground

as well. Well as then.


Woodenly clattering till settled. Still. Still



and just. Slightly side and front. Of me.

One of The Blue reholstered, then,

coming my Ways. Wayward thoughts… so

then. So entered, then


entreating consideration into Mind. Mine.



At that very moment… i had Choices. Several.

To choose. From

A simple slide, shuffled Step… timed right…

-would take me left and side-

He. Who approached.


Hidden so. From the One Gun. Still there. Then.

A simple shove n push. Gun grab and…




…We could all be Cowboys. Tonight. That Night


i, did not choose. That. Then,

i sighed. Let Stick drop. The Urge to Battle

as well. Well as


These Men are not Ones. Whose Life

i so wanted. To take. Then, i stood still. Their



and backed up with such Actions.


Would get their Day in Court.

Letting Truth that Light Mine, so Shine.


Woodenly. Then



Looking back now. Things…


could have been messy. Then.

Young, Fit, Highly Trained. I saw many…


…Some may have even worked.?.


Yet and so. I stood still. Time

crept by as the closing One. Took

the i, Shiro Training, Hard Wood 3 ft Stick. Off

the Ground…

into His Hand. Then,.. off and


into my Groin. Green




Eyes, mine, flashed, acknowledging that striking

of Pain. Pain, that with Training i enfolded,

embraced, dispersed. Ignored. Overrode.

Standing. Still. There. Then smiling. Mores.


Both Blue Clad. Eyes widened. That Gun moved,

lifted, pointedly. Mores.

“… GgGet Down…”




Assuming the Position of request.

Lungs and Breathing then

crushed under the weight of a

Leg thrust, stomped into the Back. Hard.




Ribs cracked as Blood trickled down

inner legs as well. Well as

My Testes were pulsing, screaming

for that Revenge. i, Shiro played Deaf. To that. Then


Pain came. In those waves. As Shoulders lurched,


back under pressure. To allow closure. Handcuffs.


The Boys in Blue had so Helped again

to keep Our World.

Clean of Terror. Me. That is. That was. That is


Till the Courts, A Judge. So decreed. Otherwise.

For no Justice. Was done. Back Then.



The aboves is a True Tale. Sorta’ and

Many Years Ago.

Training Postponed- Instructor unavail.


Fellow Trainee and i, Shiro decided to Train on

the Local School Grounds Oval.

Evening. After Work.


We lived in Flats. No Backyard… nor Front.

Needing room to Train…

The Oval. Beckoned.


Unbeknownst,.. We Trained aways.

Stretched, limbered. A short Run.

Unarmed, Weaponry as is Our want.



Till the Dark came… we Trained.


Till then. The Blues came too. To

enter the Oval Carpark in several

Cars. Then


…come Our Ways.



We stood there. Watched. Waited.

Looking for the Whys.


As we were surrounded in Blue.


Realising then,.. Why.?.




Both of us. Smacked down per se. Roughed up

in tender spots. Every action given more oomph.

Than was so required. Once and when…


suitably cuffed alike. Alike, They

repeatedly. Introduced Us two too. To

the Side Panels. Of that Police Van. Theirs.


Afore. Offering Us a ride. Inside. Shoved. In

after panels beating.

My Hands… full of.


Other matters that sorely… needed attention.

Breathing, Posture adjusted, to

compensate Rib Cracks

as well. Well as



Manhandled into a Largeish.?. Cell

with 4 Others already in. Drunks, drying. Outs.

In and aways to a Corner They soon retreated…

as we entered. Guess it’s not everyday One

gets to share a Prison Cell with a Ninja. Or Two…


We got plenty of room.

We needed it.


Stretching out… helped a lot.



A Local Neighbor living close to the Oval.

Of Training.

Called in the Boys Blue. Words… so then



Saw… Us… Looked Like… Terrorists Fighting,..


or some and such. That Night.


Thought so. So was Real. In the Real

in Our World. This Neighbor

so quickly called. Out in Terror. To and for. Those



Words into Weapons so become.



Legends of the Japan of the Ninja gave Us

Our Training dark clothing and headgear…

though only

the clothes we wore. That Night. Heads


were bared. Still… Terrorists Fighting

such as it barely seems. To some.

Who watch, see All and know… nought. Not


that We knew that. Then. Then

as now. Lay bared.

Some things that at first… That to those…

in Blue… and Colors Otherswise too. To

look so terrible to approach-


are simply. The Living of Dreams.

In Our World. Legends those

Of Others In The Real.


Living Their Dream.




What would YOU have done.?.

Seeing Two “…Fighting…” on an oval.


Looked to SEE FIRST… the Reality of that there.

CHECKING… Crims or.?.

Kids, Athletes, Martial Artists.?.


Or simply ring… reporting in and on… Those


Others so there. Others doing no real thing


rightly wrong. Just Living The Dream.



Injured, arrested, charged, jailed…

forced to endure several Court Sessions.

Life so disrupted, Trying to prove Innocence…



Moreovers. My Injury…

plays ups at Times.

Use Your Imagination.

…For when i use mine…


my scar/injury… plays back.


Lives altered by an indiscrete phone call.

Eager to Report anything considered…

un-normal. At what Cost…


A State… of Terror in Deed. Indeed



Feel so and unchained,

freely to give. To Share.

When Rights go so wrong, left so far behind.


Tales Tall, True. With Others… or those… alike

Boys n Gals in Blue.


Of mistaken Identity, misquotes, mayhems.


That terribly, wrongly befall at that

inopportune… right Times, Places. Herein.

So Share. Thems. Then



Next… is to be and so.

The Wall. Hadrian’s. Tomb Also.


Please Feel Free. If So Inclined too. To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips, Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our

World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein. Coming Soon…

The Almost. Daily Random Classics.

Sweetly short. ‘Tween Post Days Info

Bytes. That is. Soon.


Till next…