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Featured Image A Jumbled Library Crammed Full Of Books Along A Wall Around A Door.

The Full. Alphabet Encoded In Our World. Legends of A to Z. Seizing Those Ciphered Ways. Means This Be. Hits n Misses. Of Myth, Fact. Fictional Truthful. Fantastic In Our World. Legends Lettered So Numbered Herein. The Letter. #T. Tetrabiblos. Our Ptolemy’s Four Of Yore. Our Books. His, Viewed, so Reviewed.


The Tetrabiblos

of Yore. Our Grecian Τετράβιβλος,

= The Four Books. Reviewed, Basically



Ways means Four. Ways Elemental


such as N/S/W/E.

Up, Down, Left, Right so forth. Forthrightly

Tetramorphs so be. Fourwards. Fourwords.

Quaternarys, Groups of 4. Foursomes

that somehows goes too. Togethers so topically within. The


foregoings Topic at hand… Herein for



(Music Link)


Number Four Symbol On Red Wood Wall.


this so 4 begins.

A to Z in Our World. Legends Hit ‘n’ Myth.

Tetrabiblos. Ptolemy’s

Four Of Yore.


Claudius Ptolemy, the Alexandrian of Yore. Our

Ancient Egyptian Scholar that is. Is that

so noted Authored Nomen. Naming

asides, inside The Noted Subject.

Of The Tetrabiblos is


Ancient. Astrology, Astronomy


Two Part Image Of Ancient Astrology/Astronomy Chart And Terms Translating Tetrabiblos.


Claudius Ptolemy Holding An Armillary Sphere Model.

Ptolemy. Armillary Sphere Model.


Practices, Philosophy

of Yore. Our Ancient Ancestors per se. Sayings


Tetra so skyward. Bound

together as One Volume The Four Books

detail. Ptolemy’s Research/findings on the Subject

(app. 90 A.D.-168 A.D….) of this. That


detailing. Deeds, Heroes, Heroines,

those Starry looking. Ups so skywards

views. Interpretations of these Star filled Sights

and Constellations. Considerations


Thoughts, Ideas, Historys, Herstorys

mores. Moreovers


StarConstellations Scene At Night With One Man Looking Up.


recording/explaining Daily Movements under

such Skies. Much attributed too. To

retellings Nightly speculations further Yore. Our

older Refs Claudius so quoted, used, compiled. He

reportedly oft included the “…ancient…” Sources


on much of this. That He such

so found Astro Ancients there. Their Collective

oft Practical. Tabled

Experience He presented. Coalesced into a Astrological

Traditional System. The

Tetrabiblos Four Books compiled in Deed. Indeed

becomings somewhats greatly Encyclopaedia like. On


the Subject. Astrology


Claudius Ptolemy Stargazing At The Known Planets/Stars.

Ptolemy Ups. Looking Claudius.


is, has. Been one of Worldwide attention


seeking in Our World.

Legends Tell now. Yore well as. As well

Starwatching. That Gazing so upwards…


so… Human be.


In Our World,


So Be So There.




Number Four Symbol On Faded Peeling Green Wood Wall With Orange Light Reflector Under The Symbol.


other noted Applications of.


include, apply in Deed. Indeed that, The


Tetractys Numbers of Pythagoras. The

Tetragrammaton of Kabbalism. The

4-Pointed. Star


of Tetragram. Tetrad


so of Elements too. To Earth, Wind, Fire.

Water also. Also

The Tetrachord so Musically


do, re, mi, fa. Far


Collage Of Galileo, Old Drawings And A Telescope.

Galileo Takes. A Look too. Into That Night. Sky So Aboves.


so forth looks. Like

coming so next forthrightly. Left

herein rightly So be #51 Quirky Quote.