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Featured Image Of The Word Pyramid In Many Different Languages And Colors.

Indeed No Man Is An Island. Yet Pyramids Were In Our World. Legends Tell Waters Wise And In Otherswise Ways. Means Egypt And The Niles. Waters Closers In Times, Places Of Yore. Our South Americas Titicaca So. Same. Both Ancient Sites Reveal A Complex Of Stoned Complexity Where Rains. Reigned Mores In Deed.



These Giant Stony Ruins in that Bolivian. City

so aka nomened in Aymara Tiwanaku.



named as

Viracocha‘s. City’s Creator, Designer, Architect mores.

Moreovers there underlying Our Yore Beliefs. Ancient

Americas… and then beyond elsewheres around abouts.?.

in Nature. So Pyramidical. So Yore


A Pumped Ups. Pyramid Pair

soon enough emerges. From deep


Image Of Many Raindrops Falling Into/Onto Water.

Water. Downed Ups In Deed.


within Our World. Legends Waterswise


tell therein Egyptian and herein Tiahuanaco

Water so rains. Reigned rather Historically

well as. As well Egypt’s Niles. At Tiahuanaco


there when Their Pyramid was built. ‘Twas a Port. City

edging on Lake Titicaca with a Water

Level more than a hundred+ feet depth

than L. Titicaca currently. Has.


As in Yore Egypt, Our Water abounds arounds abouts.

Yore Tiahuanaco. So


Image Of General Map Of South America Highlighting Bolivia's Tiahuanaco Regions.

Tiahuanaco/Tiwanaku. Regioned Approx.


Described after those. The Spanish conquests in Deeds. Indeed

of this. Region in Our World. Legends retold bys Herstory, History

mores. Moreovers highlighting underlying astonishments within

Historian Garcilaso de la Vega as well. Well as when


“… We must now say something about the large and almost incredible

buildings of Tiahuanaco. There is an artificial Hill, of great height,

built on stone foundations so that the earth will not slide.

There are gigantic figures carved in stone

much worn which shows their great antiquity.


There are walls, the stones of which are so enormous

it is difficult to imagine what human force could have put

them in placeremains of strange buildings… remarkable

… stone portals, hewn out of solid rock… on bases… all

of one piece


How, and with the use of what tools or implements,

massive works of such size could be achieved

are questions which we are unable to answer… Nor

can it be imagined how such enormous stones

could have been brought here…” So


Mod. Bolivia’s Yore Tiahuanaco. Our Giant Stones those,

the aboves quoted “… artificial Hill, of great height…”


hugely so built Pyramidical also. All so


Image Showing Details Of Archaeological Surveys Of Tiahuanaco.

Surveyed Outs. Inners Tiahuanaco.


that, This nomened Hill named. The Akapana Pyramid


so mountained originally. Built with large Andesite

Stone Blocks as a clean sided Stepped. Pyramid

in Our World.


Legends Yore Tell much of this. That Site maintains such

aged beyond. That much Ice Age Ends. Beginning of

Mod. Tech. Times, Places howevers…

and many Mod. Builders stripped it downs. Ups

too. To be used Quarry-like for other

precision builds whilst relentlessly stripped off. Of


it’s giant covers + stonylayers overs of Yore overs

Times, Places… by Other later Cultures…

building Theirs. Yet


Image Of Sketched Out Ancient Site Of Tiahuanaco.

Details Filled Ins… We Think…


still… now revealings Works overs + inners. Overs

it’s basic Core. Stone Pyramidical Features which


still are. So Oriented causally, almost perfectly. Cardinal

Directionally arrow-like

so casually. Pointed-like, as well as per that. This Our

Yore Egypt Great

Pyramid Giza accuracywise. Bound so forth also.


All so there forthrightly left we see

All so here… Waterwise Ways


so softly sounds,.. nearbys in Deed.


Image Showing A Pyramid Built Using Water Canals For Transport Of Large Stones.

WatersWays. Pyramids Ways In Deed.


Indeed here inside this. Pyramid


see those Yore roaring. Waters

Our Builders so channeled thru’ too. To

that then view, mores. Moreovers underlying

this amazing Pyramid Inners therein, here. So is

a structural maze of Pathways

means so Inside. Akapana in Deed. Indeed


several simple matching design. Clues

with that of Egypt’s Inner Greatness

in this so stoned complex. Complex

inners networked of zigzagging stone pathways/channels

all lined with fine Ashlar stonesworks. Angles, Joints

passing through several levels/heights from the top

reservoir type area too. To down


the encircling Moat


Image And Text Describing Tunnels Inside The Great Pyramid Of Egypt.

In Our World. Legends Tell In Deed.


Image Of Pyramid Inners Pumping Actions.

Indeed Pyramid Inners Pumped Ups In Deed.


which linked back at ground. Level per se.

Sayings endings… or is that.?. This Start points

on Akapana’s Pyramid base, Southern side.

A Pyramid in Waters, channel pumping… Waters.?.


Sounds Nileish stylish in Deed. Indeed

flowing. Ons


Looking asides frontly. Evens at these. Down deep

Inner type hydraulics. A

System of Flow could develop, would allow… pumping

of Water.?.

vis the inner systems and pathways…


like the Great. One Pharaoh’s Pump too. To Egypt

of Yore. Our


Gif With Pyramid Building Cartoon.

Well As Built Ups. Built Ins As Well.


Mounting Ups Next So Within

A Too. To Z This. That #L.