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As Yore Samhain, Festivals oft. Of the Dead do. So Cycle on. One Fare Ye Well Ode too. To thus that. This Seasons Change upon Us. Times + Places to Fall about. So arounds Spring clean out as well. Well as last lingering look at Wintering Decay, Death, Withering + Regeneration. Cyclings New Growth. The Times in’tween. Our Halloween So Herein. That Yore Day so On The Way. Ours.




so that has. All grown thru. This Nature’s

Season just done also. So

All Harvest picked, sorted. So ripened

by Our Sun. As so all


Falls decay, sorrows so. Gathered so ‘tween

abouts arounds in piles. Our hallowed

Homestead brightly spruced. Up clean, to

so bring alongs these. Those clear + bright

Smiles. So


As This Night so beckons. So Winteries

Begins, Our Nature’s bitter. Ended change. So

as Lands. End, stops Growing. So


Decay, Deaths begin such Reign. Then much

Rain so pourings outer Earth. Inner




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Mountain Fire, to Purify. Cleanse, so Release.

Inner + outered

Devils, Gods, All. To Honor, so Appease. So now


Times to set Your wayward. Ways then,

so All and Right. So now

Times in deed, to just. Set your Worldly Days,

All so Alight. Once


A Clean start, a Fresh. Season, Starts so then

Anew. So aboves so. Belows

Hallowed All, even these. Those Dearly Departed,

Lost Ancestral Few. So Memoriams too. To All so,


Hallowed All, Young n Old and so. Those

All in Our ‘tween. So



A Change of Time. Change of Heart.

For upon Us Now so, ’tis in deeds so. So


Halloween. Indeed

Times for that. This Yore One hearty


Halloween’s Our Samhain



Samhain Oded may seem macabre too. To

those who fail too. To spot, are unaccustomed

with. So

the Regenerative Pulse/impulse that. Thus

so lies autumnly. Wintered

rightly Seasonally within. Within


and venerated by many oft. Of

Our Ancient Ancestors. That is

that Decay, Death then Seasonally

Lead. Backs so to Life. So symbolisings

A Cycle. Full-Circle. So one


A Life-Cycle. One


Made Festive. In Appreciation. Of Life. Yours.


In Remembrance of that great Human. Endings


ins Those Mysteries. Of Life, Death.



Whilst Samhain is the Gaelic/Celtic/Druid

applicable Term.

Many Cultures, Countries, Groups. Organisations

all Hallowed Times +

have over Times. Places perpetuated these

Our World. Legends of the Festivals Oft. Of



Death or of the Dead. Memoriams so. So

such much so


Mexico’s. Dia de los Muertos. Day Of The Dead.

Wicca’s The Straw/Wicker Man Burnings.

Bohemian Grove’s Grand. Great Owl Burnings


Are some current examples. Themed akin

they involve that. This getting rid of Last

Years. Dross burnings

in some manner, then. So celebratings

giving and sharing the anewed. Bounties

of the new Harvest. Memorials


Acknowledging both Death + Life.

Those so Times of Change


We All. Go so thru’ + ‘tween



in Our World. Legends. Hello

Be so One. So



Change it Up. Once

When You so evers need too. To


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