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Indeed When This Number Is. Rounded Up In Our World. Legends Tell Squarely Yore Star. Gazing Blindingly Counted. 9 That Is. That Is 9 Is. As Above So. Below On Our World. Legends Starring Alchemy Yore Geometry. Systems + Our Leonardo Da Vinci. Boots Ups Calculations Circled Squarely. Centered 9 On Our Calculators. Racked Outs In Deeds.



Our 9. Yore


Number 9 so squarely shines. Starrily rounding

ups aboves so below. Earth, Our World. Legends

tell also. All so Number 9-

Moons on. +.?. In You.?. i, Shiro


perhaps too. To recap heres how. Stars so 9. One

Circle Yores Squared. Arounds

Abouts Our 9


Research. Topic nomened Alchemy so. Sayings

axioms so as above so below. So

then here Our World. Nine steps ups as one. Example

well as. As well so aptly summings. Ups out in


Our World, Planet Earth.

Our One Moon. +.?. Our One You.?. 9. Nine



Indeed How-To Too. To Circle Squared. Squarely Triangulates Arounds Abouts Ratios Geo. Metrical In Deeds.


as earlier Research. Showed


useful in linking Yore. Astronomy

too. To Our World Legends. Many Numbers in Our Legends

when reduced to. To a single figure/numeral = Number 9.

Primely Exampleds belows:

Our World Legends Tell is rounded.

One roundings = 360°. 360 = 3 + 6 = 9.


2160 Years per Zodiac (30° each).

2160 = 2 + 1 + 6 = 9.

2160 x 12 Zodiacs = 25,920 Years per round.

2 + 5 + 9 + 2 = 18 = 1 + 8 = 9.


As above, so below. 9

By Squaring The Circle.?. Can

The Circle = Our World, Earth or Our Moon… or

You also. All so.?.


So as.?. above so below.?.




Highlighting Our Yore Ancient Geometry. Adept

John Michell has also. All


so kindly put these. Those so related.?. ALL = 9.?.

appropriate Numerals in Their Places. Timing

Our Nine with


Moon, Earth, You in a Trinity. Triangular/Ratios

Results of Squaring that. This Circle of Earth + Moon:

J. Michell

so Imaged Belows: Numbers are thus generated


reflecting. Ratios/Size so forth. Forthrightly added

left 9 so in Them. All too. To

then recall: Now then Our


Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) who. Frontly Manly Squared

The Circle in Drawings as well. Well as

hinting at Correspondences/Ratios by incorporating. Man.

Ratio’d. Proportionate particulars so


Circular Squared. 9. So


Indeed… 1080… 2160… 3960… 5040… 7920 Also. ALL So Add Eventually Too. To Our Yore. 9 In Deeds.


In Deeds Leonardo An All-Round. Genius Squarely So Proportioned Indeed.


Our Yore Leonardo’s Talents ranged. Arounds far


Knowledge depths widely abouts. Our

World Legends Tell even His. To-do List 1490’s translated

herein has Calculations as numero uno. Several

others highly galored also. All so mention Measurements

and Proportion huge highlights… Several War

Weapons, Tech. Machinery well as. As well


in Deeds Leonardo regularly. Wrote in mirror types

indeed. So writ His

Script + Drawings so reflect/include Geometrical

and oft. Of Aesthetic Balance. Proportion. Visual +



Arts reflecting Reality of Nature’s use of. Same. Peeling





back layers of Topics with Numbers. Ratios,

Angles, Pi, Golden Sectioned. Geometry configurations

that with subtle. Formulaic. Hints permeate Our World,

Planets, Stars +


You. For

9 so-as aboves, so below. So





You next. Herein rolling on thereof this. That out

so on 17/4:

Centrally Yore Fired Ups In. Our Deeds.