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Featured Image Of An Ornate Romanesque Machiavellian Carnival Mask With A Golden Hand On One Face Side.

Machiavelli In Our World. Legends UnMasked So Apply. Applying Research Too. To Geopolitical Masking. Planned Events, Bribery, Financial Extorts + Profits, Crimes Against Humanity In Deeds Mores. Moreovers Indeed Underlying Viral Lies So Planned. You Are That. This Battlefields. You. Within You Is Power. Powered Ups Only You. Can Stop A Virus. Your Body, Your Computer, Your Mind. So Matters Herein.


A Mask will not Aid. You, First


You. UNmask this. That so Human

Eyes, Ears

Face virally frailty too. To see Power

over People in Deed. Indeed


“… Power tends to corrupt,

and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great

men are almost always bad men…”


In Our World. Legends unmasked. Herein unasked

begins tellingly so within

Power. Corrupts Absolutely. So


Absolute Power is corrupting. Bills


Image Of Many Romanesque Carnival Masks.

Indeed Ask. UNmask In Deeds.



(Music Link)


Gates, Clinton.

Hilary, Dr. Fauci, many in Law + Governance,


Medicine, Finance

mores. Moreovers underlying such Lies. So

have recently much exhibited. The extent of this. That

UnMask. A Planned How-To. One

Anti-Viral Too

so Reflects in Deed. Indeed this One. That


Geopolitical Truism of Lord Acton so aboves

absolutely misquoted. Quoting belows powerful missives so.

Ongoings Medical Mayhems, Malpracticings, Secret Sterilisations,

Vaccine Injuries Taxpayers Liability.

Crimes Against Humanities vis Humanitarians Alls overs

arounds. Abouts Our World. Legends +


Parliamentarians from India, Germany, Tanzania, Nigeria,

Italy. U.S.

Political Identities + Geopolitical Researchers such

as RFK Jnr, Senators

Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Doctors, Scholars… too many

to name also. All so here. Their


Expert Research shows howevers clearly how. This Pandemic

so clearly epidemic in media portions. Servings ups constantly

is. An inexpertly Machiavellian Plannedemic in Deed. Indeed

a Psy-ops =


A so PLANNED Event. Bill


Image Of A Group Of Moneyed Elites.

In Deed A Powered Group Hanging. Together So Seems. Seemingly Indeed.


Gates + co. basically practiced/rehearsed this. That at

a Gates Foundation Corona Virus Epidemic. Event,

this At Their “…Event 201…” last October there

mere 2 months too. To and prior also. All so

PRIOR… Royalties, Patents patently. Applied therein

Bribed so inducements. Overslookings previous underhanded

Medical Malpractices.

Whilst just in. Justice EARLIER ignored as well. Well as

earlier… even


In mid August 2019…

The Bill and Melinda

Gates Foundation Reps. began Negotiations also. All

so for the U.S. Govt. Contact Tracing Contract. NOW Worths

app. 100+ Billion… ALL SO PRIOR

SO SEEMS… Beforemores. Moreovers


Congressman Bobby L. Rush. Was there too. To



Earlier even so

in 2017. One Dr. Fauci Video interviewed, predicted

This such that. Much The SAME EVENT…





Choices,.. choose. One


Image Of A Mask Warning Notice Useless Against Viruses.

Use Less In Deed So Writ. Useless So Mores Indeed.


Image Of A Sign On A Doctors Office Regarding Errors Of Covid Policy.

So What’s Up. Doc In Deeds.


a sudden Viral. CoronaNation Alls arounds about

Outbreaks in Our World. Legends Tell

elsewheres Gatesways mean. Means cashed ups goes

Planned Event too. To… 201. One Forumed

Eventfulls. Full of it

goes o so Live. Playing

with ALLS Yours. Lifes, Maskovers madeover.


Testings irrelevant, discredited Numbers. Games

in Our World. Legends Geopolitical Tell oft

3 Words.  Done too. Two Ways means:


Follow The Money.

Conflicts of Interest.


Those Conflicts of Interests

In Our World. Legends Non. Fictionised

Tell oft. Of These. There


Image Of A Chart Using % Comparisons Of Several Death Rates.

Rated Updated In Deed. Rare Indeed Well Dated As.


Image Of A Tweet By Dr. Denis Mukwege Who Resigned After Discovering Fake Covid Death Counts Used By Officials.

Counted False Ins. Ring Ins In Deed.




Only You.

No amount of Taxpayer Funded Cash will stop. A


A Virus is stopped only. By You. You


and Yours. Immune Systems

Only Yours. You


are the only One.

Who can beat. This. That


Image Focusing On A Red Outlined On White Scam Warning Shield Sitting Amongst Many Others The Same.

Atypical Cashed Ups Scary TicTacs In Deed. Indeed Scams Endemic Tactics Typically. Moneyed Machiavellian Geopolitical.


Image Of A Cartoon Group Of Rich Gun Toting Gangsters With Profit Oriented Slogans Backgrounded.

In Deeds Indeed.


beings so. So Beings Human with healthy concerns. Of

good Health. Health Protocols still

ongoings there

or. Available here for example too. To then so. Ups

Your Immunity Systems. Go


Summary well as aboves hopefully

summarised as. Well, Belows :


“… The discovery of a new virus has been challenged. The PCR and antibody tests have been discredited as a legitimate avenue of diagnosis; along with widespread eyeball diagnosis, and coding patients as COVID who really have other unrelated conditions, and counting non-COVID deaths as COVID, this means all the case numbers are meaningless. The overwhelming number of people dying of the “pandemic” are the elderly, who have years of serious health problems, who have been treated with many toxic drugs, who are then terrified by receiving a false COVID diagnosis, who are isolated from family and friends, and die. Many old people in these straits are put on ventilators, heavily sedated, and die from the treatment.
But none of this information that challenges the official picture is shoved in the face of public health officials, with a government demand that they respond openly, and in detail. Why? Because the political hierarchy is geared to close out dissent. This has nothing to do with science.
Science involves questions and rebuttals and counter-opinion, and studies that test other options and views. Science is about confirming or denying official positions through analysis and experiment. It isn’t about who has wormed his way to the top of the food chain. It isn’t about who is secretly backing the Mouthpiece. Aka Bill Gates…”



So… open those Gateways. Means

Profits Overs People, personally


Revealings In Deeds. Indeed


Image Of Two Business Mens Hands Shaking With Money Pressed In 'Tween.

Shaken Well As Long. Afore In Deed As Not So. Well.


Image Of A Romanesque Machiavellian Carnival Masked Person Lurking And Listening To A Nearby Group Of People.

Indeed In Our World. Legends Tell In Deeds.


Time for ALL of Us


… Them Ones

too. To so be. UnMasked.


Image Of A Howard Zinn Quote On Governance Irresponsibility.

So Said. In Deed So Writ. Next So Too. To Be A To Z. #K.