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In Deeds Certain Times, Places Oft. Of Our World Legends, Natures Mothered View So Becomes. So Nomened As Spiny. Forest Aptly Named So Seems. Seemingly Left Right There. In Madagascar Extreme. Adaptations Abound Arounds Abouts So Teem. Teams Of Select Bestiary So Reside. Arounds Abouts Sharply Pointedly Indeed.


No denying that. This


Forest stands

alone. All Ours nomened so


Spiny Forest. Madagascar

in Our World. Legends tell

Our Yore Spiny Forest namings sounds. Like

a Prickly Place

Our Forest. Up n Down Yore. Spinefull


shaped Plants therein increases in deeds. Indeed



Nature’s Mothered nature sharply spares lil’. So

only lil’ sparsely grows. Growth

confined too. To select hardy Species well as. As well

acclimatised for oft. Of Madagascar’s prevailing. Winds

so stymied, diverted by that. This nearbys Central. Highland

Plains. Plainly


in this. That Place. One now

comprising app. 14-17,000 square Km’s of spiny

forested Thickets. Thinly


dispersed erratic Rainfall combinings with. Porous

Sandy Soils + Rocks

rollings over such. Much stony Limestoned, Red

Sanded in this Region. That so


producing arid/semi-arid Environ for both. Our Flora +

Fauna Specied there. Their

rather distinct indigenous endemic. Species flourish


Indeed Spiny Forest In Deeds. Within.


hereso do apply. Applying thereofs thereto

a perfect rough. Landscape for Life. To smoothly


flow + grow. Flowing on Plantlike

such adaptations of Deciduous. Leaf reductions, Succulents +

much long. Roots, Taproots lengthened, enlarged

Trunks + Spines. New

growth Leaves only shaped, coated, haired too. To suit

prevailing Conditions. Woody

Trees storing Waters within distinctive. Spines. Great +



Baobabs, Cactus lookalikes, Shrubs. Vines, Lianas, octopus +

bottle typed Trees greet. Aloe,

Palm, sparse herbage + grasslanded bushy. Types so

surround so abounds


This Forest That. Spiny.



all with appropriate. Spiny bits also. All so surroundings

arounds abouts

All there. Their wire-like/rounded

leaves, flowers, fruits so forth. Forthrightly left

this. That Our Spiny Forest akin too. To Otherswise


transitional Times, Places as such deserted. Vizcaino’s

Mexican Agave-Boojum. Region. Regionally +

Seasonally sporadic


Wet + Dry Seasonals varying. Appearances Climate

controlled. Uncontrolled



Spined Forestry Faunas. Species espied includings:

Primate varieties, Lemur, Mongoose, Lizard, Bird, Tortoise,

Gecko, Skink, Hedgehog tenrec, Chameleon, var. Snakes…

even a Hissing Cockroach +


Limestone Cliffs cave-dwelling Blind

Fish (…Typhleotris madagascariensis…) in Deeds. Indeed


so move, climb, clamber + live amongst. Hardy Plant

Species some quite Heightily. Possibilities

attainings = 10 mtrs tho’ 3-6 more thereso

Our The norm. Hereto


in Our World. Legends tell sections of Our Spiny. Forest

oft encroached + degraded/removed. Cattle/Goat grazing




Land, Maize Crops, Charcoal/Firewood/Logging Production

effectings mainly. Causes


include Droughts + Wildfires too. To

thus pointedly so impact this. Forested

Flora, Fauna pop./density spikes as well. Well as allowings

Invasive Species. Entry also. All so

Our Spiny Forest


sharply show signs oft. Of very slow

regrowth +

subsequent new. Regeneration points of our. Anew Seasonal

Madagascar’s so take time. In Our


Spiny Forests. Groundings


out next on 19/6:

Yores Parting Ways. Our Means Revealed.