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Greeks Fired Ups Indeed In Our World. Legends Tell Ups ‘n’ Downs Oft. Of Fire. Fire In Deeds Liberates, Incinerates Also. All So Weapons Of Mass. Destructions Not A New. Thing. Things Lit Anewed Like That Kept. This Our Yore Grecian Lands + Waters So Free Oft. Of Invasions For Overs 500. Yore Years, Our Invasive Look Sparked. So Writ. Herein In Deeds.


As Yore Grecian finger on. The Trigger pulled

that. This triggered Our Yores God oft. Of Chaos

too. To so reign. Rain of Fire that is. That is


Blessed hellishly with divined. Equality

Man + Shippings burst into. To flame

so out not. Knots


of Rope on the Ship soon went too. To

be honest everything. Burned

with no watery well as. Relief. Relieved

as well not, well even not. In welcome Water. Well


On Yore Greek Fired Ups. Our



Greek Fire burns well thereto. To wilt well

everything it so. Touches. Touchingly


a Weapon of Mass Destruction + Chemical. Warfare

as Flame-Cannons so burst throwing Flame onto. To

Life in Our World. Legends tell Our Yores


Greek Fire was now well on. Fire



for a somewhat shortish times. Places… some 5-600

years,.. Our Yores Our Ancient. Greeks

had in hand there. Their


THE Weapon of Mass Destruction thereto. Hereto


one nomened Liquid Fire so seems. Seemingly so named



thus Our Whys, Hows oft. Of Our

Greek Fire In Our World. Legends Tell



ends beginning herein too. To unfold




Our Greeks of Yore had one. Problem

with the defense oft. Of their Cities there

so forth. Forthrightly

so wrongly in their View. There…

They kept getting invaded, attacked, marauded also. All so


quite regular and oft well as. Of as well

again and again too. To


this. That

pithedoffpleased not the public. Citizenry and populace

in deed. Indeed it seems


Indeed Our Yore Grecians Pithed. In Deeds.





Now… here + there ’tis a bit. Murkier

in Our World. Legends tell such Recipes much

kept. Secret. Privately


Sometime, someplace in the 7th century. One

Kallinikos of Heliopolis burnt. His

finger during an Experiment. Pouring

the Liquid in so out. Fired ups


bys His Discovery the then Armed. Forces

were suitably impressed and then. Pressed the Emperor

for it’s use. He agreed it was on. Fiery

Ingredients Then avail.?.


Our Trade + Mining oft. Of these days was quite. Advanced

and thorough. Through this

Several ingredients suitable + applicable in deeds

were. Indeed readily available as


per Ours. Today. Yore


Liquid In Yore Deeds Greek. Fires Ours Indeed.



so seems. Seemingly Our


Science, Mining, Trading in Our World. Legends tell

possibilities. Possible ingredients inherent exampled:








Combos of those aboves Minerals belows

ground. Obtained + extracted so forth. Forthrightly

wrongly unleash setting of fires in Our World. Legends

tellingly indicate a hose. + spray set-up… was so set. Up

on Our. Yore Greek Naval Ships


which were shipped + sent out. Into enemy shipping

inciting hosing incendiary ways means. Alongs arounds their

ways there. Forwardly +


all overs set them on. Fire too indeed. In deeds

over throwing Yore. Flames Our

Water could not douse that. This


Greek Fire. Firewise




related wisely in Our World Legends outed. Otherwise

told in this hot as tale too; To + by


Roman. Author Julius Africanus so writ

app.3rd. Century A.D.; In Our The Cestus:

tells a similar. Mixture that could self-ignite

from adequate heat + sunlight:


…Automatic fire also by the following formula. This is the recipe: take equal amounts of sulphur, rock salt, ashes, thunder stone, and pyrite and pound fine in a black mortar at midday sun. Also in equal amounts of each ingredient mix together black mulberry resin and zakynthian asphalt, the latter in a liquid form and free-flowing, resulting in a product that is sooty colored. Then add to the asphalt the tiniest amount of quicklime. But because the sun is at it’s zenith, one must pound carefully and protect the face, for it will ignite suddenly. When it catches fire, one should seal it in some sort of copper receptacle; in this way you will have it available in a box, without exposing it to the sun. If you should wish to ignite enemy armaments, you will smear it on in the evening, either on armaments or some other object, but in secret; when the sun comes up, everything will be burnt up…



The phenomen of this. That phenomenal Liquid kept. Enemy

at bay +

out of their Bays there… too. To +


for some six hundred years. Kept many invading fleets

all. Out to sea. Seen off

Char-broiled as well. Well as

Fleets, Siege Attempts soon burnt. Out seas

also. All so




If only the opponents of Yore Grecians

knew which hose oft. Of their own

could in deeds. Indeed



One Trio triumphings overs. Underlying

truths of liquidity liquidised. Evens unto

…probably the OLYMPIC one too.?. To


  • Smother with Sand… or suchlike. Much like


Indeed Sands Times, Places Saps. Fierys In Deeds.


  • Vinegars vape this. That Fiery Greek. Flame.


Liquids Flamed Outs Liquids Fires in deeds

as well. Well as

indeed enflamed


Cunning Condiments Cancel. Outs in Cultured Fires.


thus + too. To Our fore. For Our Male

Yore Grecian FireFighters… Take

a break… take a… pith. Unzippeth


  • line up… + fire one’s “…hose…” (per se…)… Sayings


  • psssssssssss etc aboves,.. as belows so. Shows


Indeed Pithed Offs + On Fire. Hydrant Hydrations In Deeds.



unveil Now. That this FIRE of Yore Greeks is… finally

pithed. Out

in Our World. Legends tell Our Sciences


has come too. To understand this mysterious

process oft. Of liquids fires. Firing

these those. Type Mineral Mashups + Mixes

so keeps Water out oft. Of bounds of bonds so

Molecular. A Cellular form of Water Resistance/Dispersal


allowing no damping outs. In effects. Effectively



choking outs. Inner Waters so becomings so alikes unliked

Incendiary. Weapons/Ammo so banned under alike

Conventions, Treaties + Protocols of such much natured. Naturally

This produces that. This


Fire that will continue to burn in. Most

otherswise normal methods/circumstances. Circumscribing


FLAME ON in deed,

indeed in fact too. To




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