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Word Play Work. No chore in Our World. Legends Writ that so do tell, of Career, Life,  Dreams. Dreams that so in turn. END…NDE. Tell then anew of New Ways. Ways of Change. A Wreck that wracked a Life so. Stripped of Power in that of Death. Wings torn. Off. Off i do so set. Back Here. Herein. A Birthday Tale. For You too. Pt3. To read. That End. This Begins.


As both i, Shiro and The Kunoichi Kawasaki sat there Spinning Wheels

so slumped. Spitting those Chips and Others such Flaming

Metaphors as well. Well as

My Mind… and Body, was… All over the Places and Times. At Times…

well mostly. With lil’

of Light. Breath also. Also


Ways With Words.

Crashing In. The

White Room.

So and thus, this and that leads



Onwards to this One. Pt.3 two, so one too… To and then


Back. i, Shiro sat.

So sat, set was my devilish grin. Like Mind. Shattered. As several

Teeth. Moved so and within. That. There. Mouth

of Mine. As i sat in. That Gutter still there. Still. Eyes peeled, steeled. Still

and so an

idiotic, pained misshapen, unbalanced, edge of sanity,

o so clear and deeply in red smeared grin. Did grow. Of


at least. Am Alive. There.



I smiled. A lil’ then. Sorta’.

My Last Image. That Day. The Kunoichi Kawasaki.


Lying there. Like me. Well… sitting, slumping. Then.



Then… Then Breathe stopped. Felt it leave…

as did My Vision. Then…

Slept like a deadened Log. Woodenly. For a lil’ while. Long. Still.


Many Others known and unknown took such Nursing, Care into their Hands

from their Hearts. For this. Of mine. Thus using with Mind collectively

to achieve. The Healing within. Within this Body

of i, Shiro.




Now. There within.

The White Room.


For me. Mine. Though

The Kunoichi Kawasaki. Not treated so. Well. Well as


not moving. Much in Body

at All. Certainly not free. Not there. 3



Places Neck cracked, much and so more. More not worked. Moreover

yet and still. Still enough so yet

NOT broken, so Times and Places can. Death halt then. Heal that therein.

Life that then and so remains. For and then. A


while some more. It seems. More and more in deed. Places

and Times behind. Healing Times. So went. I… Flew.?.

In Mind. Mine.

Did so Fly. Whilst i, Shiro so Slept. In that.


White Room.


Leaving that and this. This Body behind as well. Well as Mind Freed,


i so went. Aways. Aways from those unknown Carers. Aways,

yet Home bound

some Ways as well. Well as so seems. Seems scenes seen



there, divinely hellish then seemingly balances. Like a Dream. Fill

Fulled with a Life. A Death. All it’s Own. Therein. There. Mind. Mine. Then.


Till enough was said for and to Mind. Mine. To comprehend. Then. Then told

after intense discussions-aways to go. Aways.?.


No, not so. I was… thus and so, sentexiled. Aways from there and that

Place. A Place

where Deathly Life so

Reigns. Places, Times. Stand stilled, no Real Rain either. With Wings

that propel at every thought. Of Mind. Mine. Within…


Yes… there were Wings. There. On. In a


Places, Times of No

Life. That Breath

of Power, Force.

Held. Still. Deathly and Still.




in the Real. Still had Life to go Ways. It seems indeed. Let Me stay

in this, that

Death. Places and Times. Would NOT be thus, in deed.


Not so. So then and thus so back and to,

Earthly Life from 12 to 7 Chakras was Deathly

and deftly given, dealt,


torn from i, Shiro, such and with All Love from that and those Hands

and House of Death. Wings removed

asunder. Off. Powered Down, Cleansed, Removed, Banished


from The Lands of that There After. Exiled was i. I… i,..



the Shiro. Had no say. About that. At All. Sent

back to Play too. To and with Life.



With Words. Of Legends, Dreams.

Hopes, Tragedy.

Angels, Demons. To turn. In


the Real.


For You. There.


To read.



Herein. So Writ.



Then Mine. Mind

then. Though and with no need. No need to so breathe. Therein. That

Places and Times of a o so heavenly divine,

so worrying devilish. Death. Began, Begins. To then. End.?. Then.


Anew begins. Life.


With a such and so Thought in Mind. Mind so thought too. To join in. To so

Breathe. Now. Now, to Embrace Life thus back given. Then. Join

in. Just Breathe. Just so. Then and so. More. Again. Breathe. Just and so.


Waking up. Times and Places unknown. A White Nightmare in deed. A


White Room.


Eyes everywhere. That

i could see. Then. That.


The Kunoichi. No. No

where to be so seen. Now. In


this White Room. I lay.

Bared. Still.



Just Breathe…


The Color Green… as per the Eyes of i, Shiro. Colors Green some 2% of Our World Total.


Still and now surrounded, enveloped. White and bright Light. All

arounds. Me and mine. No movement from me

for days many too. To which. Just Eyes. Move and that

so see. Then. Those


Days into weeks then so roll on though thru’,

thru’ those and these pains that grow, slow and by. By now

i so knew. Knew too. To


renew, anew, the i, Shiro view. View


Of Our World. Had changed. POV’s.

In deed.


A White Room, for a start…


The smell. Too.

Disinfected, clean.


Invades nose and throat.

Disinfected now indeed. Too,


it seems. Still. Clean.



Afresh. Anew.


As well.






Just Breathe…




1962–Birth. Shiro.

1966–Death of Father.

1968–I Dream of Ninja Dream. Begins. To be Dreamt.

1968–Self-Defence, Martial Arts. Study Begins.

1984–Ninpo Taijutsu. Study Begins.

1984–I Dream of Ninja Dream. Ends. To be Dreamt.

1990–Career. Begins.

1998–First Motorcyle Acc.

1998–Lived in a White Room. A lil’. While.

2002–Final 2nd Motorcyle Acc. Described Herein. As Above.

2002–Career. Ends. Herein. As Above. Also.

2002–Lived in White Rooms.

Paralysis was shortlived. Rehab Work lil’ longer.

2007–Walking unaided. Caned and Braced though. At Times, Places.

2012–Finances in chaos, disarray. Now. I have a Job. Sorted.

2015–Braced. Only on those bad so bad Days.




I writ. Herein as well.


Occasionally, i Breathe.



I have not ridden a Motorcycle since. The Kunoichi.


The Kawasaki Kunoichi. A

Kawasaki ZX-7.

Of 2002.


An Ode of The Event… Therein.



I… i, Shiro read a lot. Still. Mostly and majority. Non-Fiction.

Many choices.

On My Ways to Training, Lunch Breaks, Gatherings, Social Events, Public Transport.

Wherever. Whenever i goes. All Times and Places. Therein.


In that and those lil’ and so thus white Rooms. A lot too. To

whatever i could get my Hands On. Mind. Into.


In and within My Man-Cave thus and so is a Library. There. Now.

Still. Now. Even now. Still there.

Shelves, Racks of Books, Weapons. New and of Yore. Both.


There too.

Laying bared.


A Pic.

From my Son.



The Kawasaki Kunoichi.

A still-life. Was done in deed.



and so drawn. With that full and final Love. From

Our least. Who are Our Most. Indeed. To




this. An Invite. Feel free and more so to Share

a cherished Dream, Life Changer Event,

Vision, Synchro Event, NDE, OBE and so forth. One

that brought much and


more Life into Yours. How You coped, adapted, fit it

in. Your Life. Now.


Herein. As well. Well as



Happy Birthday.

To and For those like i, Shiro. On the 25th.


Btw’s… Each and All of Us… Shares a Birthday…

(…’cept for those on Feb.29th…)

With approx… 19,000,000 Others too. So. So and


And to Others All. I have. So missed.

Simply Enjoy. Take Care too. To


then. Now. What is so writ. Herein as well. Well as this. The

Next. Which is… then. Now. To be… as below. Soon. The


Charity. Charming, Cunning. Chuggers. Busted. Bubble Balls.

All at Sea, to see. Next. Actually


Our World Legends.

Be One.


Crash Out.?.

Crash Right Back. In.


Your Ways.

Live Your Dreams. As well. Well as.


You can.



Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.


Till next…