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Modern Technology and an increasing number of Applications of such are revealing many details of Our Earth and Our World Legends. The Earth’s Magnetic Field and an Ancient Mayan Metropolis the latest of many finds in recent Research. Herein. Ancient Legends unveiled with a Modern. Lasers too… point their Ways. Ruin… of a Slide-show.


Earth’s Magnetic Field weathers many storms.

Solar Storms and Winds… that is.


A Protector Layer of Our Planet buffering Cosmic

Radiation as well.



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Our Universe quite big. Our Earth comparatively…tiny. Has many Storms to Weather it seems.

Well as- Ongoing and recent Research reveals many.

Factoids therein.

Modern Technology pointing those ways.


Laser Point Tech for example.


From the Skies above…

has also unveiled an Ancient Place.


One of Our World Legends of Yore…



Mayan Metropolis.


Magnetic Field also…

…are helping those Sciences come to grips…

with the Meaning in those facts,.. indeed.

The Jungles of Our Earth are full.

Of Plant Life and more…

Life in other forms also.


Penetrating these Natural regions problematical.


Cannot see the Forest for the Trees tis seems.

Usually because of the Fog.


Hiding amongst the Trees that is.


As imaged below:

Sneaky Fog sneaking in the Forest and hiding


Darn it… Those Forest Trees are All… Fogged Up.

thence amongst Trees.

Confirmed… this be;..

for Fir Trees and such saplings seem Seasonally

susceptible seemingly indeed,..


in deed and in fact… also.


That be Fogged Up… actually.



Thus requiring;..

A Close-Up… Please.!.


…Soon as the Fog…

lifts up and off… that is.


Now we can… See the Trees. Is that not Uplifting… when that darned Fog… Uplifts… as well.?. Indeed it seems… ‘cept if You have a Laser Radar Tech. Thingy Reader… Read on to… See… that… also.


Uplifting can also be applied to Magnetics.

Magnetic Fields and Powers.

Such Power via their… Magnetic Poles.

North and South.


‘Cept Our Earth’s.

Which is not.


Uplifting at the moment that is…

at All indeed.


So these Science and Our World Legends do say.



For tis…

StrawberryMagnetic Fields.

Down Low and Dirty.?.

…That Our Sciences are going foggy over…

also… now. Then a change…

may be due. Then.



Magnetic Field change… that is.

Soon… not quite… now. Then…

a change… due. Then.


New and ongoing Research also confirms the as above

defined flux- and fluid-like Nature of Our

Planet’s Magnetic Field.

Over Time and Places; such as the Magnetic North Pole…


will shift. Position Studies show a number of Areas either


or losing Field Strength. These in turn will impact on our

Weather Systems and Natures. Such findings infer

a very changeable positional link and strength phenomenon

within specific areas deep below

in the Core-Mantle Boundary.


Hopefully for the positive.


Schematic of the Magnetic Field.


Our World Legends of such Sciences reveal too,..

concerning such matters as Pole Shifts, Crustal Displacement,

Continental Shift and Drift.

Many Leading Minds have mattered to delve

deep therein and help solve these Mysteries of Our Planet.


As an example herein.

One associated and possibly very relevant Theory that

Time and History…

left unfinished.


Was… unfinished and left on the desk of Einstein.


Albert Einstein and Charles Hapgood were combining

and colluding with intent.

To solve just such a Earth bound Mystery.


The Pole Shifts, Crustal Displacements

and associated phenomenon.

Theory incompleted alas therein.


MAGNETIC Field of Our Earth with it’s variables and changing Nature… highlighted.


Though no Field Reversals expected soon… the Science

is still being sorta sorted…

and there have been many in our past.

The immediate and long term effects of such… probably


Up-lifting. For Life that is.


Approximately every 100,000 Years… Poles Shift position.


Not sure are the Sciences when the next Anniversary

comes due therein.


No Wishing for…


me thinks therein and thereof as well.


What do Our World Legends of Yore… say the Pyramid was.?. Herein. Pharaoh. Pumped Up. The Tale of Earth, Water and Fire… within.


Revealing Radar.

Go… To and Fro…

The Light.


LIDAR is Radar Tech. that is opening the eyes of many

Researchers from many of the associated Sciences.

To the… Light. And back.


Uses thereof and therein.


LIght Detection And Ranging.


Such Light inspired Tech reveals the entire extent of Places of Interest.

Down to even the minor details.

Using Light rather than a typical Radar Beam/Ping etc.



Mapped Electronically. Surveyed Digitally.



Sciences such as Geoscience, Planetary Physics,

Geology and Archaeology for example will All

find relevant usage thereof and therein.

Of the… Light.


Such groundbreaking work per se was recently

brightly and intently focused on that of Our

World Legends and Civilisation of Yore…

The Maya.


Results were… revealing indeed,..

somewhat enlightening…

in deed and in fact… also.


In some… 60,000 ways.


Mayan/Aztec Artefact.


Examples of Maya/Aztec Script.


Part of an ongoing 3 Year PACUNAM Survey

of the Guatemalan Lowlands.

Using Airborne LIDAR Tech.

Some 800 Square Miles of Land thus far

subject to the Light.


A Mayan Metropolis newly revealed and mapped.

With never seen before dimensions.


Some 60,000 Structures newly revealed and mapped.

Housing, Palaces, Defensive Fortifications, Causeways

and Highways… as well.

Canals, Water Dykes, Irrigation and Terrace Works.


Airborne above the Maya Jungle… YOU… would see this…


Airborne above the Maya Jungle… YOU… And LIDAR… would NOW see this…


The overall magnitude and extent of the revealed Metropolis.

Of Maya’s Civilisation.

As revealed in Images above and below… also;


reveals how our Sciences, History and Our World

Legends are spot on…

to be Updated that is.!.

The Maya Civilisation was far, far greater

than many of Our Sciences…

revealed. Up there with the best and greatest in. Our

World Legends.


Underestimated much therein it seems indeed,..

in deed and in fact also.


The scale and sheer size of the Metropolis indicates a

far more populated… populace.

Several times over current estimates…

are the new estimates. Millions more. Many.


Landscapes, even outlying… oft fortified.

Causeways linked every Town/City in the Region.

Wide and Raised Highways… for those Rainy Seasons.


With a Land Area probably twice that of Medieval


more may wait to be revealed.

By the Light.


A LIL’ Wider Perspective… Airborne above the Maya Jungle… YOU… And LIDAR… would NOW see this..


The Maya.

Light and Lasers.

Revealing anew… those Our World Legends of old indeed.

Already some 60,000 Structures more.


Much History and Sciences therein…

still to be rewritten.

In Ruins… tis seems.


The Maya. Metropolis Mapped.

By the Light.


So Our World Legends do say. Herein.



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Slide-Show… Ruined… Radar.


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