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In Our World. Legends from such as Science do still say and so tell. Still. We still ALL are… mostly Water. Mixed in with a lil’ Earthy Matter. Still or not. Water carries along many and much such. Dirt, Fish, Surfers, Enigmas. Herein a few. More. Temperature, Type, Crystalline, Motion. Less is more. More and galore. Intel Bytes #3 Water’s Implosion Explosion. Explained.


Water freezes… before it’s frozen.

At and around 4º. Water preps. To be stilled. Snap.


Crystals form. Then stay. Then

Expands. Yet and so Lightens. In weight. In deed. Indeed

Encyclopedia Enigma :

Intel Bytes #3

show Waters Properties. Water



can be thus and so Heavy, Double, Triple Bonded, Multi-faceted,

fascinating also. Also

goes well with Juice and Cordial, Coffee and more too. To


dependent on how We chop it so… 10 Types and more can be watered down from it’s aspects,

features and ability. Etc too. To fractally fracturing as it forms Tubular Displays that wave. Waves

for those who do so and Surf, Boat, Spray n Play. On thereof. In as well. Well as

Water’s Implosion

Explosion. Explained.




Huge masses of surging Tides and Waters that contain large enough Energy smash

thru Shore, Rock, Our World

Structures and more drip by drip too. Can they erode.

Given impetus and force. Water can be forced to penetrate. Most things. In or Thru’.


Enigmatic. Yet We are. That. Mostly

that is. 70%. Too.


To view those. Those Images of Water Crystals that form with those high

Emotions attached do so shine. Highly polished too. To them o so watery. Water



Tubes, Cycles, Cyclones, Bends, Spirals, Fills, Spills, Toroids, Implodes and Explodes.

So many Powers, Aspects. To it and yet to Life. Life…

we have not yet even begun to wet that Topic. There. Yet. Yet


with All this and more still there is. To this. Waters of Life.



The Motions it goes thru’ gives us so a peek into. That of Our World. Legends


Can exist in each of the States: Solid, Liquid, Gas.

Solid Form unusual, as is less dense, thus so and whys Ice Floats.

On Water. Alcohol as well. Well as


Loses Heat rapidly.


Natural ph: app. 7

Our Natural ph: app. 7.4



The Oxygen a -ve Charge.

The Hydrogens +ve.


Great Wave Off Kanagawa. Japanese ukiyo-e artist Hokusai. Woodblock Print.


Through Osmosis and Plant Capillary Actions. Water can be so lifted up to Life. Aid.

Can be flung up and fallen then down. When it Rains so.

Water Molecules form Bridges of Hydrogen Bonds with Others.


Can Dissolve. Form Colloids.

Purify. Oxygenate.

Universal Solvent.


Unique Dipolar, Dielectric Nature.

High specific Heat… ‘cept when Frozen.

High Evaporation Rate… to endure, sustain Life.


Carries Carbon Dioxide to then release Bicarbonates, essentials of Life.

Carries Sounds quicker. Marine Life communication. Aid and more.


Light sends Electro-Magnetic properties thru’. It.



Properties of Waters Power can include adhesion, capillary actions, cohesion, compressibility,

condensation, electricalconductivity, heat of vaporization,

high heat capacity, high surface temperature,

varying density. Miscibility mixes

as well. Well as do


Sound of Waters so soothe. Sleep. Aid.

Entice and Awe. The Beach. Shore Sounds and Sights. Mesmerise.



Brings on that Urinary dispensation. Also. Times and Places. To go. Therein. Room

of Bath. That is. There. In. Aaah relief well as.

As well


Water attracts. Attracts itself in Clouds with uncounted yet Billions of Watt Energy. Energy

and Waters. Raining down.

Tasteless, Colorless, Odorless, Transparent in it’s Natures. Natural.

Molecules pass along and transfer. Carry alongs, cleans many things in deed.


Versatile and more. So much more. For.



We. All of Us. Are 70% water.

Waters of Life. Indeed.




Encyclopedia Enigma : Intel Bytes #4

Black-Smiths of Legends. In Triplicate. Plus One.




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i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.


Till next…