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Watching Aboves Belows In Our World. Legends Tell Mooned So Ups High. Highly Thinking Ahead With His. Head, So Sir Isaac Formulated. Formulas So Gravity With A New. Tons Of Calculations That So Match Also. All So… So ‘Cept Nasa. Resulting In On Our. Moon Much Mores Such Than. Moreovers Underlying Truly So Thoughts Then. So Writ Herein. On + On. Our Yore Moon. No Match In Deeds.


When Yore number is. Up Our

count down so begins. Ending


research with Sir Isaac. Newton that so

counts. Yet so in our world. Legends tellingly

these figures calculatedly belatedly show. This

thus, that those

Yores Newton Or Our. Nasa Cannot Count


in Our World. Legends tell

some Their things there. Don’t. Add up


Newtonian or Nasa for examples. Sampling

Their Formulaic Maths here, there is no. Similar

Equality. Quality

so differentials in Deeds. Indeed Sir Isaac Newton


devised much Formulas. One such can count. So much


Newton In Deeds. Indeed New Tons Of Light. A Rayed Seven.


involved Our World + Our Moon that. This Newton

Formula can use/includes Our Moons 1/6th (16.6%) Gravity


well as. As well

beings able too. To calculatings that. This mean

Neutral Gravity Point

Distances so ‘tween. Where Our. Gravity + Moon Gravity are

settings Forces so equalised. So ‘cept-


They are not. Newton + Nasa not equal

at sum Moonings at alls. All




above begins in 1969. In 1969

an Event in Our World. Legends tell nomens

of Moon Landings Filmed. Events required namely

some. Updates


too. To Our Encyclopedias. So exampling:


Our Encyclopedia Brittanica made some.

Corrections, article updates and so forth. Forthrightly

based on then recent. Data

supplied by Nasa. Ex-nazi Rocket Scientist


Werner Braun of Nasa (… an ex-Nazi Scientist vis the American

Constitutional. Illegal CIA Operation Paperclip

Recruitment there. Scheme here…)

wherebys after WW2 U.S.A. + Soviet Russia gained/recruited

approx. 1300+ Germaned Others. Includes


Scientists like Braun, John Neumann well as. As well

in prep. for the Cold Wars Times, Places soon ahead then… now.?.

Werner Brauns Figurings are atrociously. Calculated wrongs

rightly.?. Or


Our idea of Our Moon so. Is Newtoned rightly

wrong.?. One


Pictogram Of Mathematical Differences Of Newton vs Nasa.

Indeeds In Our World. Legends Newtoned Tell + Moon Gravity In. Deeds Equalised Arounds Abouts 24,000 Yet Also. All So Nazi-Nasa 43,000.?. Gravely Gravity Either 1/6 or.?. 4/6.?. Moon Counts So Shot. Ups.


Pictogram Of Cia Operation Paperclip Nazi To Nasa.

Cia Paperclip Shuffling. Arounds Nazi Abouts Nasa.


or the. Other so wrong. Rightly

those Encyclopediasts duly updated their relevant

data there… This… which now wrongly doesn’t add. Up


on the Moon Newton surmised with His. Formulas summarised

1/6th Gravity. App. 23-25,000 Miles app. per Neutral Gravity. Pointed

outs in Yores also. All so


whilst.?. Yet in

Nasa’s 1969 W. Braun update reads.?. App. 43,000…???… Gravely

no upping Gravity mentioned Brittanical arounds abouts. Why.?. Well.!.

new tons of Formulaic calculatings so. Show

Nasa forgot too. To mention: Formulated Newtonian: Now.?.

re-inserting Nasa Figures figuratively. Shows Moonwise…


.?. 43,000 = ???

4/6th Gravity.?. Our Moon.!?.


So Moonings Newton on.?. Or in Nasa

then cannot count. On


Image Of Sun/Moon Eclipse.

Indeed Our World. Legends Tell Whens Our. Sun + Moon Get Across. Crossing Paths So Visually In. Eclipsed Deeds.


then accounting with next on: 10/7: