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Time Places Crystals In Our World. Legends Tell So In Our Time. Pieces Watched Crystal Largely Powered. Ups In Deeds. Indeed Tiny Yore Crystals Unlike Crystal. Cave Giants Naturally Timed In. Places So Hugely Undergrounded. Above Our World Inners Are. Massive Crystals. Tall Oversized Arounds Abouts That. This Cave. Herein So Shine Clear So. Writ.


Watching Time. Flying


so Pulsing Power thru’ Quartz. Crystal powers

some of Our many. Named Time-pieces.

Hence Their nomen there Our Quartz Watch. Herein

Yore Crystal Cave. In

Our Inner Giants Outed


in/of Our World. Legends Told Sciences so provide. Details +

insights in

how Our. Yore Mineral Quartz is/was. Essentially

Volcanistic hot

as Silicon Dioxide Vapor that/then goes also. So All

stops goings + vaporisings. Then

so cools + solidifies. Crystallises. Geometric

Layer on/upon Layer. Laying out


a chilled outs generalised Pictorial. Aboves Process in

belows Imaged. So

Alike a Pearls/Shells growth The. Crystal grows

too. To mount up




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so producings


Crystalline Caves Within. Crystal

Cave. One large system so found

during Mining. Explorations

named of Naica, Mexico near Our. Town nomened Delicias. In


Our Year 2000. The Largest Crystals so seen thus. Far +

long too. To grow in Deed. Indeed Crystal. Caves

Images aboves + belows taken some. 300 mtrs.

belows Our aboves Surface. Facing

such much Tonnages of Inner immense. Crystals


growings in ideal extremes. Conditions of Temp., Humidity with.

Ample Crystal Ingredients readily access also. All so

overs arounds. Abouts




Our Industrias Peñoles Mine. So collects/extracts


in the main Silver. Lead, Zinc riches well as. As well

mainly situated on a Natural. Fault Line

allowings ready availability too. To Magma + Minerals

richened Waters that is. That is


once. Mining had drained. Enough Waters

for such. Much Crystalline too. To be revealed.





Giant Gem Structures within Our. World Earth.

Supportings Our Surface Crusted above. Though not as Hardy

as Our. Belows Diamond Planet found Video’d within. Our Sciences

Tell Mineral Mixes


litter Our Inners. Earth wherever such Fault-lines +

Planetary Forces so meet. Caved

Crystalline nevertheless. Moreovers


Upon such. May well much Our Continents… drift.




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Mining oft requires the later Site refilling process.

The Crystal Caverns of Naica

may. Not be exempted from this process + proceedings.



the Mining Co. need no shovels therein.

Nor Excavators and Dump Trucks.


When Mining Ops cease the Miners Pumps

do too. Powered down and off.


In time after that refill will be. Simply a matter of…


Times so as

Nature fully fulfilling itself. Filling with

Water will naturally flow back in.


Covering up Our World’s Giant Natural Gem. Wonders

thus and within. For the Years to come. With




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A Final Cut Dig.


Basically Basic Time. Pieces


Power Transfer is induced by ” bending/squeezing ” +

so manipulatings the Crystal. Piezo. Piezo Pressure.


This Mechanical Action allows a charge to freely flow. A


Slightly distorting the Crystal upsets it’s. Balance

per se + then

by now allowing Power too. To Play

across it…

hopefully return thus to normality.

Power of the Press. Piezo Powered Ups. In +


By altering the. Vibrations of the distortion squeeze:..

the Power can be altered to handily suit.

Even to tell You Your Time to keep on. Ticking

that is. Is that


so indeed. In Deed




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then this. For some of us at least.

Those who amongst us still wear. Proudly

on their sleeve,

well… wrist actually. Actualising


Our Quartz Powered Timepiece.

The Quartz Watch.


Without Crystal Power. Legends tell

Time in Our World so… stops. Starting



next watching 22/5:

Our Pyramids. Pyre amidst. Yore Great Waters. Pumped.