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Salt in Our World. Legends Tell of Taste So Sure. Enhanced too. To Pour Overs. Mores. To Share, Sprinkle. Shake Forth. Forthrightly Gandhi Marches. Turns Ups. Salt. Flats As Well. Well As A Seasoned. History. Herein.


Salt of the Earth.

Earth Created. Seasoned.

A Life-Giver, Promoter, Supporter. Enhancer.


Salting The Earth.

Agricultural Assassination. Enhancing

the ensuing.

Famine. Less. Of Life. Thereof. Herein



of The Earth. Flat

Out Speed, Gandhi’s March.

leads One to shake. Ones Head. Twice.


At Men, Machines. Speeding so. So

next at Man’s perfidy. To Man.


Garlic. Salt.


Salt a necessity. Of Life.

A Balanced intake. Essential.

Essential for Good, Long Health.


So too. To Nature.

Balance that is. That is


and so. Of the intense

Minerals contained. So Within. Salt. Salt



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Flats are great as well. Well as for Salt. Testing

Fast Cars. Ons perhaps too. To


find. Within Natural Salts much more.

Than just. Table Salts Sodium Chloride. Sodium

Chlorides dominate the Ingredients. The

balance. Provided by a variety.

Of other associated Minerals. Mineral


Salts seem so prevalent. Oft forgot

is their

Role and Status.


Of Yore.



Civilisation building developed.

Close links in Locales

with Salt Mines, Production Areas. As

with Waters Supply also. Also. Supplying


Salt encouraged Roads, Ports.

City. Development. Developing

and Mature Bodies. Both

require a constant supply

of those. Four Major Minerals. Salted

Ways, Means.


Potassium, Magnesium, Sodium and



Such Electrolytes are Essential.

To and for. Bodily Functions. Functions

that supply and balance. Tweaking

Hydration and Nerve Responses. Responsibly,



The Trade Routes…

The Salt Roads for example; ensured,

enabled Commerce. For many Generations. Mores.


From Salt derives Salary, originally meaning

Works. A Roman Allowance, Salarium

Paid for in Salt. Salt vis SeaWaters.


Can be collected from any Coast. Coasts

whereby Waters recede. Particular Favs. for

Salt. Production. Production of sea-soaked

Peat. Another Ways, Means. Meaning

such as


Mohandass Karamchand Gandhi,..

oft Mahatma nomened. Therein.


Had lil’ choice. Yet,

to March.


For Salt. Mores.



A March for Salt.

The Salt March. March

  1. Ahmedabad, India to

Dandi. Some 390Kms. To March.


For Salt. Salt


Monopolies. Monopolised

the ongoing Production and Sales. Selling

of Salt. Means and Ways. To Control.

An oppressed Peoples…


who needed Salt. To Live. Whilst



Mainstream History Books refer to The British

as the main antagonists. Therein. Herein

One’s Seek and Search…


mines a lil’ deeper.

Than that, generic and titular blame. Then


as now still. Still now,

do the Military-Industrial-Complex

so reign. Reins held by.

The Controllers of Salt, Society in India. Of


Yore. Was per se, no

Country. Yet Corporacy.


The British East IndiaCompany.

So named. Nomened



A… City of Londoncretincreation.


A Company. So engaged in Trade

Wars. Literally.


Trade Wars. Of Yore… and Now.?.

meant just that. War.


Democracy, Human Rights, Rights To Life…

oft simply Words. Slogans to be. Ignored,

for that goal. These hold so dear.

Profit. Over People. Control.


This City has it’s Own Rules.

Voting Procedures,


A Seat Of Power. Behind.


not of. Democracy. Mocking,

aligning, heeding not with. British Parliament

nor Legislation. Thereof. Less

… it so… feels like it. Thus and so. So,


The Remembrancer… it’s Rep. when

Parliament sits. Sitting behind

The House Speaker. A Seat. Of Power


in Deed. Indeed still there. Now. Now



and then whilst Marching. Ons. Gandhi

made Salt. Salt, mainly derived from boiling

Sea-Waters. Freely. Avoiding Corporate

costs, taxes… boycotting. Such tabular



Thus and so. Then. Gandhi’s Ways. Means

People over Profit it seems. Seemingly


The British responded. With brutal Force.


To regain. Such Control. Control


of Societal Development

vis Monopoly. When backed by

an Army’s


that is. That is



another Subject. Subjectively

so influenced. By Salt. Saltpetre.

The Sal Petrae.


Ancient Chinese Alchemists, Inventors. Of Yore.

Searched, seeking,.. Life

long enhancing Elixirs.


Alongs, arounds. Abouts

such and Their Ways.

Creating that so nomened

Gun Powder.


FireWorks. Provide the only lil’ joy. Bout that.

Invention. Inventors,


Mechanics, Drivers know. The Salt.



Aussie Drivers. Need no introduction too. To

Salt Flats. World Speed Racing Events also. Also


Car and MotorCycle. Saltily so driven. Overs.


The Outback. Natures of Australia

and Salt. Meet, mix well. Well as

Speed. As Belows.



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The Benefits. Healthy Salts obvious.

Diverse uses… and Landscapes.


With Minerals diverse, well as Source. Sources

that ensure lil’ contamination. Pollution free


Ways, low impact Methods.

Means much. To ensure,

the continuation. Of such. For Those. Still

to come. Next Gens… That be.


Salted Aways. Aways now and then,



Next… So Be: Posted;

The Pyramid Great. No Tomb So Be.


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i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips, Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our

World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.


Till next…