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Indeed The Full. Alphabet Encoded In Our World. Legends Of A To Z. Seizing Those Ciphered Ways. Means This Be Hits n Misses. Of Myth, Fact. Fictional Truthful Factoids In Our World. Legends These So Writ Seen. Herein In Deeds All So Elementary. Elementally #P. Pollution. No One Is Pure.


Naturally. Breathless


First Thing You. So Do

When Born. Borne Ups You Breathe So.



Last Thing. So In Your Life Done.

When Down In Death. Breathe So You.



Breathless. Naturally



Why Our Bodies so/this easily degenerate.?. Generating thus

dis ease.?.

in Our World. Legends Tell oft. Of mayhaps perhaps

also. All so elementary.

Elementally in Our World. Legends Tell

No One is. Pure,


Our Breath of Life.

Air Polluted.

Water Polluted +

Soil Depleted also.


Mod. Tech Profit/Control oriented Agricultures. Produce

All so. Vitamin, Mineral, Elements deficient… as a norm.

Normalising Our Immune System requires. So addressing

many Agricultural, Cultural Health

forms. Forming a Dietary start point in Deeds. Indeed

Genetically theoretically double. Our current age quite. A

possibility within-


Nutrition Solution.?. Solutions Liquid. Intaken

A to Z in Our World. Legends Hit ‘n’ Myth

#P. Pollution. Imbibing




of Mineral remineralisations. Realising such

Our Bodily Fluids much also. All so


Colloidal Solutions in Liquid. Colloids

ref’d are simply Molecules/Particles carried alongs. In

suspension. In arounds abouts Liquid Medium. Our Blood

is a Colloidal. Systematic Colloidal Minerals Waters. Waters

Our Lifes Blood now + Yores. Forces Elemental


generated elementary within. Colloids gently

forces/encourages overall remineralisation. Regenerating

recycling arounds abouts

Cells. Elemental activities. Immune


Systems so thus. Daily Mineral Elements enhanced. Added

too. To

provide Cell Powers. Facilitate exchange processes

mores. Moreovers there’s Their underlying rightful Place


in Ours. Diets.




Land + Sea…

Minerals collected vis. Natural forming Mineral

deposits + nearbys Waters works. Works much

such. Appreciated

so on Deeds. Indeed on Our World. Legends tell


Colloidal Minerals a quencher oft. Of

yore healthy thirst. Our Waters. Colloidal.

Mineralised. Waters, Earths, Us. Colloidal.

Mineralised. Soil


Depletion must be overcome too. To effect effective

Mineral. Uptake by the Plants we consume. Soil MUST

Have Those Available

or. At least precursors. Soil MUST be

Bio-diverse. Organic. Mineral-Rich… or we cannot be.

Healthy. Either


If Our Plants + Animals are poorly nourished…

so are We.

If Our Plants + Animals coated

in Chem. Poisons/Preservatives…


So are




Soil Creatures. Comprise app. 1/4 of All Specie

so known. Also in rich Biodiverse. Soils Micro-organisms

easily outnumber Us. Their

Work there. AN ESSENTIAL well as. As well vitally

aerating, recycling, distributing. They protect

many Species incl. Plants which then

… we + Our Animals eat… so well,.. if

All aboves works well… belows Our Skies.


We stay well in Our World. Legends Tell

clearly/cleanly. Healthy clean

Air, Water, Soils. Colloidal

Mineralised. Realising


so are. You.



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Growing down so Writ ups. Ground out

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