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Coincidences In Our World. Legends So Told That Ennoble. Astonishment As This King So Doubles Downs. Upping Those Odds Too. To Meet Another So Akin In Deed. Indeed Be So Cut. Down, Herein Upping A Tale Of Two. Lives That Seem As. One.


Coincidences can shock and astound. Around

abouts such high odds. Events can pile

Ups. Below

a veneer of normality. Strangeness. So lurks.


The Last Days of Italy’s King Umberto 1


read like a Paperback. Novel

plot in Our World. Legends

told herein. This

King. Doubled

Ups, Shot Downs


so ensnared Two Lives. So connected. Connecting


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King Umberto 1. Italy 1844-1900.



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with the Populace a grand plan His Advisers. So

advised. A Prestigious Athletic Meet the perfect. Venue

for Awarding Prizes, Meet ‘n’ Greets, Hugging Babies

and so forth. Forthrightly


on July 28, 1900. The King

and Aide-de-camp Emilio Ponzio-Vaglia

arrived. At the Township of Monza

several miles. From Milan.


Stomachs grumbling. Hunger so called

alongs with Fates. Destinies coming close.


Close to Their lodgings a small Local. Restaurant

so beckoned, still open. Closing

the Night behind Them. They entered


taking. Their Seat as


Milan. OversView.


Their Waiter approached. He who

turned outs too. To be The Restaurant

Owner. The King and Aide. So gasped

as Eyes drank in. So self-evident Truths.


Height, Weight, Build and Features. The

Owner and King akin too. To Brothers,..


…even Twins

more so. Than Strangers.

Resemblances so marked. Remarks

soon followed. That noticing thereof. There


behind those scenes. Of these

Two Lives ran.

The same stream of Life. Death


well as. As well



parallels from Birth so borne.


Born on the Same. Day

March 14, 1844. In Turin

The Same Town. Given

the Same Nomen. Namely

Umberto that is. Is that


each too married on the

Same Day. April 22, 1868.

To a Wife nomened Margherita

each had had. A Son so

nomened Vittorio.


This Restaurant so Opened. It’s

Doors also. Also ons

The Same Day. This King Coronated so. So


mores. Moreovers much mores

coincidental. Piled Ups. So


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King. Umberto, Margherita. Queen.


back and forth. They related

continuing the baring. Of Lives.


Unknownst then They both. Had

been Awarded for Bravery. Twice

at the Same Decorating Event ins.

1866 and 1870.


Owner, King, Aide. Alls

were astounded at the soundings.

Of Lives so intertwined. Revealing


His felt feelings The King so. Decreed

and noted Bys. His Aide

too. To reveal His Plans. To

bestow upons. The Umberto Double



“…Cavaliere of The Crown of Italy

tomorrow. Be sure He comes

to The Meet…”




As The Athletic Award Day. The 29th, July

began. King

and Aide Duties called. Ons

Their First Break The King. Asked

His Aide to Locate. His Double.


The Aide returned with that. Sad News

in Deed. Indeed largely

over Lil’ Times, much had. Changed.



The Restaurant Owner had Died. Ins

a morning Hunting/Shooting Accident. Shocked


into. Mourning


Times, Places Ins Our World. Legends Rolls Ons…


The King advised His Aide too. To

obtain Funeral Details as He intended too. To

attend. That Event. Eventually

just then in Our World. Legends so tell. That


The Aide. So then noted Three. There

a Trio. Of

Shots so rang. Outs just then. Then

there an Assassin took aways. Means


there This King. Umberto 1 of Italy

doubled over.

Heart shot.


So Fell. So There

That very Same Day. So Next



So Be:

A to Z in Our World. Legends

Hit ‘n’ Myth. So Anima. Animus

All So.


Till Next