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Our History, Art, Sciences and Our World Legends as well… all acknowledge the Dolphin as an outstanding Species… that stands… well,.. lives in Water actually. Our Deep Blue… bits. Interactions with us and them… oft go well. Though wet in the wild. Sticky situations… there have been a few. Pod Power, Dolphin Whisperers, Cia Suicide Bombers and their links to a mind-changing Chemical. Diving Deep… and a lil’ Slide-show in and on The Pink. Dolphin.


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Thick bodied yet sleek grey shadows surround me.

4… maybe 5,..

as i let the tide move me whence is wont.

Quick yet simple movements,.. they encircle without collision.


Australian Summer,..

the Waters warm today that are in and surround Semaphore Beach.


The shadows are quicker than i, Shiro.

The Waters their home.



in here,..

I am the Alien Species.


Their noise and movements reassure.

Dolphins. Pod Power, Pink,..

…LSD and the CIA.

Move as thoughts within Mind. Mine that is.


Our World Legends also.



As an uninvited Guest… from their perspective.

I wait and watch.

As they seem to be doing… too.


Setting mini waves around us All… as they flowed.

Graceful with Natural Power.


Sleek, fast and sure.


Out of the Deep Blue… literally…

they came.


Unbidden… ‘cept unconsciously perhaps.



I inhale deep.

Under i seek.

Eyes wide open.


The water clear… splashing shapes define quickly.

Colors and shades too soon fill that sense.

Whilst words to define… spill too. In Mind.


I join in the movement as they close in on this intruder.

In their World.

The skin that brushes against me is stunningly…



So smooth a rubbery almost textural feel.


Smooth with Muscle Hardness lurking close.

A Leathery thickness,.. Water enveloped and softened.

Faint yet deep looking scars occasionally blemish on some.

Surprise filled me too thence.


No sweat glands… either.


For them… Our Dolphin,..


not i, Shiro that is.

(…Out of the Waters… I make my own lil’ pool…

Aussie Summers are like that indeed… certainly not sweat-free.!.)



A Pod with Power.


Their subtle, simple grace and command of the Waters obvious.

Move… oft in unison… yet with an individual flair.


A Pod… Our World Legends of Science do say.

A Pod… with Power sayeth Shiro. Herein.


These slightly change as Times and Places,..

Life Cycles go thru’ and by.

The young and their Nursery Pod Group

mature and fill roles elsewhere.

Scouts, Hunters, Carers and so forth.


Yet even herein the Watery Blue…

a friend from years ago…

still remembered by their own and unique call.


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Yet still more the Pod Powers on.

Providing much more than mere numbers-

much indeed is done on the co-operative levels within such an Environ.


Appearing akin to Us… as Social Creatures that is.

Socialising, Swimming together, Reproduction, Hunting, Threat Defence…

even Alliances of a special Nature and kind.




When Nature has been abundantly of Life Giving that Season…

Welcome the… Super Pod.


Many many Hundreds do gather. Of the Dolphin kind.

Other Predators too.

Our World Legends do say therein.


These Super Sized Swimmers Groups… get rights of Ways… btw.

From even those of Our Giants of the Maritime.

Our Merchant Ships and Tankers that is.


Who wait patiently afloat… chewing fuel and Profit.

While the Floating Super Dolphins… and cohorts,..

go swimmingly by. Nature over Profit therein indeed,..


in deed and in fact… too.



A literal Herd of Dolphins. On a Mission.


A frenzy of Fish Feeding on Fish after the Organized Hunting is done.

Huge schools of Fish corralled, shepherded… controlled.

A veritable smorgasboard of Seafood comes their ways.

After the Dolphins + co. have come a long ways… also.


For sustenance to kick-… or should that be,..


the upcoming Mating Season and Times.


Just another One such…

Power of the Pod it seems.


Right Places and Right Times navigated.

For the Right to first Feed.


Though one of Our World Legends do say;..

In the Waters so Blue of the Amazon true…


Nature picked… Pink. In deed…

and in fact as well. Pink.


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The Dolphin-,.. Pink.

For reasons of Her Own.

Nature picked PINK.


As color of the Amazon River Dolphin.

Pink. The Slide-show:



This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Science has named and categorised over 40 Dolphin Species of which some 5 are River bound and live within such Waters. Natural Predators within these are few… ‘cept for us Humans that is. With their Brain size approx. 40% bigger…

yet warm-blooded, air breathing and with milk production for their young as well.

Several Colors are known including the Pink, White, Grey, Yellow and Brown.

Marine Mammals feeding on Fish, Crustaceans, Shrimp and Crab.


Their range of Travel varies widely with the Seasons. During Times and Places of the Seasonal Rains when the Water Levels inundate the surrounding Landscapes they can be seen traveling hundreds of miles from their usual habitat;..

exploring, hunting and playing amongst the debris and trees pushed along by the Wintery floods.

Btw,.. The Pink may well be the pretty ones.


Pink… Males that is.




During the Mating Seasons… male bonding… comes unstuck.

Competition forces… the use of force.

Aggression is obvious and serious injuries can and do result.

The Male of the Pink Dolphins become a Target… more than most it seems.


Their Color itself seems to be the main cause.

The Power of Pink.



As and when the Waters recede…

so too these natural swimmers… moving back to the River’s main flow.

Their growth rate ensures the Females tend to be slightly larger though Males slightly longer.

Mature specimens can grow ‘tween 5-8 feet and weigh ‘tween 250-450 lbs.


Though their eyesight is not quite up to par…




Nature… compensates.


Long slender beak/mouth/jaw design.

A neck and support structure that allows wide and free head movement to look…

all around.

With inbuilt Radar.


Using what the Sciences term Echo-location.


A Natural form of Radar that helps and aids in ascertaining the layout of the Watery Landscapes,..

friends and foes also.

Whales and such as Bats use similar approaches. With Sound traveling faster than Light within Waters the focused data and /or message provides up-to-date info indeed.


Such Marvels of Nature have also been approached…

by those…

who always seem to be seeking… Intelligence…


those of the CIA.



Dolphin-,..LSD and The CIA.


As Mind… and now Dolphin Scientist and Researcher John Lilly…

left the building…

letting the door close and lock behind…

so too our Public Sciences and Personal Interactions with this Species…

did shut.


More than unwilling to compromise… personal Integrity.

More than unwilling to follow their so-called Scientific approach.




Scientific perhaps not the right Term therein indeed.


Their approach to several new Science venues oft open for criticism.

Being the first to order… SOME 50 MILLION DOSES OF LSD

for example.


The… good ol’ CIA.?. and Big Pharma unite to Drug,.. Our World.

Legends… Being irresponsible and thus responsible for many…

indiscretions and irregularities. Therein.


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So many indeed,.. in deed and in fact as well.

MEGA-LISTS… have been long listed online.

No amount of… Waters… will clean those blemishes of State Deep.


Yes indeed… out for a blue of a good time it seems.

Of MIND CONTROL… MK ULTRA Style Operation tis named.

Drug Trading and Gun Running and usages thereof.

Rather… limited uses of Intelligence also.

Even by their… Standard.



do say. Herein… Therein linked… too.


Soldiers of dolphinry.?.
NO.!. Cattery also.

Grand Plans for the Dolphins… had the CIA arranged.

Mainly as… Weapons of War.


As vehiclescreatures to drive… Suicide Bombing Dives or Intel Gathering.

Like Spies… in some Bond Movie. Spies…


Playing Mind Games and with Society’s Peace and Goodwill… at stake.

With Devices attached to film… or blow-up. Methods such Minds at the CIA…

seem to believe… gather Intelligence.


Such too with others of Nature’s creeds.



Spy Cats.


A mobile listening Operative was the Plan.

To be let loose.

In areas frequented by other… Spies.


Our World Legends. The Cat that Waved. Samurai to Safety. Herein. photocredit/thanks:neowin


Microphones embedded

in Cat’s Ears as an example of clarity of Mind.

CIA Style that is… indeed…

in deed and in fact also.


Results were typically…

catastrophic it seems.

History repeats… oft in those halls…

thus seeking Intelligence so mannered.


Upon being let free in the area.

The Cat did.

What Cats do.

Ran across the Road. Taxi cruising through.


That oncoming Taxi… too,..

had no idea…

SpyKitty was on a deep State Mission of National Security.

Nine lives… thus and soon…


All nine… came due.


KIITY KAT COUSIN OF JAPAN… MANEKI NEKO…Our World Legends: The Cat That Waved. Life-saver too… it seems indeed.


Guess just asking a Cat Owner…


bout Cats and their respect for Road Rules.?.

was not considered an Option here.?.

By those who seek…

Intelligence so and therein.


John Lilly had though long espied and known how Dolphins answer…

long before.


As creatures of Intelligence themselves…

War as an Option,..

is oft… opted out of.


Dolphin Play, Explore, Fun and Games… preferred.

Such is their Ways and Natures…


‘cept for Breeding Rights… tis so indeed.


Lilly’s… Ways and Means.


JOHN C. LILLY… DOLPHIN RESEARCHER AND WHISPERER. Our World Legends of the Deep and Blue indeed. photocredit/thanks:scribol


Dependent on the current status of Drug Research…

so too the interest in such Researchers as John C. Lilly.


With Studies encroaching even unto that of Our Mind.

His Works and Data envelope several unique Science Fields.

Inventive too.


Dolphin Whisperer as well.

Studying such as Dolphin Personality, Decision Making and their Language.


An intense Science Background with Many Awards and so forth.


Though he… awarding the CIA with…

lil’ Intelligence…

refused to play that Game…

and swam… against their Tide… and actions.


(Video Link)


Rather than work against his will… rather than work for the CIA.

Rather than let the Dolphins be lil’ more than Suicide Bombers, Spies and Soldiers…

he left…

which was…

his right.


Legend indeed,.. in deed and in fact… also.


The Day of the Dolphin Movie follows his Themes.

Watery Isolation Tanks… one of his Inventions

ensured success in Mind and Dolphin Studies.


A Maverick of Science… who was not afraid…

to use his Mind. Even immersed Deep in… Blue.


A Place to See… By The Sea that is. Herein. Yokohama. The Port. The Bay. The Museum-Ship… too.


Creatures of comfort.?.

Us and those of Nature… willing to… compromise…

to simply fit in.?.


Say No to that… or those indeed.


Be like Our Dolphins.

Natural subtle grace.


Our World Legends.


Be One.


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Till next…