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Featured Image A Computer Ninja Holds His Head As Laptop Malfunctions.

Site Updates In Our World. Legends Hardy Tell Off. Of Tech. When Kaboom So Goes Hard. Drive Driven Hard. Hardly New Still Aways Means. A Nuisance In Our World. Legends Updated So Herein. Connected Anewed.



Good Wishes Too. To All

New ‘n’ not-so. New


So Out There. Herein

Times, Places In Deed. Indeed

In Our World. Legends Tell Of. Needy

Site Updates-Hard Drive

Driven Hard Aways. Means


So Begins. Ending


Computer Ninja Standing Behind Desk Arrayed With Several Tools/Tech Devices.


That i, Shiro Last. WeekEnd

Was This Technical. Glitch…

Whens… One’s… mine


Laptop HardDrives, One therein. So…

Drove Aways. Means Drove Thereof Too. To

A Standstill. Till…


A New So Droves Ups. Down Back

Inside Laptop. Interior

At The Bottom. Of The Laptop

That Is. Is That


Now Replaced.?. Yes…



(Music Link)



Fountain Pen Surrounded By Text Saying The Pen Might Be Mightier Than The Sword But I Want One Of Each Just In Case.


(… Here’s Some. Shiro-Writing Tips Btw…

…Some Backgrounds Music In Deed… In There…)


Howevers Indeed ALLS SITE Previous Stuffed

Laptops Data… Alls

In Our World. Legends Stuff… Mostly

Gone Driven As Well. Well As

i, Shiro Am At This. Moment

Hope You Are Well As Too. To


Laptop Thus,

This Was Not. Welcome

At These Times, Places. Well… Anyways Means-


This Site Goes. On, Now

In Our World. Legends Tell

So Please. Excuse Any Reconnectings Inconveniences. Conveniently

Site Posting Goes On Also. All So

In Per Norm Schedule… Approx. Every Second Day- One

Of These:


= Post/A-Z/Quote/Post… So Forth. Forthrightly



Gif Shows A Writer Notebook Scribbling.


with Thanks. Till Next… Shiro  😎

May Tech. Issues… So Never Be.




Blue Texta Writing Thankyou.