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Down In Our World Legends Tell Whilst. Volcanoes Deathly Disruptive At Times. Places Yores + Now Ours Eruptive. Agriculture So Cultured In. Japans Sakurajima. Region Ticks So Many Boxes. Boxed In Volcano Asides That Is. Is That So Writ Herein In Deeds. Indeed Mount Born Much Mineral Sweet. Borne Symbols Fired. Ups.


From The Far South. Japan.


Cherry Blossoms.




Melon-sized Radishes.

Mountain born so borne


at Sakurajima. In Satsuma. Provinced providentially


on The Far Southern Tip. Tipped

just past. On Japan’s Southern Most

close Island. There is greatly

One Mountain Volcano so. One Sakurajima

largely thereto. One in Our World. Legends

tell oft. Of One Most Active thereof. Our Volcanoes

getting to howevers


See by that. This Sea there. There’s this One. Thing

of Mountain. Oft NO-

not even an intro. Nary One early. Glimpse is given

out to. To The seeing moved Mod. Traveler




(Music Link)


on main enroute. Kagoshima City moving Ways. Means


in Our World. Legends gamely tell i, Shiro. 0… Riding

on in within. Satsuma bounds arounds. Abouts

mainly arrivals vis Mainland methods. Japan’s methodical


Train Tunnels = 0

too. To providings None providentially

Volcanic Visuals for One too. One

Mount so seawards see. Unseeing so per se in seeing


Sakurajima. Mount Cherry

Plums Radished Island Oranges

and so forth. Forthrightly left named Islanded stranded so-off

Satsuma/Kyushu. Provinced rightly famously nomened

thereof. Thereon



Sakurajima. Mount +


Sea Island born Nutrients borne. Thereupons left

such as. Largely

well so much producings. Rightly Agriculturally left

growing. Greatly Produced gratefully received vis-

A Mountain. Island Mountain next so doored. Seabound


This Mount. One Volcanic Island. So

is routed in around abouts. Ways means

so unseeing are. You, i, Shiro too. To

You as we exit Kagoshima at. One Arrival


Times, Places this. That unseen Mountain

prominently in Your. Way

still… Till

a lil’. Later



means lots as. You enter the town proper. Properly

look towards this. That proper Viewside. Coastwards

Hilly lengthwise of some 80+ Km’s so allows those. These

awesomely Great Views. Views allowed impressive so

per se. Sayings a loud



perfectly intro’d not long. After


seeing The Mount. Sakurajima… Sakura = Cherry. Jima =

Island/Mountain. That so belches cherrily alongs

oft Daily. Of Yore carrying

a Symbolic Cycling Dualism. Create, Destroy. Creating


Mineral, Nutrient Rich Soils from the Ashes. Ashes

that at Times, Places have taken. Lives. Ashes

Symbolic in many. Ways means


here too. To One of the last Samurai. Under




this Mounts Islanded protection. Protective cave systems

aiding there. Here

Sakurajima looms large afore. You


as Grey as a Wintery Day. Yet it’s Summer…

A Grey Mount per se. Sayings in Our World. Legends


not brownish as per expectations. Expectant

of impending

unbending. Death led Samurai Saigo Takamori (1827-1877) +

300 Samurai Others too. To

face an Imperial. Army Soldiered of 35,000 those. These

Last Samurai so fought too. To that last as well. Well as


Sakurajima. A Mount Island

that grumbles largely occasionally. Big

Big Belches recorded several Times. Placing

One some 22,000 Years ago Yore also. All so anothers

Biggie ats


Our Yore Last Ice Age. End

some 11-13,000 Years ago. Now



such Volcanic outpours so. Have Lava addons too. To such

Island forming so that. Is connecting with The Japanese.

Mainland thus


that Mount more. Like a well-liked springs. Wellings Soils with

seasonal Spring Wellness so forth. Forthrightly left

leavings Agricultures… + You

Our famed nomened. Named Satsuma Plum, Radish, Orange +

Cherry/Blossoms. Sakurajima

so loved, feared. A Mountain of a Island.


A Place of cyclic dichotomy. Life, Death.

A Symbolic Place. Placing



in Our World. Legends Tell

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Our Fired. Clay Ups Down Yore. Potty Ways.