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How To. Find Desert Diamonds in Our World. Legends of those. Cool. Hot Rocks. Rocky Travels, travails. Paths, Ways. Means Seeking such. Much Sand ‘tween. Toes. Others Places well as. As well following. Soldier Lost. BushMen Found. Maps. Mores. That whole shiny. Tale. Herein.


How to Find too. To Find

Desert Diamonds. Cool. Hot Rocks

in Our World. Legends of a

Soldier. Lost then Found

Within Herein. This

As Belows. Begins, Shows.


In Our World.


that point out.

How To. Diamonds

In The Desert Too. So Find.

These Legends so Tell. Tales well as. As well


i, Shiro well as

You. Know.  Knowing those as well. Will

then lead. You too. To that. Diamonds. In


The Desert. Roughly SomeWheres. Ins. That.



The Kalahari.


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Are Diamonds.

Heated Moments, Times, Places. Within

such Waywards heated Ways,

Means. Much


Dehydrated Despair. Death also. Also

then. There

awaits. Follows. Following

After Alls that. Done. No more


just. Desserts

well as. As well The Kalahari


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The Kalahari. Namibia in Our World. Legends of Dunes, Diamonds… Car Wrecks too. One.



In Our World. Legends

are Hot as. Hot Dusty Dunes

enough to convince. Many. One

anyways. Means


that in Our World. Legends so Tell. Tales

of those Ways of That Soldier. So shine. Thru’

such a deserted Place. He. Did trudge much.


Thru’. Such That

Desert foregoings Alls Dessert. Alongs those. Ways

dry to Patrol. Did He Soldier. Ons. On



being separated. From Soldiering Others. In

His Patrol. This Soldier wondered whilst.

Wandering arounds, abouts. That

deserted Desert. Wondering

Where. Was He.?.


Beings Out. Theres. There

was no Surprise. Then.

When a Mirage

surprisingly. Appeared. Afore Hims. There.

Deserted. Dessertless

in The Kalahari

well as. Desert.


A Mirage. An Oasis. So appeared. There. Then.

Then with those. Sands of Time. Running

so quick. At these sort. Of Times. Running

well. To Those Waters. Of Life. His

Eyes glassily passing overs. Glassy

Stones so Path scattered. Along His Ways. Means


Stayed in view. His. Then



As did several. Others. So then appear. As

Kalahari Bushmen that is. Was. Then.

Also wondering in their. Wanderings. There. Their


Why This. That Soldier deserted. Civilisation. Overs

there. Across in Our World. Legends Tell Tales. Why


Just Desserts.?.


Justice runnings.?. or.?.

Just to. Get a Drink.?. There


In THEIR Oasis. There

in the Desert. Kalahari. There


They patched Him. Ups.


Filled Him Ups. With

mirage free Waters. Watering



Him enough too. To send Him.

Back too. To Civilisation.


crossing. With Him. Back. There. Then


He. Wondered agains. Wandering

back with Them. The Kalahari BushMens. He

had kept. Track. Sorta’. So


back-Tracking. A must. Do. Then


He Cashed up. Supplied Ups. Mapped

out. Ups. Deserted

Civilisation and Desserts too. To

go. Back. Ins. The Desert too. To


find. Anew. That Place of Waters so

glassily miraged. There. Then



only too. To be found Several Weeks. Later. Found

By His, now. Soldiering Ons. Civilisations

of late. Wondering Searchers

and Rescuers. Of

His where

abouts, arounds. Over


His Dessert Free Desert Wanderings. Days.

Done. Over

Of late in Deed. Indeed


an Indecipherable Map in. His Pocket. Pocketed

in Others too. Mores than Two. Several

Desert Diamonds.

Tucked Aways. Arounds about

Several Rough. Roughly


shining, glinting, peeking thru’. Pocketed therein

too. To herein

have something Other. Of Note. Noted

Body… Attachment.?.


well as. As well

having seen. Again. His Bushmen Guides. Though

no Friends. So be There. For was and so. So


His Heart. So Arrowed. Thru’

and thru’. So Too.


With One.



Next… So Sweetly Posted. So Be: Around, abouts.

The Triangle. On That Other. Side.


Please Feel Free. If So Inclined too. To


i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips, Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our

World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.


Till next…