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Indeed Pyramids In Our World. Legends Tell Yore Giant Mounted Pointed Tales Oft. Of Giant Monuments Meant Ways Mores. Moreovers Underlying Foundations Rightfully Left Stoned. One Archaeology Low Point High. Lighted Mica Light Fingered. Aways Arounds Abouts From Brazil Too. To Mexico So There Is. Mica. Was In Deeds. Ancient Tech. Yores. Once.




in Our World. Legends Scienced nuanced

tell is much one. Mineral. Layered such

mainly so Silicates = Silicon + Oxygen.

Mica’s Properties


so utilised primarily in Tech. Electrical/Electronics.

Capacitators, Insulation/Insulators. Viewing Windows.

Specialised Aircraft Components, Laser Devices.

Microwave Ovens. Breathing Apparatus. Optical Fibres.


Makeup Sparkly Additive. Many uses. Heat Resistant.

A Valued Resource in Our World. Legends Optics Tell



A Crystallographic Structure. So therein


Our Sciences. Research

Even Then. Even


whilst seeking Knowledge

Some cannot resist. Another look

for early riches earthy allure. Condemning

Generations following too. To Ignorance oft. Of



Our Yore Ancient Tech. Powered.?. Ups


as within Renovations in/on Great Icons. Pyramidical

in Our World. Legends ignored so soon. Forgot. Forgetting

Man’s steps means along there. Those Ways. Concoursed

Ways of Our Yore. Mexico’s Pyramid of The Sun. Pyramids

Excavation attempts soon tell. Tales so of Sheets oft of. Our


Mica. Yore Mica-


Mica Type.?. A Buildings Material.?. = so IN too. One

Huge Layered Sheetings Brazilian Mica Therein. Within

then. Those Yore unusual Stones

piled. So ways that mount ups. High

Yore Sun Pyramid so. Now


inexpertly removed, covered bricked. Ups over Walls + Features.

Architectural, Structural Details that. Those esp. Scienced



In Deeds Pyramid Of The. Sun Indeed.


inclined may well… well think abouts. Arounds

such much this. Tale. One told well


of Early. Archaeologists helping Themselves. Our

Human Nature so naturally arose. Arising

Early taking a look. At Pyramids comprisings

Mica sourced in.?. Our now Brazil. Mica Sheet

one Foot thick covering. One entire level.?. of the. Pyramid

in Mexico


that. This 1900’s Renovations of One Leopoldo. Batres

(… ex-Soldier with ties too. To the then Authorities

who became the Restorer…) who so then also. All so

removed. This Sheet + many other. Items for Gifts +


Sale. Processings also. All so

including Murals, most of The Facing. Stones stripped aways +

sold offs. Of even creating. Another Terrace layer

due to inexpert reconstructions attempts. Later-




Archaeological Research so revealed. A Cave/Tunnel

Type system in Deeds. Underneath several indeed

of the Structures in. This Area. Aerily

in Our World. Legends


note Mica here addedin well as. As well

not the First. Times, Places here arounds. Abouts

Mica so be. Be Mica


lain outs. In a Thick Dual Layer Undergrounded

under the Floor of that. This Our Otherswise Mica. Temple

so nomened. Named

therein arounds abouts-


Measurements ea. app. 90 Ft Square. Two Slabbed



Indeed Sheets Mica. Templed In Deeds.


The aboves Mica Temple, Pyramid Of The Sun, Way

Of The Dead. Mentioned belows:

are part of the same. Yore Citied Complex in Mexico.



These Dual huge Mica. Sheets are from Brazil. Some 2,000

Miles aways. How Mined.?. How Known.?. How

Transported.?. How Used.?. What is the Reason

for such. A choice much those

of choice. Mica Material.?. + Who in Deeds

so forth.?. Forthrightly left indeed now


Alls so Unknown. Known

howevers is that. This Our Engineer Hugh Harleston jnr.

uncovered Research into. To

a Yore Measurement System.?.


so =/of 1.059mtrs being. Utilised, alongs

with another of/= 378mtrs

so ‘tween. Markers along the Way. Of The Dead. Two





things too. To note here:

First these names

We chose/use aboves etc for. These Structures is… not

their original. Nomens designated there. So

which are unknown- even to the Aztecs. Then here

adding on


second… Our 378 mtrs

3+7+8= 18 = 1+8 = 9.

9 is the Core Number of Yore Astronomy here. There

in Mexico Our Calculated Maths. Shows


378 x 1.059 x 100,000 = Our World

Polar Radius. Pi = 3.141 = 3+1+4+1=9.


The Sun Pyramid itself incorporates mores also. Moreovers

underlying rightfully All. So Pi. 4 Pi’s actually for factums. For

Height = 233.5 Feet. For

Base Perimeter Length = 2932.76 Feet. For


Length/Height = 2932.76/233.5 = 12.56. For

Pi = 3.14… 4 Pi = 12.56.

4 Pi. Built in for




so next ups at 28/4:

Mr. Johnson + Mr. Johnson.?. One Two That

Rocks. Yore Blues.