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Hotly Debated Also. All So Cold Walls In Our World. Legends Tell Over. A Wall Underlying Truly. Paired Protector Icons Of Yore. India Ours. So Now Separated. Together Part Of A Temple Complex. Easy Too. To Miss Now. Our Walls That Is. Why That Is One Giant. Step Backwards In Deeds. Indeed Giants, Guardians Downed. Walled Ups Herein.


One Giant. Right


One Footprint. Ours.?. Left in our world. Legends tell

Yore Footprint. Right. Size well oversized in

Our India No Small. Thing Yore Giants

steppings outs. In


This Right Footprint largely left on. Our sands

oft. Of Yore Time. Placing these in Our Yore

India that is. One is then seeing That. The rightly

left Right

Giants. Footprint so remains. Rightly Of Giants, One


righteous left Right Footed, in India. Mayhaps

left Footprinted. One Right left

rightly.?. So…


Surrounded now, part of a Temple complex. Easy

now to see this. That left there Right One

Templed Inners too. Btw’s: One

notes left right In Yore India. Our notably rightso



Iconic. Statues so Templed. Rarely stood noticeably-



All so Alone. Both Guardian Statues noted duo’d,

rep’d dually. Dual so

as rightly named Elemental. Dualities +

Qualities, in Other Lands nomened. Duets

divined nomened-

Otherswise named perhaps as. E.g. Sphinxes, Dragons,


Faces Janus, Yin/Yang, Co-Benefactors,

Door/Temple/Throne Guardians Beastiarys, Birds, Dogs

Lioned such. Much One Co-


Protectors divined so

were. Paired so simply Two too. To/Two Beings

being Paired ups. So

in Deeds. Indeed each wholly Symbolic some

per se. As per

Complementary. Complementings Statues

as per Our


Yore. Elemental divined Indian Templed. Paired

Icons. Our Lingam + Nandi Bull. Yores




Research on Our Ancient. Indian Customs/Traditions in

Our World.

Legends Tell One approached/found The. Aboves mention’d

Lingam via approaching first of. On

The paired whole. Holy Bull


downed thereof arounds abouts. Sits well as. As well

handily knowings this. That so Special applied Handy

Mudra = Hands Position/Shape. Timingly Placed

thereupons handily down. So well


on That. This uppity divined sitting down set direct

Bulls. Horns from The Correct Angle Ways. Means will…

so viewingly then. Now preciously reveal. The Corresponding

Complementary Holy Templed-


Lingam thru’ so Your. Shapely Bull Holely Held shaped

Horned Hands. On Positioned wholly right

thus. Yores in Deeds, so left this Hand. Holding

System so well worked too. Working well


out nowadays.?. Not so much,.. ‘cos oft. Of

later built Compounds, Site Renovations =




Indeed Way Of The Wall In Deeds In. So The Way.


WALLS fencing so built/rebuilt on, in. The Way. Means

Temple Restorations, Conservation Methods +

suchlike… muchliked,.. yet… so naive likings too. To


Yore custom-made Temple.

Unknowings of Methods/Systems

Legends + Customs associated. Our World Legends

Locally thereof therein. Within therein

for examples: Our Yore


Veerabhadra Temple of Lepakshi, Andhra Pradesh.

A Giant Stone Nandi Bull Sculpture.

Finely Carved Single Rock Monument. Monumentally

some 15ft High, 27 Long.

Built Shiva High for a Divined Giant. View

App. 500mtrs from it’s complementary corresponding. Lingam

Templed Nagalingam


… ‘cept NOW howevers there’s this. That

not so holey. WALL so LATER built/rebuilt arounds. Abouts



Indeed Paired Ups. Guardians In Deeds.


this divined Holy Temple. Precincts sudivides

Wallings obscures a such. Whole half-view. Viewed whole


Yore there was. No problemo no un-holey Wall. Walled

Holy so was no. Go


asided, sidelined thus frontly. Even

though containings Our. Now wholly unconnecting Holy


Yores. Bull + Lingam. Retaining

our visual appeal- This Temple Inners beckons

has a much. Huge attraction too. To One Inner goings

largely such Templed. Visitors Viewings pleasures


as such is Our Giant. Footprint Right Imprint that

is left

done. With so well intentions. Well so, tho’ not so well

sorta Imaged. Belows

inexpertly Restored thus after that. This a Flood


in Local arounds abouts area. That Times,?. Places

Giant borne Foot so


Indeed One Giant Step. Right So Left. There In Deeds.


born Yores.?. So no Bull.?. So Footings Right oversized

of Original Printing Impressionism.?. Provenance +

Deeds oft. Of

Identity Original Owner. So alas left


largely Unknown. Unknown Times


Yores In Our Deeds. Indeed Our History. So

knowing hugely placings only



next in. Our World. Legends giantly 24/2

focused. On seating outs. Into

One Onto Two Virals Too. To 3 Sided Possibilities.