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Said Hi… i, Shiro. So Writ. Tips. 24.


Hi… i, Shiro. So Says

in Our World. Legends

of Your Days too.


To Alls.

So Pressing Words. So Writ

Out There. Herein


… The onlys. Good Things

about WordPress Spam.?.

is when You and Your. Moused One. Do

so find. That screen Sweetspots. where

“…delete…”  just so... so

Falls. Eachs, every Times, Places.


Found Its.


Just Clicks aways. Tho’ bys…

Time i, Shiro had checked, deleted 64...



(Video Link)


…13 mores. Others, So arrived. Anyways…

Means also. That i. Shiro has so. Compiled. 24.

Listing to Helps. Out There. Pressing Ways. Means

So Writ. You. There. There


You will so find. Notable Authorships. Telling

in Our World. Legends, Theirs. Of 24

Hows, Tips, Ideal Things

that sorta’. Works for Thems... Most

of Thems say. Just be You. Your Views,


Tales. Of How so. Things should be. So Writ. Mores

Ideas. Variety of Quotes in Deeds. Written

and so forth Forthrightly too. To Say, so Now.



Enjoy Your Rise. Rise

ups. Stay Safe, Well as too. To

a Great Day.


Till Next… i Shiro    😎