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In Our World. Legends So Tell Tales. Of Laughter Being The Best. Medicine. When You’re Full, Of That. There’s This. Wordplay Sees, Saws Quotes Up ‘n’ Down All Around. About Then Jigs Them. Back Again. #83. Starrings Twinkle. Count Twinklings So Light Writ Herein. All Aboves So Belows.




Little ‘n’ large. So Twinkle. Twinkle aboves. You,

Our night lit sky Lights. So have belows


captivated Us all. All Stars have… It. It’s all captured

in Their shiny Spaces. Times, Places Orbital so out

there. There You



surrounded by Night Dark. You look Ups… So

standings usually motionless, emotionless. Rather

nots ats all, viewings All. Aboves

You Nightly… such will see/have seen. Our

much shiny Lights these. Those many

Stars. Shinings.?. How many are


outs.?. You there ponder. Twinkling aways ways

aboves. Belows means explained now. Herein How


Quirky Quotes

Quaintly. Done #83

so Starrings Twinkle. Count Twinklings we go. Begins

unending Twinklings numbers well as. Doubt

as well




Known. Nomened in Our World. Legends Tell

certain Names. Of Forces that force Light a lil’. Astray-

Large Distances, Time + even Our World. Legends tell


Eyes + Mind mine, Yours, Otherswise +

Otherswell so gratefully combo’d too. To have to

continue to persist

greatly. Adjust for each + all those. These several

Parameters using such moving Forces. In Darkness.


Nights daily drop in Light.

Levels, All so requires. Adjustments alongs ways. Means

Our Iris works hard too. To catch detail + focus

as Stars. Light travels thru’. Space spaces from Far



thens into. Your space too. To/thru’ Our Atmospheres spaces…

Reflected. Light +

thus this Light

in The. Dark that is so Moving. To see +


Image Chart Showing How Eyes See Color.

See In Deeds. Indeed Seeing.



yet movings quite. Quite slow froms Our Perspective


respective too. To Stars so far aways means… Far

That Light has come… This Star so too is still movings…

though You may not. Be. A


Stars Light thru’ into… Yours, is reflected Light. Interpreted

vis Your Senses. After…

many Air/Gaseous Layers, Pollution, Atmosphere, Space

so forth. Forthrightly left… with all this. Going on + so


movingly ably recatchings. Our Eyes

attention + focus…


agains  + agains… twinklings… per se there. Btw’s

Thereaboves Our visible Stars number

less than 10,000. One can see perhaps 1-3,000+ Stars

at any one. Time. One

plus in

sayings that aboves. Here



below is an easy way too. To see mores. Moreovers 10+

times Stars. Place simply, carefully

Your Eyes. Behind Binoculars. So perhaps 10-30,000+ then

await Yours in Deed. Indeed many so. Starry points


be twinkling shining outs. In

up to so next. Many steps as

Borgia Begins. That Road Too. To Rome.