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Featured Image A Statue Of Heracles/Hercules The Classical Greek Hero.

In Deeds In Our World. Legends Strongly Heard Whispered. Whimpered Ons Harps Well As. As Well Our Hercules Razing High. Low Downs Yore Olympics On Deeds So Done. After That 12. Laboring Tasks Alls Washed. Ups So Told Heroically Heracled, Herein Heralded. Indeed Words So. Writ.


Ides of March

asides,.. So when


Hercules grabbed onto. To

those Support. Beams, Lintels

the Doorways. Means so enclosed. Ways tight

such a Grip. Hercules,


The Men so swatted. Yet so Men fell

like Flies. Flying High on Hope. Hercules

so Dared In Deed. Indeed

Our Hercules Razing

High. Low

Downs Yore Olympics,..

this i,


Shiro so Hope… said Begins

’twas so Fine. Finely

balanced. So poised, Hercules postured


arounds. About


Lineage Chart Of Classical Greek Gods/Goddesses.


Featured Topic Hercules Star Constellation.


His Temples there. Their

Ways Grecian of Yore. Our


Hearts so fill. With Heroics

admirations in learnings Hercules,

The Heracles of such strong. Fame ‘n’ Deeds

had much so seems. Seemingly

mores. Moreovers so many Ancient

Temples built, named. So Dedicated too. To

Herc. Him. Many


of these. Now so gone also. All so

gone some linked aboves. So Underwaters

in Deed. Indeed


Featured Topic City Of Thonis-Heracleion Located Underwater.

Thonis-Heracleion. A Sunken City-Hercules.


Featured Topic Statue Of Heracles/Hercules Sitting/Leaning On A Large Club Weapon.


as Herc. So flexed, That Temple. Shudders,

Muscles Divined so filled those. Halls


behinds thems, Pillars. Of Heracles

Temple Herculean. Entrance Pillars those too. Two

of these. Herc’s Temple at Tyre, Phoenicia

for examples had Ones each. Of so



Gold, Emerald.



Featured Topic Statue Of Heracles/Hercules Leaning On A Pillar/Rock Holding Club And Cloak.


are these i, Shiro. Eyes. Greenery

Grecian stone

quaking evens as Hercules so. Stressed

Monumentally downs too. To that. Foundations

Templed Mound. Mounting


Stresses tear aparts Ways. Means

Herc’s Works so Not Done…

yet. So then there. Here Priors too. To

Herc bringing down upon Alls


arounds. Abouts His Templed World. More

in Deed so done indeed. Doing Deeds



Featured Topic Chart Of Hercules 12 Tasks Each With A Matching Image.


Yore Greece, out Our Others Places, Times well as.

As well so also Finishing. Ups

Those Tasked Labours 12. Herc

went so. So on His Ways. Means so Winning.?.

a Wife,.. Iole


ins a Archery. Competition run by Iole’s Father,

King. Eurytus of Oechalia

who then. So promptly barred. Herc

from that Comp… Movings on,

that hurt Herc. Stormed off. Outs


into The King’s. Realm, stole Cattle, killed The King’s

Son. Iphitus,

caught a Disease. Not now at ease Herc


Featured Topic Statue Of Heracles/Hercules Fighting A Beast Of Legend.


then visited. The Oracle, a Talking Prophetess

for that. Easy Divined Cure. A very High,

High Priestess. The Oracle


who highly sucks. In Natural Gasses,

sits high as a Kite,..

on a natural Fissured. Vent, emittings

inner Gaseous Earth. Vapors… Herc so

here, feeling low. So started a Fight. Fighting


evens the God Apollo till. THE Zeus

left His. Throne,

comes along Thunderboltings so forth. Forthrightly


‘tween Thems. Left to shoulder. The Blame Then,

for this- That is


so Herc got rightly slapped. Left

with 3 Years Probation. So


Slavings aways. Means for Queen Omphale, King


The Oracle Of Delphi Of Classical Greece In Action.

The Oracle On A Natural Gas High. Hi Hercules In Deed.


Tmolus ofs Yore Lydia. Our Herc

was so forced too. To wear

Womens Clothings whilst That Queen

got too. To play with Herc’s Weapons-

Clubbing arounds. Abouts nightly,

daily in

That Nemean Lion’s

Pelt Costume. Now

so Cross, Cross-dresser Herc


soon fell. For Her. His

Clothes wearing Queen

Omphale appointed. Herc as a Protector of Lydia…

and shared a Bed. Least Once



a Son so born. Borne Agelaus/Lamas


Featured Topic Heracles/Hercules Clothes Swapping With Queen Omphale.

Serving Under Queen Omphale Involved Tasks… and Cross-Dressing So Seems.


as a Nomen. There. Then Herc

3 Years termed. Done

more in Deeds. Indeed


Herc now wents. On a Rampage of Revenge.

King Laomedon so done. In

Troy. Elis,

Kingdom of King Augeas so next. Then

defeatings the co-joined Giant Twins

Eurytus + Cteatus by simple seperations. Bys

Sword that is. Is that


Times, Places Herc got so…

sidetracked. Trekking


Featured Topic Statue Of Heracles/Hercules With Lion.


indeed overs for now. Set Ups

His Place, Times

at Elis. So soon

establishing the Athletics. Competitions

every Four Years

ins honor. Of Zeus. We tend to call these



those Olympic Games. Herculean

In Deeds. Indeed


Olympic Symbolic Rings Surround/Around A World Map.

So next After the Olympics. Herc battled. Ons defeatings Neleus of Pylos, Hippocoön of Sparta. Eventually crushing Temple Heroically so forth. Forthrightly next herein so be #S Of This A-Z.