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No Huge Exception. Cultures, Traditions greatly insist. Persist in Our World. Legends Too. To So Tell Tales. Australian QueensLand. Giants So Tread. That Tall Long FootPrints. Of Yore Times. Places So Trod. Treads, Imprints too. To into. Rock. Rolled Out. Herein. Measured Ways In Deed. Indeed Slide-Showed.


Tales In Our World. Legends

dug Archaeological, Geological

Mined; in Mind

so do not. Meet, Herein


Farmers. Ins Bundaberg, Queensland.

Australia. Has and have Reason

too. To so ponder


Shoe Size Was.


then They. So Dug Ups in Deed. Indeed


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Indeed In Our World. Legends In Deeds.



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in 1971 Owen

and Aileen Murren running a Mixed-Crop

Farm began to clear a Path and

new Gardens Patch. For highly

esteemed Zucchinis


to so largely grow. Growing

high before Their Eyes. There

Howevers. Was no bare jolly green

Patch. Patchy


PathWays. So emerged giantly. Giant

Footprints. In those. Sands,

Soils and so ons. The grounds

of their Farm that is. Is that


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led to another Path. FootPrints

some 35 eventually uncovered. There.

The Queens Land, Bundaberg. Lands

Down Under.


35 GIANT Footprints.

The Bundaberg Craters

so nomened. There. Herein


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Craters. Bundaberg. FootPrints. Of Giants.?. On The QueensLand.


Measuring. One. Each Print so Stepped

Almost 6 Mtrs In Length. Deep

into.?. BedRocks well as. As well

as High as those Farmers. Knees. Then

these Sciences came. To the fore. Sure

of Prints too. To Investigates. Then

to find too.?.


A BedRock some.?. 25 Million Years. Of


So Geologically proscribed then. That also



A Huge Boulder. SandStone + Ochre. So

Found, so arounds also. Also abouts

such. This Environ so


embedded in the Prints Crater Walls.

Thousands of Marine Lives. Lively

Oceanic no more. Moreovers


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over strewn the Area. Much Petrified


Fossilised Worms as well. As well


The Sciences. So were Trying. Nothing

forwards put. So FULLY explains. ALLS THESE

ANOMALIES. Ins Ones Place. Bundaberg

Queensland. Herein


in Our World. Legends

so Tell. Tales that Giants in Deed. Indeed

Factual. Once Of Yore. Your


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Visit to such a Site. Would in Deed as well so

Note. Waters hereupons This Patch seem

to find a strange Draining Pathways. Arounds. About


Left. Right also, Footed Prints so seen. Discerned

bys Sciences. With over 200 Reports too. To

NO EarthQuakes, Volcanic Eruptions

and so forth. Forthrightly

coulds such attribution. Be attributed. Contributing


well as. As well too. To such Mystery


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In Our World. Legends go. Ons. On

a Times, Places afore. Before

even The Dreamtime. When


This Era’s Man had just. So Began too. To

flourish. One that became. A Giants. End.

Of Atlantean proportions. Belows

Slide-Shows. That artily depicted so. Large


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Trees, Dinosaurs, Insects. Mores. More

Species Bigger. Than So

seen. Before. Before


These Times. Men were not.

Just Men. Once


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when. We Were Giants. In

Our World. Legends so

Tell. Tall Tales

in Deed. Deeds done a Lil’

Larger Than. Life. Like Giant


FootPrints. In those

Queensland Soils tilled,

Sands. Times, Places


in Our World. Legends,

grounding out Mystery still. Till


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Two Giants. Huge Lights too. So Lit. Ups.


Next… Posted Ups. Dug In too. To, So Is:

Poetry In Emotions.

Of Yore. Now.


Please Feel Free. If So Inclined too.

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i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips, Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our

World Legends. Is A Desire.


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To Be So Writ. Herein.


Till next…