Banned From GeoPolitics. Subreddit Mods Decree.

Researching Our World Legends and their references for a Modern Write-up one finds soon enough where the vested interest of that Topic lies. Agendas surround many issues… many too do they themselves cause. Whilst seeking and searching into the Reality of Modern Warfare and the usage of Chemical Weapons I placed one such into a subreddit to get a feel for the subject and responders thoughts. The GeoPolitical. Got Banned. The Tale. Herein. In short… not Tall… at all. photocredit/thanks:eyeniinfo


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Today is 15/4/2018.

Today i, Shiro was…

Banned From GeoPolitics.

Subreddit Mods Decree,..

… determined that banned… i shall be.




Sometime in the arvo’.


Machiavelli was right on.

So too Quigley.


Tragedy… with no hope.

Vested Interests… Agendas.


On Reddit… it seems indeed,.. indeed and in fact… too.



TRAGEDY… AND HOPE. Herein. The One Thing…


Chemical… Censorship.?.

Just the facts:..

Tis now mid-eve.


Heard praise for REDDIT… sometime ago.



Approx. 4 mths ago.

Approx. 15+ subreddits/Topics…

…over time subscribed and posted to.


Including… The GeoPolitical one.


The One that banned me… Today.


Listening to the Dogs… and Drums for War in the recent News.

As if Bombs… solve such issues.


Mention in Media + co. re Chemical Weapons used… allegedly… etc etc.


Just More Excuses it seems;..

…to justify the Military Industrial Complex… using it’s…

…complex Tech.


Freedom of the Press… irrelevant.

Fake News it seems.


A set-up.

A sham of Our World Legends.

Legendary Lies.




The Summary above apparent,..

…when one , two or three particular articles perused and found during my Research into Modern Chemical Weaponry.


The first i put on the subreddit.

Then i got banned.


Here… they are :


Subreddit GeoPoliticals… dont’ want to be aware.?.

Fake News… is… not Real.?.



I, Shiro have requested an explanation.

For the Ban.


I… will wait 24 hrs for a reply.

Before i post this… and… that too… if avail.


Tis now… mid-eve 16/4/2018.

No GeoPolitical Reply… yet.



No Tragedy.


I Hope.

No need for War.



(Music Link)


Till next…



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