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The Full. Alphabet encoded in Our World. Legends of A to Z. Seizing those ciphered Ways. Means This be. Hits n Misses. Of Myth, Fact. Fictional Truthful. Fantastic in Our World. Legends. Herein. The Letter. #H. Places, Times. For Tarot too. To Reveal.


Lying Afore, before Me. Lies

a pack. Of Cards

Tarot. Tarot


of The Sephiroth. That is to be.


exacting. Exactly

so done, created, produced. Bys Dan Staroff,

Josephine Mori, Jill Stockwell well as. As well


ISBN 1-57281-251-6. Of,

Made bys. U.S.Games Systems, Inc. Includes


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Featured Topic Image


a visual treat of stunning Tarot. Cards

therein well as. As well


a Pack Insert and Guide. Here then

i, Shiro. Do the Shuffle. Shuffling cards

whilst absently Minded. Wanderings,

pondering. Wondering...


when too. To Stop. That. Shuffle Herein


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in this. The

A to Z

in Our World. Legends

Hit ‘n’ Myth. Places,

Times. For Tarot

too. To Reveal

this. Herein The Hierophant that is. That is

That Card. So drawn. Bys Mind, Hand. Mine.

Just now. Now


The Letter. #H. Goes Ons. The

Hierophant also. Also


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Vis Guide… State Ways. Means Hierophant involves: Translating Principles into Practice; uniting the lower self and higher self; uniting male and female attributes.


numbered (Roman) V = 5. The

Hierophant afore The Lovers (VI = 6). Afore

The Hierophant. Be The Emperor

(IV = 4) packed in this vivid colored

Deck. Decking

Sephiroth Styled. This, The


Hierophant. Lays bared.

A rather non-Angelic

Assyrian and Priestly. Looking

Bearded Dude. Are Wings. Thereupon

rebelling him-ons. Back. Back


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Vis Guide… Path Ways. Means Hierophant Of: Mediation; priests and priestesses; union of male and female energies; inspiration; belief; esoteric arts; spiritual will.


behinds. Him. So complimented by complementary

Left then. Right.

Day, Night.

Sun, Moon. Fires of Reds. Greens. Ways Belows


as well. Also


Helmeted. With Divine Horns, Symbols. Attire. Wielding

deftly. Rightly, right-handedly

a Sacred Scroll. Symbol adorned well as. Well as


so trapping. A Serpent. Of Knowledge at His.

Thus, now. Wise smelly

Feet. Feet further strengthened,

shadowed by Lion’s. Feet too. To be One, Alls.


Upons that so. Colorfulls. enthralling.

Chasm spanning Bridge.


Aboves. So writ. Descrip.

As Belows. So shows. Image. Of


this Dude. The Hierophant.

As belows. Image Taroed. Herein


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The Hierophant. So drawn of. Off the Sephiroth. Pack.


in Our World. Legends Tell. Of

ReTellings of Aboves retold. With Wisdom,

Knowledge. Recharged, regained He

That. Hierophant regally

simply reposes. Sits,

Enjoys. Simple


READS. Ol’ Scribings ThereUpons

Where in Our World.


Legends. So be so. So Writ. So

Live Your Dreams. For.?.


if not You.?. That

Knowledge. Wills be