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The Full. Alphabet encoded in Our World. Legends of A to Z. Seizing those ciphered Ways. Means This be. Hits n Misses. Of Myth, Fact. Fictional Truthful. Fantastic in Our World. Legends. Herein. The Letter. #R. Rose. Hips So On.


Gardens without Flowers arising

are voids. Avoiding that. Following

examples of Mothers. Natures

so seems. Seemingly


Naturally Flowers so beguile. With

Colors, Shapes, Smells. Mores. Moreovers

A Rose in Deed. Indeed

so known by Nomens any. Still rosily


so. So


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arose overs Times, Places

in Our World. Legends symbolically

herein. This

A to Z

in Our World. Legends

Hit ‘n’ Myth. Rose. Hips

So On

so begins. To begin


A Rose is.

A Flower with Powers. Powers



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even unto. Those Death Rites or those

so left to be. Rightly Divined. Goddesses

of Yore. Others well as. As well

venerations at Egyptian Funerary Rites. Rightly

agains also

adorning That Goddess. Of Love. Lovely

Aphrodite Grecian in Deed. Indeed in


Our World. Legends arounds abouts. Alls

so overs, ins so retold. Telling


Powers within. Arts, Theater, Music, Nobility, Wars,

Guilds, Organisations, Sculpture, Clothing, Secret


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Societies and so forth. Forthrightly

or not so. Such diverse Ways means Alls


so use, present. Their Rose versioned. Thereupons

those. Of Theirs there. Therein

Our World. Legends

so told of Symbolism, associated. Meanings

ways displaying attributes. Attributed


to several Goddesses over Times, Places. Emblems

of Yore. Of

Inanna, Ishtar, Venus, Aphrodite. A Celestial/Divine


Flower in Deed. Indeed

a Central Image/Motif

Displaying Growth and Completion.


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A Reminder of that Life-Cycle. Cycling

thru’ Tarot. Cards

so forth. Forthrightly

rosily displayed in. Of


those so. Nomened Strength, Magician, Death

. Fool well as. As well

balanced. So then


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Shown Blooming in This Garden of Eros

also. Within That

Paradise of Dante. These

Biblical Song of Songs of Solomon, Those


Symbolica of Bosch, The Summum Bonum

of Fludd too. To flood



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Felt Emotions. Centrally Motif’ed. A

7-Petalled Version can be a Calendar. Aid

well as. As well


so. Rounded Petals resemble Mandalas.

8 Petals signifies Regeneration, Spring

and such. That does go then sow. So

then seasonally forth. Forthrightly


Colors well as. As well

play a big bright

part. Partial too. To

influences in Our World. Legends


told of Mains. Themes. Of


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White innocence, vitality, youth.

Red passionate, energetic, worldly.


Their contrasting tones set the tone. Of

The Rosy Usages Therein/Thereof


Literature, Chivalry, Arts, Alchemy, Rosaries,

Kundalini Meditation, Philosophies, Chakras

Rainbowed Mores. Moreovers


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then when. Tinged ways. Means

Purple/Blue; Almost Impossibility. Possibly

Multi-Colored; An All so Rounded. View. Viewing


Gold;  The Ultimate Completion/Perfection. Perfectly


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So In Our World. Legends Told

Nomens. Of The Rose


added too. To Languages in Our World. Legends

flowerings within. So tellingly told that. Belows


Sub Rosa. A Legalese Latin Term for Secrecy.


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Those Secret Society Rosicrucians… The

Peoples of The Rose Cross. Of


several branches. Of Modern Medicines, Healings of

Thus Twiggings too. To this Flower

Powered So. Nomened Skin/Immunity dis-ease


such as Rosacea, Roseola

and others in deed. Indeed so every

alls. Roses have


Thorns. Hips too.


be a prime Ingredient well as. As well


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flavorfulls Herbal Teas. Tea

Flavor that mixes in deed. Indeed

well with. Others. Other


Rose Hip Tea

Syrups, Wines, Jams and so ons. On

that side of


pluses are Vitamin Contents. High

with Minerals, Nutrients, Antioxidants

plentiful varietal also. Also

Immunity and Skin Benefits bountiful. Bounty




of Nature’s Hips that wont add

too. To Yours. Your

basic Recipe goes. Thus


App. 2 Tea. Spoons Hips of this. Rose.

1 Cup of that Water so. Boiled.

Cover ups. Steep so some 15mins.

Strain. Relax add Honey if so. Desired


Benefits. So rose Ups. Up


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indeed Rosy so takes Tea

Times, Places too. To


smell flowery indeed. In

Our World Legends. So



Timely in Deed.


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