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Along with the Sciences in Our World. Legends tell Tales True of The Invisible. Particles of Yeast. Mother Cultures and Growth. Spores. From afore. Times, Places of the Aztecs, Vikings… Baking, Making. The Invisible so used. Herein. Gifts of Nature that lend a helping Hand… or… Mind.?. Watch… That Step.


As if by Magic. Breads rise,

Alcohols, Milks, Liquids Ferment. Plants Flower.

Mushrooms Grow. Invisibly. Of Yore. A Miracle.


Yeast, Spores. Pollen Particles.

Unseen to the naked Eye. Gifts of Nature.

Mother Cultures.


Growth au natural.




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Whilst in the Real, the Modern in Our World.


Legends of the Sciences have enabled new

magnified viewings. Viewed now. Along with

explanations of these processes,

functions and qualities. Of Yore

When The Magic

Has Gone.

Go Wild. Rise Ups Naturally. Was


the Ways forward in Deed. Indeed

the Ways, Means to Grow. Culture s…

Back Then. Of Yore.




Back and then for example; the Vikings

in their Makings of their Mead. Soon

enough, learnt to let Nature’s growth

fervently Ferment,

take it’s stirring special course.


Coursing through the veins too. Of those

sacrificial Ones so stirred,

of the Aztecs. Was much of that

…same ol’ Magic. The Invisible it seems. Seemingly

mush more here…


than just meets. Your Eyes too. To Looking



at these Processes, these Bio-chem-electrical

interactions are rather complex. A Mix that

Nature can initiate. Initiating Wild Growth with

Yeast. Wild as well. Well as then

further. Changes with so Fermentation… The Viking’s


Mead-Making was fine-tuned. By watching

Nature(s) Environ at work. Working Honey into Mead

mostly, invisibly. Invisible particles of Wild Yeast.


Orchards/Apple Trees/Forests. A popular Gathering

and Viking. Choice. Nature Therein. Thereof



The Viking’s Makings in Our World. Legends

Tell of Mead also

disclosed. Further. Timings. Therein.


A small variety of conditions or parameters

that mattered to such Processes. Processing

Wild Yeast is simple. Simply sit… wait… stir…


basically. In Time with Nature.



Wild Yeast is simply in the Air/Atmosphere.

Invisibly. Alls Overs and in Our World. Legends…


The Sciences now… do tell too. To a need. A necessity

for necessary certain conditions. Enhancing quantity,

quality and so on. Therein. Of Yore. Yeast of the Gods.

A Blessing.

Invisible, so Theirs They Dreamed. Wildly. Divine.


Natural Environs in the main. The Wild Yeast.



You can try a simple… though possibly lengthy…


Bread Making with Wild Yeast. Therein

Or brew ups some Tea. Kombucha Styled. Mixed Thereof.


Find a suitable… orchardal sacred spot…

those wildly yummy

Fruit Trees… Yeast. Of The Gods. Made by… You.

Eventually… Bread also. Also Makings Times, Places,


Each selected Spot can differ greatly…

Results too. To



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such The Viking’s

showed such as the exposed Surface Area, Containers,


of the heady Mix.

Alongs with minimal Environ Pollution.

Were very important. Pure… Sacred… Potentiality…


per se.

To the mix. Therein.

Attendant’s Stirring helped. A lot at…


certain Times as well. Well as




were Magic Mushrooms a vital and

necessary, almost singular Ingredient for the Sacrificial’s

Aztecian Last Meal. Supper or Otherswise in deed. Indeed

the Hearts Out Victim was… Tripping Outs also. Also


currently under specific Research in Our World. Legends

of the Sciences

and the Depressed it seems. Uplifted,


Life and Dreams with that Magic. Mushroom. In

Deed. Indeed




the Sacrificial Kingliness

had to be helped to climb. Climbing

That Man Makings Mountain. Of Steps. Steps

Pyramidal, Temple… so and to,


where that stone cold knife’s edge

was so balanced. Balancing




Life with Death. To the Gods.

To Dream.


So writ aboves in Our World. Legends so Tell

of the Invisible Realms.

That so and influence the Real,

Visible. Here. Herein in Our World. Legends



Ancient Ancestors

whilst not particularly pertaining to particulars.

Knew still… certain Ways. Means.


Could be had. In the Invisible.




They would easily have understood

X-Rays, Radio Waves

and those like. Alike Vision of the Gods.?. and

Voices of Heaven.?.


Messengers. Natural.


The Invisible.



To them is,.. was the Place of the Gods.

The Invisible.


Whether meant as the Atmosphere

or as a Dimension…

not too sure.?. But They Knew. Of it…


and it had… Ways to influence…

Yeast, Spores. Pollen Particles. Mores.


Unseen to the naked Eye. Gifts of Nature.

Ways to influence…


Us. Alls.



Feel Freely. To Share.

A Thirst for that so Wild.

A Fav. Recipe,


Meal, Dessert, Brew. Mores.

Any and Alls.


Where Special Ingredients

means. So much.


Divine Taste. Mores. More



Next… To so and Be: The

Emperor. Of The United States. Who.



Please Feel Free. If So Inclined too. To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips, Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our

World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.



Till next…