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Featured Image Of A Fun Toy Green Pearl In A Shell On The Beach.

Gems In Our World. Legends Tell Of Yore Pearls Befores. Ours Wine, Whining Afters Wining On Such. Much Ado Arounds Abouts Pearls. Jamming Ins So Writ Within. These Our Arts, Hollywood, Sciences Too. To That Deep Blue. Red Revolutions Well As Canine ChewToys. Pearls Have Seen, Been All. That. This Opened Ups. Herein.





That Rainbowed iridescent Natural lustre that is

so Eye. Catching

Pearls before Thy Eyes that is. Are

these rarely. Told


Tales in Our World. Legends


Single Pearl In Partially Opened Oyster Shell On The Beach.



Yore Pearls Befores. Ours Wine

when so soured so dissolves. Them. Pearls,..


One, a Kings so Lost. Then finding

more on Those Two too. To The Pearled Pair,

Both Named So

The. Pilgrims.


So Nomened thus

Pearls so Begins sparkling Wisdoms. Therein


Polished Varietal Jewelled Pearl Necklace Lying On Cloth Surface With Plant And Journal In The Background.


Highly Polished Mother Of Pearl Sea Shell.


Pearls luminous Nature, so basically comprisings. Nacre,


of Pearl- nomened vis The Arabic nakara

well as. As well

mainlys Our Sciences so called outs. In Calcium

Carbonates. CaCO₃


Calcites, Aragonites, Conchiolins so forth. Forthrightly

such Minerals left

deposited in Ways. Means much, many Nacreous Layers

in Deed. Indeed a composition/mix/alternation


that so shiny. Shines within Our World. Legends Tell

All Overs. Our World

well prior too. To Times, Places. Of Cultivatings,

Technical Know-How Applied. Harvesting Natural

Pearls were Rare. Rather ‘cos


Pearl Formations Naturally Happens In. Nature

Only By Accident too. To


The One Oyster so within. The Shell


Mother Of Pearl Disc Necklace On A Rocky Beach.


Fancy Ornate Set Of Pearl Jewellery On A Display Board.


Fish of Several Types produce Pearls. Though

Oysters preferred mostly. Sea

and Fresh Waters Molluscs both capable. Of

Pearling well as. As well In that. Our Field

of Arts,


several portraits. Of King Charles 1

by noted Dutch Artist Anthony van Dyck

(…1599-1641…) show this. That


King wears a Pearl. Pearl

-Drop Earring which after. The King was dropped

off, then

executed. His Pearl

So dropped somewhere aways. Means

vanished also so disappeared. Disappearing Pearl


Pilgrims almost evens. Actress Elizabeth Taylors

Fate, Destiny in Deed. In Deed


Portrait Of King Charles 1 by noted Dutch Artist Anthony van Dyck.

These, This Pearl, That King So Disappeared. After The Execution. His.


Several Different Colored Pearl Necklaces Loosely Strewn Around In Display.


One of Her Dogs used. Her Pilgrim Necklace Pearled

As Doggy Chew Toy. A Lil. Large


Pearls and small, not. Necessarily mostly All

Rounded. Many varied Shapes- Natural Pearls

can so be. Being Shaped by

the building. Ups, The deposition of usually…


microscopic Mineral layers. Layers


that can range. In Colors also. All so

from Mother-of-pearl, Cream, Pink, Yellow,

Gold, Green, Blue, Black well as. As well


a Colorations Name Usage in Our World.

Legends Tell

of. From Zoology, Minerals too. To

The Meteorology Nomen of Nacreous Clouds

in Deed. Indeed Icy Crystals Pearly Shaded

therein Wavy Clouds mainlys… 25km+ High… Below




A Gloved Hand Seen Sorting Through A Large Number Of Raw Pearls. Collect Bowls Lie Nearby.


A Close Up Of The Two Collect Bowls Of Sorting Raw Pearls Imaged Above.


similar Nomened. The

Pilgrims Pair Pearly…

La Peregrina

La Pelegrina.


Their Yore History entwines Our Royalty, Revolutions,

Romance, Early Hollywood. Gems of a

fine Kind.

Gems seen so Sea bound. No Mores. Moreovers

on Land in Our World. Legends so


Pearly Treasured. Kept Aways. Means from Wines,

Drains, Waters, Seas. Seen

well of Yore. Well


Afore Elizabeth Taylor… and Her Dog…

chewed outs This Pilgrim. This Pilgrim… The

La Peregrina was found in Waters. Caribbean

Early 16th Cent. Presented

too. To


Spain’s King Philip 2 (…1527-98…) who too. Presented

this Pearl Present onwards for Queen Mary 1 of England

(…1516-68…) Returning

on Spanish Soils upons Her Demise. Then

Stolen By The French, Napoleonic WarTimes,

Places (…1803-1815…) Froms Emperor Napoleon 3

sold too. To British Aristocracy. Put Ups at Sothebys


in 1960’s  London For Sale. Bought

By Richard Burton. Presented


Many Different Colored Pearl Necklaces Hanging Straight Down In Display.


A Historical Display Of The Wearers Of The Famous Pearl The Pilgrim.

La Peregrina. Pilgrim Pearl Journey.


then too… To Elizabeth Taylor… + canine chew Crew

also. All so


extraordinary is That Other

Pilgrim Pearl La Pelegrina’s. Journey

beginnings off The Island of. Margherita-mid 16th Cent.

well as. As well

too. To The Spanish Monarchy. Presented


thereinto The Infanta. Maria Theresa (…1638-83…)

when Marrying King. French Louis xiv (…1638-1715…),..

… A Lil’ Later… As Times, Places go.


The Executed French Monarch Louis xvi (…1754-93…) by

Those. Revolutions Guillotine. La Pelegrina survived

such revoltings, surfacing soon. Seen In.

Russia, The Czarist Noble House Of Yusupov. Till

That Revolution of 1917 so There. Thus…


This Pearl Gem Surviving Two

Revolutions too in Deed. To indeed go

onwards then,


France bound. Sold in a Fund Raiser

in The 1950’s there. Their


Several Different Colored Pearl Necklaces Lying Curved On White Background.


Journey ended in Our World. Legends

continuing herein Tell


Btw’s… The Pig, Our Swine

In Our World. Legends Tell…

Can In No Ways. Means.?.


Our Pigs… That Mother Of Bacon… indeed


…Cannot Look Ups, Sky Bound

Searching Our Heavens Aboves

Well As. As Well


…Nor Fly. Well

At All… ‘cept In Pearly


DreamLands… So seems

in Deed.


Close Up Of A Single White Pearl In/With A Hazy Blue Background.

Fished Ups So Next Outed Herein #F. Of The A To Z.