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In Deeds There Is One Word Indeed. 3 Words That So Shine One So Prior Too. Prior Dating Research To Dates Prior Plannedemics Pre-Plannings Into. So Prior To Our One 2019 So Is One In. 9 Points Positively Prior Planned Points. Pointedly Pointing Outs So In. Our World Legends Tell Take One Big. Whiff One Hot Bulleted As. Hades Smoking Gun. Gone Virals So Oft. Offnine.


Depopulation continues there. Here.

So when Rights left


in various Charters base supports for Your. Laws


so is your there neighborhood loud. Party.?.

ons obnoxious drunken brawls.?. car misdemeanours bin +

fence fires.?. mailboxes mashed maliciously

when revelries revel in re-levelling your home when

drugged on+outs layabouts lay arounds

in + arounds.?. Abouts your times, places.?.


Grabbing phone you dial. Authorities, Cops, Council…

whoevers situationally applies…

So you call… thus putting in… one protest too. To+

about these events… to the authorities… you protest +

assert your rights. Left

actions with the Police per se… You freely protest… your

rights left

freely re-asserted… So


In exampled Canada,..

Freedom + Individual Collective Rights

enhrined in their Charter there. Here

the last living Signatory explains The Charter

applicable. In Canada in “…theory…”… so



Who Knew…


basically Everyone can protest assert their rights…


Anytime, Anyplaces, Anyabouts Issue… You + All

arounds other Canadians also. All so


rightfully left allowed to Protest too. To

assert Your Rights so enshrined within. Your Laws

bases there. Here much in such one. Place

denying your rights is left so. Undemocratic

autocratically. Once Orwellian


There is no. Virus


Vaccine Mandates, Lockdowns, Masks, Passports

will not stop that. This Virus. There


is no. Virus here

unmasking You. Smile

there is no. Virus. At least


moreovers overs 8 Points point too. To

pointedly PRE-planning. Unfolding 9

Points. Pointing


outs 9 in. 3 Words. Crimes

Against Humanity. Crimes

against You, yours + others. Another

so ongoings. Now


3 Words + mores also. All so PRIOR… 9. Bulleted



In Deeds Printed So. Priors Who Knew Indeed.


aboves belows Points herein: So in our world. Legends

tell so pointedly


  •  Prior 2019… +

Once upon Times 1992. Places one Schoolings Program

set oft. Of Teachings approach named Young. Leaders

methods was methodically provided. So nomened

was given outs too. To many who lead then. Now

trained in WEF Methods schooled. Ups in Control,

Coordination, Manipulation + such dictatings

much Despotic. Schemes +


inserted by moneyed. Interest tyranically now mandatings

just in. Tru tho’ do tho’ against yours. Will, well

faked propaganda promo’s

suitings Control Freaked them. Suitable

Research in our world. Legends tell also


  •  Prior 2019… All so

Once upon Times 2005. Places one. UN/CDC

Health Agreement too. To which so signed ups app. 190+ reps

representing countries one. 15 Year? Agreement which incl.


for inclusion in at least one. Simulated Pandemic. Schooling so


  •  Prior 2019… continuings thru’. So

Many Mainstreamed Magazines played. So alongs

cashing in on Advertisements arounds. Abouts promoting

Big Pharma harming

Fears harnessed mass. Formations psychosis so forms

Fear reiterated overs + overs virally. Aboves ones. One


below Imaged examples. Sampling

EU Fundings even Comic Books predicted. Plannedemics.


Viral Priors Spannings In Deeds. Indeed Spun.




(Video Link)


  • Prior 2019…

So ‘tween 1999-2003:

The U.S. CIA/Military Intelligence Sections began studying.


So on 2004 Operation Argus commenced. Practice

Scenarios + Simulations/War-Games continued

all overs arounds. Abouts

as did. Young Leaders Schooling… Much such as

Operation Topoff, Darkwinter, Atlantic Storm, Global Mercury,

The Mars Joint Exercise Scenario, Clad x, Crimson Contagion,


till app… 2017 SPARS. Pandemic Joint Exercise Scenario +

Gates + Others do. Event 201: So Prior


“…The SPARS scenario planning operation in October 2017

is especially noteworthy given that participants rehearsed

the roll out of the exact same policies and narratives

they would roll out for real in March 2020…” Much


such Plannings

in deeds. Indeed


“…another training and signaling exercise (organized personally

by Gates) involving four “tabletop” simulations of a worldwide

coronavirus pandemic. Participants included a group

of high-ranking officials from World Bank, World Economic Forum,

Bloomberg/Johns Hopkins University Populations Center, CDC,

mainstream media giants, Chinese government,

a former CIA/NSA director, Johnson & Johnson,

finance and biosecurity industry executives, and

the president of Edelman, the world’s leading

corporate PR firm. Exercise included drills in

psychological warfare techniques for

controlling official narratives, silencing dissent,

forcibly masking large populations,

promoting mandatory mass vaccinations

and imposing draconian restrictions curtailing

constitutionally protected civil rights…” Left so


Indeed Some Priors In Deeds.


Moneyed Mass Formations In Deeds So. Priors Psyched Outs Indeed. Who Knew…



Indeed So Priors Stocking. Ups In Deeds Testily.


  • Prior 2019… Definitions rearranged, System

process changes too. To Laws so passed so. Just


  • Prior 2019… Plannedemic The PCR Test was so. Not one

Diagnostic Capable. Unit Inventor K. MULLIS so described

it as like a magnifier Lab. Aid Device only. Only


The PCR Test is not based on an Isolated Virus. So

The PCR Test is based on a MULTI Ingredient Culture

Sample Soup. Only


  • Prior 2019… So Delivery of PCR Tests Worldwide

began. LONG prior The “virus” was even publicly revealed…

or sampled also. All so

Deliverys in 2017… 2018… so prior in deeds. Indeed


  • Prior 2019… Applicable Contracts negotiated

as with this. That

Contact Tracing System, Vaccine Contracts,

Patents. Systematically

at LEAST app. 6 Months. Prior. So with

Bio Labs proliferations +

Research Grants… 3 Months so priors too. To

existence revealings so pointedly. Outing



Indeed So Patently Priors Patented In Deeds.



In Deeds Prior Future Financials. Plannings Finalised Indeed Who. Knew.



Indeed Another Prior So In Deeds.


after 2019…


Whilst many were distracted by the Scamdemic. Microsoft

  • applied for WIPO Patent WO O60606 wherebys. You


(designated as the “…user…” (of Microsoft products)

becomes a Mine too. To be Mined. You ARE THE MINE. Patent


states… “… Human Body Activity associated with a task

provided to a user

may be used in a mining process of a cryptocurrency system…”

Thus + so


any “…Human Body Activity…” associated with a (Microsoft)

Task by a User = You,..

“… includes radiation emitted from the human body, brain activities,

body fluid flow, blood flow, organ activity, body movement

such as eye movement, facial movement, and muscle movement,

as well as any other activities that can be sensed and represented

by images, waves, signals, texts, numbers, degrees,

or any other information or data…”


will be used to Mine off. YOU in a Cryptocurrency/Digital

Process. You…

ARE MINED oft. Off

For POWER of



which then goes too. To… NOT YOU. So

Them. Patent Holders etc

Microsoft… Bill + Melinda Gates + co. basically. Their


World Power is so overs Yours. Yours…

is now not even. Yours. Our


ends. Begins



underlying mores over next. Moreovers

what so has our world. Legends tell so


us. A

so arrived ats… At aboves so

belowed. At


Indeed Where Us. A Guns Rights Left In Deeds.


next anways unsilenced

arounds. Abouts unleashed herein on 29/6:

Quirky Quotes #49.