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In Our World. Legends So Tell. Tales. Of Laughter Being The Best. Medicine. When You’re Full, Of That. There’s This. Wordplay Warrior i, Shiro. Sees, Saws Quotes Up ‘n’ Down All Around. About Then Jigs Them. Back Again. What’s Left is Write. Right Herein. #40. Hots Around Abouts. You.


Becoming Rage going. Berserk

loosens the Plot. Of

Your Dreams of Our World.


Legends Told off Planet so forth. Forthrightly

left alone. You should so be. Be


whens within

Quirky Quotes Quaintly. Done #40.


Around Abouts. You.


So Begins too. To Flare. Up




Whens Your Car So. Overs

does. Itself OverHeats Just


Not Let That. Ride Ons

Any Mores. Moreovers

under Thy There Hood. So


Chilled Be Thy Aim. Aim

High Water Levels. Be Temp


Giant Sword. Giants So Apply. So Next.


Wise In Our World. Legends

So Be. So