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The Doctor-Patient Confidentiality Process taken over by Technology. Privacy and Security Online is a paramount necessity as Data breaches and misuse are regularly exposed. Exposed herein is the rather IOT inept of the Federal Australian Government. A publicly unacknowledged Public Medical/Health Database that is neither Private, Safe nor Secure. After exposure by Top Doctors and Journo’s this case also reveals the huge gap in IOT Legislation as Governments struggle to come to Terms with the Reality.


A week ago News Corp. Journo’s finalised their Investigation and released a Report.

Followed up in Todays issue of THE ADVERTISER. Page 2.

(Titled ” Privacy Win On My Health Record “)


The Australian Federal Government has compiled a Database…


A Database of Public Health Records. The Public were told…


nothing therein and thereof.


A rather…

Secretive Public Health

Database. Top Doc’s

Demand Law Update…

has been the response from several concerned Institutions.


Putting the Governments IOT Knowledge and awareness.

Under the Microscope per se.


My Health Record,..

… is the name of this Medical/Health Database.


The Investigation brought up many issues of concern.

No Public Consultation. At All.

No National Radio, TV or Newspaper Campaign planned to inform the Australian Public…

whose Records… they obviously are.


No Warrant or Court Order required for Database Access to…

“… My Health Record “(s)… i, Shiro’s. Yours too.

Medical and Health Details.


The Public’s Records.

Every Australian… that is.

Stored on-Site Online.?. for up to 130 Years.

Vis the Australian Digital Health Agency.


Having been Admin of this Site for only some 2 Years.

Am aware…

there are NO Safe and Secure Public Access Areas herein.

The… IOT is like that. Open… per se.


Just as with several of the concerned Experts in the Medical Profession.

Being open… with their views that is. Herein.



AMA President Dr. Tony Bartone, former Pres. Professor Kerryn Phelps and RACG President Dr. Harry Nespolon have all come forward already. Expressing dismay and disbelief in such ongoings.

Demands for Legislative Updates and Changes to reflect Society’s growing awareness of Online Privacy Concerns.


Such high-level interested Professionals and their demands,..

deserve kudos. Credit for,..

having forced the Government.

Into the open… also.


IOT Reality check indeed.

In deed and in fact as well.


After… various Meetings with such,..

the Aust Govt. has seen the need for change… also.


The current Australian Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt,..

was quoted by The Advertiser’s Sue Dunlevy (Pg 2…1/8/2018) as agreeing that:

“… The Government will strengthen Privacy Provisions…”


Points of Interest highlighted therein:

  • Court Order Access for Govt. Officials and Police Authorities.
  • Records can be Deleted by Request.
  • Additional Public Communication and Awareness Campaign.
  • Opt out by Request… DEADLINE: October 15th.



At the moment…

and till the above changes are actually made:


This… ” My Health Record “…

could/would reveal for example Health and Medical Records concerning such as a known personal drug usage and/or addictions,..

known status of Mental Health or illness,..

known status and type of Sexually Transmitted Diseases,..


and, even with the Female Members of the Australian Public;..

details if known of such conditions as Abortions.



Private Medical Details… in a Public Database.

No Privacy. No Security.

No Court Order or Warrant Protection. None.


Opt out Deadline Oct 15.


My Health Record. Online. Yours too.



Till next…