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Of Journeys In Our World. Legends Tell Oft. Of Much Of Concern. Concerning Enough Too. To Be Prepared. Be Prepared Too. To Often Join In. Our World In Meaningful. Ways Yores Hattori Hanzō Pointed Outs Spearfully In. Long Ago Our Times, Places Yores. Japan.


Our Spear


has long been. Long a major part. In Yores

of Our Japan’s. Martial Traditions + Ways. Our

World Legends Otherswise also. All so

ref’d too. To as The YARI.


This Long-Pole/Stick upgrade.

YARI … = … 


Yore Spear. Our Hattori Hanzō +

His Spear. Our

The Hanzō Spear.

Well as… well… most of it anyways.!. As well means


Hattori Hanzō. 1542-96.


The Hanzō Spear,.. alike Hattori so is. Of Yores-


From Our nomened Sengoku Period… that beings

generally termed. 1450-1600 A.D. named this

thereabouts. Arounds + abouts


Known as. Samurai and Shinobi/Ninja friend alike. Hattori

helped save. The Life of One Ieyasu. The Tokugawa’s First



Ieyasu Ceremonial Armor.


Helped too in setting this. That Shogun’s Daughters free

from a captured Castle confines. A Warrior with many

Diplomatic. Tactical senses, experience. He, his Troops +

many Ninja,.. kept and ensured Guard thereof. Therein

many of that. This Shogun + co‘s journeys

thru. Lands torn by internal Clan warring.

Sword wieldings Bandits + such much strife.


Our Spear’s

extra reach, + methods of displacement that is. That is

combo’s of movements Martialled

in particular. Special sets/variations of slip-thrust +

palm-heel flick-push. Type techniques oft decimated

attacking/incoming Swords-men. Long reached. Long



would involve such as. Various

angular/oblique Targeting + Combat Techniques. Coverings

known + Special. Spear Techniques much further. Formed +

formulated to both protect. Against + Counter-


attack even these. Those mounted Sworded

Samurai Warrior in Deeds. Indeed



Developed over Times, Places + many. Martial actions,

combat incidents. These Techniques

had proven there. Their worth in Defense + Battle. Spearmen

were well-versed oft. Of in early Learnings much

application + handling such of. Varieties

of Attack Weapons choices. Choosing


in particular,.. The Stick Ways and the Spear

oft the norm/obvious. Having much

cross-over and simple adaption of. Possible withs

well as. As well- quite easily One went

well The others. Techniques worked well


in such. Situations with an extra. Point

in Speared Deeds. Indeed inspired


Indeed Palaced Gate Hanzōmon In Deeds.


Hattori and his. Legacy are honored still much

in. Such Memorials nomened well

as The. Imperial Palace Hanzōmon Gate,.. Image aboves +

as well a Train. Route so thru suburbs of his. Home

Precinct areas bearings his Name also. All so


His Memorial

Remains are now interred. Within the/Our

Sainen-Ji Temple Complex: Images Belows,

along with Hattori’s Ceremonial Helmet… +


Indeed Our Japan’s Sainen-ji Complex. Yore Templed In Deeds. Fujiyoshida City.


what lengths remains. Of


His 14 Ft. Spear.

Our World Legends long


Our Yores Hattori Hanzō Spear. In Our World. Legends Tell App. Was 14Ft. Long Once Too.


in Deeds. Indeed shortly

next 3/3:

Outing Yore Serpents Two. Into Our Inner Seven.