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The aftermath of that One Our World Legends called Alexander Great. Was. Not that great ‘cept many Lands, Times and Places could recover from his great feats. And the many Soldiers Boots etc. Hellenistic Traditions continued their search for Knowledge. As did Hero. Of Alexandria. Of Yore. Practically every Subject he got into. Into Delphi via Eleusis. Seek and Search. Ancient Tech., Ideas and Inventions. Too. Pt.1.


The Hellenistic Traditions of Ancient Greece

encompassed a very large variety of Topics.

Cultural aspects and Customs, Arts, Humanities, Sciences,

Philosophies, Music, Crafts, Engineering and Invention.


More also. All indeed and more representing

the very many aspects of a growing Civilisation. A Civilisation


emerging after that Death of Alexandria the Great.

So called. So



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after. That. And that not so great,..


subsequent breakup of that Empire.

Of Greatness. No more… ish.

Been there. Done that.


Circa ish… 300 B.C.


The Society emerging therein became more open assuming

a somewhat Cosmopolitan flavor and base. With a Political and Peoples

presence that permeated and influenced Lands beyond. Around

as well. Well as these becoming a part of the heartlands of

Greece. Of Yore. A


subtle undercurrent that carried along a sense of importance

within History that encouraged the


gathering of Knowledge.

Times and Places of Learning.


The so called Great Alexander’s Personal Sword. This be the Gordian Knot… unraveller it seems. In deed indeed. photocredit/thanks:pinterest


As these Times and Places went by. In spite

of Wars and Battles oft flourishing here and there. There

was along the Ways.

A City that so began to attract many Scholars

due to thus reputable Learning Institutions within.


Was and is known as Alexandria. The City. Thereof.

A Leading Light.


Nomen in honor of that Great One

named afore mentioned as Alex. Herein. Above. Below also.


Founded in 330 B.C. ish. A Port City.

In Northern Egypt. On the Mediterranean Sea.

The Famed Pharos Light-house kept Night Harbors

safe to see. The Sea.


A leading light for the pursuit of Knowledge. Also. The

City of Alexandria did so become. So

Circa 0 A.D. onwards therein… ish.


Early forms of such Societal, Educational and Cultural

Institutions as Museums,

Libraries, Archives and Universities. Unified. Therein. The

City. Of


Alexandria had them All.


Even a hero.



Called Hero that is.

Nomen. Thereof


Hero… is his name.

Really.!. A


Hero. So Named.

Of Greece.

Of Yore.

That is.


His Engines as well.


Later… ish.

Ancient thereof. Of and any


regular Readers of Our World Legends will recall

that much Ancient Tech. is Elemental. Elemental is that

which so uses Powers inherent within Fire, Water, Air, Minerals

and so on. On the verge of Alchemical at times in deed.


Yet Natural. Powers.

Going through the associated Our World Legends. One

realises the many Ideas and Inventions. Of Yore. All

seemingly utilise such. Or a Variation. Such


as Wind, Gravity, Water Pressure, Steam Pressure, Heat

and Expansion and so forth. This Power then made

to Work via Levers, Springs, Domino Effect,

Swing-Arms, Weights and so on. On


to produce an effect. Effects of such


Major Elements. Of Japan. Go-Dai.


a studious and researched Education were. That


Study Times. All

the Times.

Ἥρων ὁ ἈλεξανδρεύςHero of Alexandria (: Greek Ancient thereof)

was a very such and so serious Student (circa 10-70 A.D.). Thereof.

Delving into such as the Mathematics, the Sciences, Engineering and Invention.

A real… hero it seems within All these. These whereby and soon became.

All rather… elementary to such Hero.


Soon enough.

Debates, Discourses too, at the so then eminent

Library of Alexandria followed. Following such and then

Lecturing thus on many aspects of his studied approach. Using

Ideas and Inventions of then Current Knowledge. Of


such and so subjects of Mechanics, Physics, Pneumatics

and Maths. All

subjects in which this Hero. Hero

nomen as well. As well named he


was and had quite a lot to say. So it seems. Therein

and thereof in deed. Also. Also



The Principle of the Shortest Path of Light. Formulated by Hero indeed.


Letting the Hero speak.

Speak at the Great Library. Came more Calls. And

so they did. Hero. Did Speak. Oft. More.

Thus and so,..


So did Hero… go on. On he did. Go. On many

occasions baffling His Students with His intricate

Designs and Innovative… Inventions. Innovations

as well. Well as


about how to make this and that practical usage of the

variety of Natural Elements so within many of

the various Fields of this and that Study. Fields of Eleusis



these are not. Notice

the Spelling… of Study… Eleusis.

Differs also,.. so my Spellchecker does so and say.


These are them. Therein. Herein

just a Photo too. Two

of. Of the Fields. Of


ἘλευσίςEleusis. As Below. Image.



And another.

Modern Reproduction. Also

Eleusis, Fields of thereof.


We think.

After Studies. Digging round a bit. Also. As







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back to the Hero’s Ways.


Of Greece. Of Yore.


Let the Oracle speak.


As afore. The earlier conquests and exploration by Alexander of Great

Fame and His Armies had opened many new

Ways and Areas great as well. As well

many Visitors soon flowed in. In to such other Cities too. On To


Delphi some in deed indeed

made their Ways. There.


Even the Great Alex. made an Appointment earlier therein. An Oracle

from The Oracle that great quest did so involve. To Delphi that is. ‘Tis

an Ancient Place. A Sanctuary whereby the venerable

Oracle Pythia sat. Also


gave an occasional Oratory Announcement as well. Thus

the nomen. For Her. That is.


This Sanctuary divine was then dedicated to that God Apollo.

Positioned on the Mt. Parnassus nearaways Gulf of Corinth.



The Oracle at Delphi was long held in very high regard. Highly esteemed,

well thought of also within Our World Legends that apply. Therein.

So too with the Great Alex. So


impressed and suitably poised. He was. With

a question for the Divine Oracular One. Pythia. Seated. Thereupon.

Óμφᾰλός… Omphalos.


The Seat. World Navel. World

Centre thereof. Therein as well.



Δελφοί… Delphi.


The Coin above

shows where The Pythia… did sat. Her Seat that is.

The Seat of Pythia that be. The Seat

btw did so and sat as well. As well did Pythia’s Seat sit… well,..


above a Hole basically. Quite well sat, it

seems in deed.


Πῡθίᾱ… The Pythia.

Was a High-Priestess. Ways


up there. Divine Decrees and All

that. That entails. Who was also… very and so

high. Naturally. Stoned. Gassed

actually. Au Natural.


This o so eminent Seat of Pythia sat above a Natural Gas(es) vent.

A hole/crack in the Earth’s Crust from which fumes did vent,..

of some Inner Earthy Nature did so and seep. Out. All over this Place.

The Oracle sat amidst and chatted aways. High on…


Natural Gas. Therein and thereof.


The Seat of Pythia sat above a Natural Gas Vent. The Priestess… The Pythia… took Her Seat… then took it All in. Then let it All out… via her mouthpiece Divine and Oral… which did so vent as well. As well this High-priestess was on a Natural High in deed… indeed.


As imaged. Above. She sat upon a Stone and

sucked. Sucked

Gas. Elemental natured. Of some sort.


and told Tales. Tales tall and true. Sorta

like… i, Shiro. Herein. My Gas… though and so. So


be Cigars though. In deed. ‘Tis Times. Times

in deed. For a change.


For this Tale to be so and thus. Continued. Soonish. Next


A Hero. Ancient Greece. Pt.2


Hero. So Named. Ideas and Inventions. Of Yore.



Our World Legends.

Be One.


Be Innovative.

Be Inventive.


Be Great. In Name. Or Other-

-Wise. -Ways. As Well.



Till next…