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The Modern Mass Medicine notion of Cleanliness and Disinfecting can stifle a Growing Immunity. Our Childrens’ natural disposition for Exploration and Play… must be played out. Experts are realising such Natural Play… and the Dirt acquired… gives One… a cleaner bill of Health. As with Breastfeeding;.. Mother… Mother Nature… do indeed know best. Herein. Our World Legends.


Immersing Oneself in Mother Nature as do Our Children

when Exploring and Playing reveals Benefits

oft unnoticed. Particularly the Clay Type Soils. Whilst

Hygiene and Cleanliness has it’s Place and Time…




Playing in the Dirt per se,..

can bring a…


Immune System High.

Down and Dirty

with Nature…

… ensures the practice and triggering thereof,..

of the early and growing Immune Response System.

An Immune Boost.



Mother Nature… knows Best therein indeed,..

in deed and in fact as well.


Our World Legends.

That Immune Boost. Herein. The nature…

of Mother as well.



The signs that Breastfeeding is always the best First Option are

also many.

Sciences from different aspects of Health find no harm done…

‘cept when the Feeder has Health Issues of their Own to handle.


The micro-nutrients passed from Mother to Child are oft vital for

continued growth and so on.

An Immune Boost… as well.

Mother Nature knows Best… Our World Legends do say.


The United Nations,.. In Geneva too… recently. Agreed.

The World Health Assembly. That is.

Promoted, discussed and favored a Resolution in favor of:

“…Protecting, Promoting and Supporting Breastfeeding…”


Most.?. thinking People would wholeheartedly agree.?.

Agree though,..



…that good ol’ U.S. of A.,.. said…

NAY at that. To that. At first.

No good therein… and dithered. Cos of this:


Lobbyists lobbying…

… for the Commercial Interests of the Manufacturer’s of the

(fake = NON-BREAST)

chemical replica concoction known as Infant Formula.


The Boost they were seeking was for Themselves.

No concern showed for sufferance of the Children…

lil’ at All. The Boost for them was Profit over People.


Their Fat Wallets… All…

at the expense of Children.

Commercialism and Materialism are lobbied much.

Science and Health Benefits downplayed.

The nature of Mother Nature ignored…

by the greedy natured indeed.


The Profits Cycle on. Boosted by those addicted so.

To big bucks that is.

Who easily override Truth with such Trading Schemes.

Ignoring… Mother Nature and preferring chemical overload

of Children…

to get their… Profit Payload. Over People that is.


To those who decry… everyone is entitled to an Opinion. Opine


in deed and in fact also. For ’tis so… ‘cept therein. Where…


Opinion was…

added to.



If the Lobbying lobbed

onto the General Assembly wasn’t quite enough to

ensure Profits were kept abreast over People. The

USA then applied Diplomatic Pressures and basic

threats of a Financial Nature

to corral those being… lobbed

at by Lobbyists and so forth.


Such Geopolitical manipulations… Financial

as well…

common enough at the United Nations.

Where much is not united at all. Really.


Finally after much… and such senseless debate. Natural

senses were restored.

The sense of Nature… a Mother’s place…

restored. Sensible.

Hypocrisy and more,..

sensibly… recalled.


The U.S.A. then reversed.

Removing thus… NAY.


Eventually… saying AYE. Ending…

naturally with People over Profit. Therein.


Lest one imagines only in the West. Such convolutions

and twists,..

within Diplomacy and Geopolitical Halls of

Influence. There’s stuff…

from all over Our World Legends. Trade…


and… Trade Wars… too.


United by Nations.?.


Witness recent Chinese Geo-political, Industrial

and Trade Pressure applied re Taiwan.

Or that of Saudi Arabia

over inhumane actions against Yemen.

Human Rights Watch Reports.

Or Israels illegal takeovers.

Amnesty International Reports.

And so forth and so on. Cycles.


Trade sanctions and reactions… take priority…

even at the hallowed U.N.. Which is getting rather…

hollow actually. Of People over Profit that is. Indeed.


There are at least several phrases i could use here to

describe the Emotions they and that arouse.

Be imaginative. Feel free to imagine what these…

could and should and would be and so on. I’ll wait.




back at Our World Legends…

Getting down and dirty was fun. Making mud… mud-pies

and other such clay like creations of childhood.

Cycling through dirt and mud and water. Jumping in

and on puddles. The o so green Knee slides during

Sports. Rear tackle dumps… green as also. Lots of

dirt. In shoes, clothes, hair, hands and more. Children

and Dirt… attract therein.


Science has found much in Soils such as Clay

to allow such Play. Encourage as well.


Whilst mainly used in Our Beauty Products…

which should in itself be an INDICATION. As to it’s True


That this dirt… ain’t cheap and nasty… per se.


Full of goodness,.. it seems indeed. In deed…

and in fact too.



Clay… claims and bakes.

Soils such as Clay react such as Charcoal

and collect Toxins along it’s ways and routes

throughout Our Bodies.

Many Olden Cultures still prepare Foods and

Medicines using Clay Wraps to protect and

enhance the cooking process. Clay action

therein the same. Toxins out.


This easily helps prevent such as Diarrhea, Reactive

Vomiting and Neurological Imbalances. The Elements

such as Calcium, Copper, Iron and Magnesium usually

found in high amounts therein.

Diets that lack access to the Dairy type Calciums via

Allergies or otherwise, Benefit greatly.

Such Natural Mineral Absorption Methods typified in

Our Animal Kingdom by the Cow and Mineral Salt Licks.


Or the Monkey Tribe that washes produce,..

usually fruit or root vegies in Mineral rich Waters prior

to consumption.


Our sub-surface Soils oft too, contain far less

infective materials.



The Immune Boost of such Dirt and Soils appears at least three-fold.


  • Child-hood Wonder and Joy. Fun of Play. Exploration.
  • The Foreign Particle/Matter Reaction- Immune Boost.
  • As above Reaction to Bacterial/Viral Matter if present.



Kaolin White Clays for example have quickly gained respect

and usage within antacid type preparations.

When and of usage is restricted to when actually

required to Boost,..

the Benefits are great.


Overuse NOT AT ALL recommended.

Clays… also binds.


In Our World Legends Terminology…


Constipation ensues. Bound to.



Till next…