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Circling Pi In Our World. Legends Tell Yore Triangle Monumentally. Mountain Aliked Built Pyramids Likely Rounded. Ups In Deeds Pi. Ins + Outs Pointed. Circled Arounds Abouts Our World. Legends Calculated Herein. Outed Pi Our Yore Egypt Unto. Slicing Into. To Yore Mexico Our Teotihuacan. Pi Faces All So. Overs Pyramids In Both Also. For Two Once Too.




Our Yore City, several Pyramids. In Ruins. Ransacked

by many. Times, Places in Our World. Legends mapped

30 Miles NE. Mexico City. Now then Teotihuacan


alike. Many

Otherswise in Our World Pyramidical Sitings. Celestial +

Cardinal Directional Facements, Alignments, Placements

so. Apply yet


tho’ not. Directly so venture forth. Forthrightly left




City Streets in a Grid. Type Layout/Pattern.?. of not 90… yet

of 89°.?. So

app. 4 Miles across. Crossing eyes so

Starrily Aligned not quites either Cardinally. Sided Ways

twist means with that tweak. Settling this


so NNE. Setting thus at.?. Our Sirius/Orion/Pleiades. Stars.


Milky Ways means another

as belows. A Celestial Placed mimicking. Star City. One

mapped Divined Styled. Heavens Aboves, belows…




Mapped Outs In. Deeds.


Indeed Our Teotihuacan Yores. Citied In Deeds.


presents viewed further. Anomalies/Correspondences

so occur. As with This. That Pyramid Great + co. Orion

placing Alignments of Yore Egypt.?. Our nomened

Our Slice Of Yore Pyramid. Pi

revealings correspondences these. Those Aboves Pyramids

Imaged Belows named in. Our Yore Egypt + Mexico:


3 Main Pyramids… Each has. Starring

Alignment Offsets… Each does. Have used


Construct Methods/Placement on differing

Heighted. Lands so. Each has 2 of each. Set of 3


LOOKS too. To have basically same final height. Much


so with Water Motifs/Themes. Egypt’s Niles, Moats

there. Here

Teotihuacan’s Sluices, Partition Walls, Pools. Shell

Design, Wave Carvings. Carved



outs Slices of Pi. All overs in/on both sets

Pyramid Sides/Faces. Larger Pyramids Faces

slightly inset too. To relieve Pressure. Pyramid Construct

greatly really has. 8 Sides per se sayings


in Our World. Legends

Pi piecings measured. Recently

there. Here noting


Our Yore. Egypt notably tendings 2Pi so. 4Pi noticeably


mainly South American.?. thus far notes numbered. Noming

appears due too. To Yore Our American Ratio pref. For Base

Foundation Stone Area/Land LARGER usage. Less Angular/Height

so seems. Then

seemingly calculatings/ratios Yores Ours





Height = 481.3949 Feet.

Base Perimeter Length = 3023.16 Feet

Length/Height = 3023.16/481.3949 = 6.28

Pi = 3.14… 2Pi = 6.28…

Pyramid Angle = 52°



Height = 233.5 Feet

Base Perimeter Length =2932.76 Feet

Length/Height = 2932.76/233.5 = 12.56

Pi = 3.14… 4Pi = 12.56…

Pyramid Angle = 43.5°


Pyramids show Pi. Pyramid

Pi. Pyramids, Our


One Mount Too. To Be Elsewheres In Our World. Legends In Deeds. Japan.


Indeed Teotihuacan Views In Deeds.


Triangular Mountain shaped Buildings show Pi.?

Pi is oft. Of Circles


arounds abouts… Our World,

Legends tell… is Round. Circular Ways… So

Triangular Bodies incorporate Circular. References

in Our Round World.?. So Symbolically


Yore Pi meant/referred to/applies to… is Abouts.?.

Our World.?. Round Earth. Interesting.?. Applying

Yore Great Pyramid. Egyptian pieces of Pi

then that. This simple backwards sequence of

4,3,2,1,0. So blasting as a Multiplier thereso = 43210 x


Our Pyramid Height = .?. Our World’s Polar Radius.?. So

also. All so

43210 x Our Pyramid Base Perimeter =

.?. Our World’s Equatorial Circumference.?. Rounding


up lowly Number. Mixed 4,3,2,1,0 on into. To Pi

taking off + 1:43210 greatly

making Our. Pyramid Ratio’d then Yores too. To

Triangulating Encircling


Our World. Legends go rounding off



out. Next so of herein 31/3: Yore

Tall Orders In Deeds. Our Giant.