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In Deeds Molehills Mountained Into. To Volcanic. Disruption Eruptions. Forces In Our World. Legends Tell Pyramids So Same. Symbols Of Elementary Fire. Elemental So Oft Fired Ups In Asides. Yore Symbols Destruction Regeneratings. Our Fertile Lands. Landing Nutrition So Yours. Now. Remineralised Realised.


From Yore Mountain Made. Minerals You

take Our Human shape.

Shaped like Pyramids. Mountains


so rise. When certain Earth Forces are. Stressed

Nature Matters

even further Our. Mountains, then fiery so spew. Volcanic

Lava Matter. Yores Matters in Deeds. Indeed

Our Mountains nomened


Mount Volcanic. Iconic Fiery

Natural Pyramids. So amidst


Elementary Fire from within. Under the under. Sides

arounds abouts

of Our World. Legends Tell on the inside




immense pressured. Plate Tectonics movements begins unwell as.

As well swelling on

Land, Mountains. So Sea borne well as in Deeds. Indeed born

as well of/in either/or young + old Times. Places Mountains

seemingly at that. This random in Our World. Legends

tell slow pressured some. Others Quick as moving hereto

thus also. All so


starring Our Volcano. Symbols including in Arts, Sciences,

Literature. Film/Photography, Music so forth. Forthrightly

left Yore of Nature- nomened Our Mother. Symbols


that encompass many. Names,

Forms of Vulcan. Heroes, Heroines, Fire, Metal. Tunnel

Systems, Underground

Cities, Apocalyptic Events Times, Destructive

Places divined in Deeds. Indeed


Image Of Vulcan Type Forge Hammer Wielding Greek Yore God.

Vulcanism In Deeds Also. So All In The Forging. Truly Hard Worked Works Outed Indeed.


Eruptions, Fires that overs Lands. Yore Times, Places


Ours undergoings renewal… later up into. To

after excess so excel. So Crops

regenerate extraordinary Fertility. Regrowth Agricultural

hugely then after also. All so

richly nutrient packed. Fine


Volcanic Mineral rich. New soils

overs the old. Same elsewheres in Our World. Legends

tell yore also of freedoms. Of much growing on such.

Soils so as to help rejuvenate. Digging-in

in Deed. Indeed


so dug back into. To the ground for reabsorption,.. then

reuse. By You. Natural add-ons,




Immune Boosters so dug. Deep into our foods. Wholesome

with a more all round. About Elemental view of whole. Nutrient

Mineral Spectrum input outed as rather. Than

the norm. Just several main

Fertilized ingredients.


There are.?. 102+ Minerals/Vitamins/Elements outed in

Your Body.

Volcanic Soils… +… Sea Waters… + Pure Salts contain mostly

All. These

and We also. All so need. Much Numbered

such in us well as. As well to know:

The More Minerals Packed Nutrients = The Moreish Flavour so

Planted Vegetatively Fruited therein. Thereto Our Waters


wherebys Yore Minerals facilitate.

Underwaters Lifeforms forming Lava Superhighways

that spread. Out from in/arounds abouts deep

Sea. Volcanoes so easily dispersing Minerals

attracting. Even very large Aquatic Life. Forming chains



of areas saturated. In Nutrients… ready

for Life Cycles + Aquatic processings on. In

such areas even Whales too. To so utilise these. Those


Ways of those mean


Volcanoes. Land

adjustments ups so also applies. Applying upping All so

Soil Mineral Contents so Life. Enhancing firstly Soil


then Plant Lifes leadings into thus. Us. The Soil must have

the Mineral


… or You don’t. Later on. Early



conundrums combos, oft Cycles. Of double deathly +

events of Life seeking note. Noted dualistic tendencies,

attributes. Ongoing into so

outcomes too. To a Destructive Creativity. Where + bys


Volcano being nomened Primal. Primary Forces

named as so both

eternal deathly, divined. By Yore Mortals


in Our World. Legends Tell



fired clean ups so next in. Here #U

of Our A Too. To Z.