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Yore Magi Call In Deeds Born Outing Our. Brilliant Yores Magi. Full Borne Birth Oft. Of Our Masterful Celebrants Of Knowledge Wise. Three Men So Perhaps Onto Mores. To Part Two. One So Moreovers Underlying Truly Our Outstanding Travel Guides Gift. Bearers + Emcees. These Add Too. To Yore Stars Beltedwise 3. Three Wise Part. To Two.


Pythagoras has. It


all so adds. Up

in outing Yore His Numbers games. Graced

geometrically harmonic Part. One hereto. One


Pythagoras exiled thereto

so was. Taught Magianistic styled too. One


Yores pithily well as our. Magi wisely

as well




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herein one our. Part Two. So

Imagine Yore Magi. Full

Star Borne Parted. Two


digitally pious so ignorant yetso. Brightly

Our Pythagoras

educatings added ons with. Some 12 plus.

Years in Yore. Magisterian/Zoroaster borne

Territory/Lifestyle/Traditions incl. Byzantine



Methods + Means. Ways meanings Pythagoras

already some 22 Years experience in. Yore

Our Egypt, Chaldean, Druidic. So

Phoenician, Arabia so forth. Forthrightly left

vis Exile. So ordered

namelys wherebys one then. King

nomened borne


command conveyed Pythy banishments. There

enabled named so Cambyses 2. One King


unknowing so yet eventually. Historically


so adding also too. To our ideas of a fully

rounded Geometry. System that All so

harmonically squarely. Equalled magicly






calculations categorically. Later Christian/Masonic


built. Upon Magian inspired Themes/Symbols

reflectings so above so. Below

following Our Suns daily. Passage so Structural

Alignments. Pathways meant east-west

facings. Magi


inspired Pythagoras inspired spired

Gothic. Cathedrals/Churches

dedications. Within + out

tho’ whilst Yore. City Alexandria’s Libraries

Book Burnings eventually

removed. So such much Magi Literature/Data

majestically left right within. Other

Magian appreciators incl.


daily Our

Knight. Templars/Architects/Builders/Masons +

Monkswise Sacred Site. Builders so built

on/upon well. As Pythagoras

much dedicated as well. Without + within


well by. So nearby Statuary/Reliefs/Carved


Yore. Our Heroes +



Geniuses. Chartres West Front for example

has. Left

on the Right. Door side Panel

much such. Sages



showing relevant so Community/Symbolic

Scenes. Seen

are firstly Our. Yore Time Symbols oft. Of Zodiacs

Pisces + Gemini followed by (R-L): Yores

Aristotle, Cicero, Euclid, Boethius. Ptolemy, Donatus +

Our Pythagorical. Pythagoras imaged above. Below


one too. To extol Our Yore Magi + Their

Arts there. Here

Seven Arts so. Call, recalls sagely

Dialectics, Rhetoric, Geometry, Arithmetic. Astronomy,

Grammar + Music Yore. Our Heroes historical. Special


Events/Festives, Pilgrimage, Travelling,

Guides, Explorers, Geographers. Navigatings


Starwise Advisors linkings then one

too. To Our Yore


Indeed Starring Wisely Trio In Deeds.


Magi. Call

attention with starrings. Stars Symbolically literally

so. Still


onto links oft. Of Constellational connections so Our

guiding. Stars mapping alikes Cathedral Sitings sited


oft. Of our Yores Horoscope Virgo alikes. So

aboves as. Below

matching/aligning with our. Now northern French

Cathedrals Placements likely laid. Outs Land

scaped placed reflecting. Stars reflected aboves

in our world. Legends tell such. So much so

in Our Cologne’s. Cathedral Shrine

oft. Of The Magi called


around abouts Magi means. Ways above

so reflectings/repeating Yores below. Behind

Magian Histories leading Our/Yores. Leader

named Antiochus

Horoscope Layout



aboves utilised + nomened so. Below

incorporated within also. All so in

targeting Our South. Tower Cathedral

Yore Reims. Sagitta Archer


arrowed so above. Belows

Spire inspired Cathedralic


Gothic Christian. Scenes Cosmic + Community

Earth bound so sculptured

wholly reign. Raining wholely


Reims In Deeds In. Spired.




or shining simply Yore. Magi. Call


their Lands there incl. so our. Yores

in our world. Legends so designed/planned

tell Star. Mapped so forts so forth. Forthrightly

left our History


links with + bys. Nearbys Peoples so

Yores Egyptians,

Sabians, Harranians. Harran as exampled

so btw was. Wheres Biblical Leader. Abrahams


Father Terah. Terah travelled lastly too. To

thenso thereto die. Living firstly wholly so

on Hermetic Traditions these. Those indigenous


Peoples hereto oft. Of Regions ref’d Sabians

kept. So their

the wholly Hermetica. Corpus

Hermetica that is wholely there

nomened then. That is named also. All so wholely

authored bys. By Hermes Trismegistus divined

Being so forth. Forthrightly left

so as well too. To be Magians

their paramount. Authority/Rule/Religious book

well used there. Wisely


so called. Outings Our Hermes


a long history alongs with Yores. Magi. Full inspired

connections crusadings across much. Such Holy



Closing In Outing Hermes Magi. Calls.


Indeed So Starring Astronomy Wise. Three In Deeds.


Lands. Landing Mages in our

world. Legends tell as Magi

called so

wholly. Prominent Religious/Spiritual Figures. Figurings


Architectural Arts, Sculpting/Carvings/Paintings. Geometry,

Philosophy, Literature, Mathematics, Religion. Masonry,

Exploration + Travel. Pilgrimage, Astronomy. Gastronomy


influences also may. Apply all so Yore fluent

in our world. Legends Hermetic heroed

Mages so + wherebys. By divined now



Our Hermes + Yore Magi so. Call

Them… then are… yore


old. Friends


will wait too. To see next on 14/9:

Quirky Quotes #60.