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Sports and Sporty Types Abound In Our World. Legends Of Yore, Japan As Well. Well As Jumping In To Our World Legends. Join i, Shiro In A Seek, Search To FaithFully Leap With Japan’s First PoleVaulter.?. Herein. That Tale, Tall.?. Not Lil’ Long. Winded. At Alls. photocredit/thanks:tuniu


13 Years Old, Kuma finally grinned. To Himself…


it was Night. Dark too. The Moon. Behind clouds. Yet

and so. So a chase. Was on. In


Japan. Of Yore

in Our World. Legends filtered down thru’

Ages, Times, Places. Tell of Night Warriors

in Our World. Legends



who. Had Trained Him well. Well as

How To. Freedom

Falling Ways. Those

Free fallin’, Pole vaulting. Ways and Means.

Had ensured His. Freedom still. Still,..


He was not. Running He was. Aways.

Grin still. There.


In The Night. Then. Of Yore. Japan.



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Ninja Trained.

Aged 13.

On a Mission. Now Done. Almost. As


The Night

kept Him cool. Coolly He

sauntered Aways. Ninja Cool that is. That is



The End. To Begin. Herein. As Belows.


For,.. A Lil’ Earlier In Our World. Legends so Tell.

This Tale: The

Emperor Go-Daigo advised His High Counsel,

Dainagon Hino Suketomo. Then Waved Him

Aways. Away He went.


Suketomo had no choice.


Sado Island.

Arriving There. Till summoned. Back.


Several Days pass.




Suketomo’s Son, Kumawakamaru from Ninna-ji Temple

to Sado. So sadly makes His Way. There. Then


Even sadder. Then. Was

Named Suketomo as a suspect conspirator. So,..

The Kamakura Shogunate. Now wanted. Execution.


Sado Island Monk Homma Saburō.

Deeply immersed in Political manoeuvreings.

Manoeuvred to unbalance this Peace. Piecing

such Charges as unworthy. Of

further investigation. Acted rashly,



Quickly, Gladly… not at Alls… sadly…

Took off Suketomo’s. Head. Then cowlishly


Burnt the rest. Of His Body.

Handing the Remains, ashily in a box. To Son…

the now mores saddened. So n so…


Kumawakamaru. Kuma



Howevers… sought more.

Much Mores.


just that. That was after. After taking His Fathers remains

for Burial. Mount Koȳa that is. That is to Sado. Then

He returned. THEN. With much Mores. In

Mind. His. Then


He lied. Down and feigned Sickness, Grief. Stricken

was struck. Lied. For Several Days. Till

He had Learnt. Enough. Seen, heard. Of

where the majority of Servants. Headed.



As That Night. This Night came quickly. He,

Kumawakamaru was quick also. Also


easily finding The Monk Beheader of Dad. Asleep.

He Kicked Him. Awake, so Monk.

So The Monk saw The Face of Revenge


…awake already. Already there too. To



which the sad, young, now Fatherless


simply, directly, fearless in righteousness. Left

stillness, moving too. To


Reach over, stab Him several Times, Places. Mores

than enough to awaken… That


Death. In Monkly. Cowlish. There. Simply

on, sad Sado Island


now… Kumawakamaru ran. Aways from. A

Chase. Was Ons.

Guards. Men of Stature,..


weight as well. Well as

burdened with Weapons. Heavy. Lightly

stepping Kuma. Ran. Ons. Aways.



Lil’ Way Aways…

a Bamboo Grove did live. Arriving

there Kumawakamaru wasted not Times, Places,

Breathe… nor Momentum.


Weighed down a long Stalk end. With

His boyish Size. Seized that end. Grasped

firmly. Destiny and that Sticky End. Section

of Bamboo. Then




Bamboozled Everyones. Some mores. More

and overs. He so went. Then


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The Bamboozling PoleVault. Of Kumawakamaru.


Pole Vaulted the Castle Moat…

to Get Ups. Go… Aways. From There

in Our World. Legends

still insist. Creaks and Groans.


From both Plant and Pursuers. Persisted. A Lil’.

The First lasted.

Till Kuma landed. Landing Then. His

Pursuers seconding Groans. Longer. For and then.


He then. Ran. Some Mores. To end too. To

wit at those. Not so. Far Shores.

Where Land, Sea, Dreams. Plans too. To

so Meet. So There. There,




Boarded Boat To Echigo Province.

Avoiding capture by the still groaning, heavily



Dead Monk’s Men. Rightly left

wailing on that Wind. Water so

borne. Kuma. So lightly

Sailed on. To Freedom. Later,


More Adventures as well. Well as



Feel mores than Free. To Share.

Those sticky Situations so tough…


Wherebys, Howfors. Where,

whence. Did come, just click.


Whens. Everything. Went wrongly


just Right. Left



Next… chilling Tales:

Antarctic Ice. Shackled,.. Not Stirred.



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i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.


In Our World. Legends of the Sciences say. These are PSILOCYBE … AUSTRALIANA/SUBAERRUGINOSA… aka GOLDTOPS. Tap Aways In Our World. Legends so say They Are.?.


Till next…