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Migration is a Hot Issue. ‘Cept If You Are A Caribou… Heading To the Arctic. Tundra. As Summer Approaches The Poles. Head North Caribou. An Epic Trail Walk, To and For. The Next Gen. Caribou in Our World. Legends that Walk Their… Call. Talk ’bouts that. Herein.


Whilst We spend Times, Places, repeating Daily

Routines. In Our World Legends of Animals, Creatures

still roam. Repeating Theirs.

The Arctic Tundra is not a Place We oft Tread.


Nor head to.



Not even in The Summer.

Yet and so.

The Caribou believe otherwise. Wisely,



Arctic Trek. Caribou’s


to The Arctic Tundra Beyond, is a must.

For Future Generations.


Of Caribou.




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The North Polar Regions are visually oft spectacular.

Those Northern Lights, Mountain Landscapes, bleak

and snowed.


One of the Longest Known Migrations of Land

Mammals is so what the Caribou does. Walks. A Lot

as well. Well as


being Alls ’bouts… The Next Gen…

eration. Caribou.

A Reindeer Type.


Science Nomen: Rangifer tarandus.


Rewarding themselves alongs those Ways.

By Helping Themselves to the richest Pastures.


Soaking in Rain, Snow and Nutritious

Goodness thereof also. Also therein. Herds



spend much Times, Places of the Autumn

near Forest Regions. Then

as Summer nears, Heading North.

Tundra Bound.

Arctic. Winter’s

Coat shedding along those Ways. Means


Herd numbers can swell to larger sizes as Times, Places

so progress. Alongs. Whilst Travelling alongs

more than 1400 Miles. There and Backs. To

The Forest. Once Summer. Over. Then…


alongs with. Next Gen.

Traditional counting Methods and PhotoCensus

indicate Herd Numbers are decreasing

as a reaction to the 2016/17 Winters.


The Trek is over somewhat Barren Landscape

at Times, Places.

Others… a Natural Smorgasboard. For Caribou.


Moss, Lichens, Grasses, Leaves, Mushrooms.

Small Fish, Rodents, Eggs

…if lil’ else Green avail.



Changes of Caribou…

The Caribou’s Hooves will change too, adapting

by a form of hardening,

suited more to the Cooler, Denser Soils. For

Digging. With.


Leaving Forest Shelter

The Route invariably Northwards meanders a lil’

for Feeding. Areas. Stops.


As with Us… Caribou Hate Insects… buzzing, biting

and so ons. So forthrightly do They Run. Aways. From

Groups/Nests Insects. That buzz and bite. Thems.


Run. Far.  Far



Northern Tundra offers lil’,

bare necessities even in Summer.

Harsh Winters.


The frozen Sub-Soils limit Plant Growth.

Three main Species Types:

Barren Ground, Woodland, Peary.



Male Buck and Female Doe,..

Grow Antlers.

The Only Deer Species to do so.

Female Antlers usually smaller though longer lasting.



In stress Times the Caribou will oft rear Ups.

Glands at the Ankles release a Scent.

Warning. Others.


A typical Herd Creature.

Numbers declining.

Moving, Migrating Seasonally. Long Treks.


to Environ, Circumstances, Nature.

Cud Chewers. Chewing


through Christmas Dinner recently-ish,..

i, Shiro. Lil’

thought. Of Caribou. Out There.

Whilst the HolyDays then centred on Reindeer Rudolph

and The Gang. Of Hooves. St. Nicklaus.


Food, Drink, Gifts, Family, Friends.

Times, Places. Then



The Herd.

Out There. Still

Moving Ons.


Naturally. Naturally



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