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Handfuls of Herbs put aside in dedication for an Empress + Emperor. In 756 A.D. that is. A Treasure Temple. Memories of Ancient Medicine, Cultures, Art Works and a very large… Buddha. All therein. More as well. Our World Legends of Iconic Treasures of the Ancestors that include their Healing Ways. Herein. Therein actually. The Shosoin. A full Treasure House… housing Treasures of History. Japan. Of Yore.



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Many of Ancient Asia and elsewhere incorporated Herbal Medicines

within their Healing approach Systems. Systematically

these can ease many of the Minor effects of Dis-ease.


Plants that Heal and nurture. Nature has long provided

Outdoor Life to so and enhance Ours.


Being somewhat used to Life Outdoors. The Our World Legends

we now collectively Term Ninja that is. Also the Nature of Plants.


Japanese Nature thereof. Ancient as well. As well,.. they well

used many of these indeed.


An over view of the Nara Prefecture/Region of Japan.


In deed and in fact as well. As well,..


whilst much of these Shinobi and indeed

the General Populace from Japan of Yore were influenced

by Chinese styles and approaches to Medicine in general. Also

much was tweaked from and within their Environ. and Culture.


Herbs… the;..


Plants of Legend

and Use-by-date.

Herbal Handfuls. 756 A.D.

became… handy… to thus so and become…

hardy within. Within a purpose-built Structure that is. Herbal Handfuls

of Legendary Plants…


were so placed to promote that Ideal. Therein.

At any Times and Places.



Plants for Medicines, Tonics, Specifics, Concoctions and so on. On

the Mainlands of Japan of Yore so many were available. Thereof

as well. As well


these Herbs were part of a Dedication in Memoriam too. To

and of an Empress and Emperor. Indeed. In deed

and in fact also. In the Shosoin that is.


To Empress Kōmyō. Emperor Shōmu… as well. As well

as Arts and Crafts, Gifts and Herbs…


Cultural Artifacts also. Treasures per se…

indeed. In deed. Inside that is.


The Temples… within.


The Todaiji Temple Complex,.. Nara… Japan… includes the Shosoin.


The Treasure Temple.

Of Todaiji is contained within the Temple Complex. Within

the Prefecture/Area of NARA,.. Japan. That is.


Building first began being worked in

thereabouts,.. in 743.


The Complex houses many Structures built in Times of Yore.

Many such are now considered National Treasures. Treasures

housed within such Treasured Housing,..

include the Our World’s Largest Bronze Gild Buddha Statue. Therein.

Bronze, Copper and Gold. Thereof.


Buddha’s Statue is some 49 feet in height. Nomen The Daibutsu. The Daibutsu-

den,.. is a Treasure… too.

In which… Buddha sits within as well. Is some 157. Feet. High. The

largest Wood Building.



Of Our World Legends it seems. Seemingly


The Legend of the Headless Buddha

too,.. Weathered by Times, Earthquakes and… Wars. Wars

and Earthquakes whether balanced or not

gave great cause for pause… for


even this Buddha of such repose.


Lost… it’s head. In the Real. Shaken…

and stirred by Nature’s… Gift.?. An Earthquake… which quaked

and shaked enough of Our World… in Ancient and Olden Japan that is.


To shake off.


Great Buddha Within The Temple. Head reattached since the 12th Century it seems in deed.


Buddha’s lofty Head.


‘Tis… just… nodded… off. Off

his shoulders that is indeed. In deed

and in fact also. Buddha went… right off. Left


his Head. Grounded it seems. Therein. Treasure

Temple of Dreams. By the 12th Century in deed.


A Temple of Treasure. National Treasures that is. Todaiji.


With a Head recast,.. rebuilt from the lateish 12th Century. Buddha now sits…

still. Still

inside such Treasury Rooms sit… and lie

literally thousands of Treasured Items. Of Japanese and Origins elsewhere.


Ancient and Olden. Cultural Gifts and Presentations

present presently… still. Like


Buddha. Presented therein. Herein… as well. Now.

Works of Arts and Crafts and such Natures. Of then and…

now. Within. Therein too.


The Shosoin is this Temple’s Treasury. House. House

of logs styled in that of the Azekura. A construction method of Olden Times and Places whereby the intersecting Wall Corners feature horizontal specially hewn logs laid to support each and the others…

as well. As well as safeguarding countless (…some 9,000+ actually…)


ageless Civilisation and Cultural Items. Many such


which travelled the walkways and byways of the Famed Silk Roads.




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Of Lands far and flung… not literally. But aways. A Ways

From Japan of Yore that is.

Such as China, Korea. Persia too. To and from


such Lands before. Before storing that is. Within. Therein

actually. Treasure. Treasures in Treasure Temples,..

treasured therein and thereof. Thereof


including Silk of that Road. Which was not a Road actually. Actually

was a series of Routes. On and Off Lands

and such other things. Other things

such as;..



60 Herby Handfuls,..
yes please… will… treasure these.

Indeed… in deed.

Herbal Handfuls also

herein. Therein actually as well. Treasured.

Since 756.


A.D. Year of indeed. In deed

and in fact also.


As a repository of Ancient and Olden Medicinal.

Of Herbal Lore and Wisdom the Shosoin is somewhat Unique…

with much to treasure about such approaches and Ideals. Ideas



as well. Wellness approaches… some 60 indeed. In 756

the Year thereof;..


that is and was. Was… ‘cos,..

though In deed… some 40 now only still sit. There. Now. Still…


and quite still also. With Buddha within as well. Also still.


Still somewhat unique, thanks to Our Ancestors. Who left us some. Some

of theirs. There within the Shosoin still. Medicine that is. That is

Herbal in deed.



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Indeed, originally,..

some 60 Herbal Handfuls Dedicated worth. Worthy still is this.

This is that. That was…


in 756. In 756 impressed by Deeds done. By Empress

and a Emperor too. To Dedicate and impress thereupon

Future Generations to come. Ours and suchlike therein. Within


Treasure Temple… such Treasures… were bound. Bound



these bundles were, though still. Still… there were still

Times and Peoples had worn aways somewhat

at their Health… and this Total. Some 40+ ways still prevailed. Prevailed

and availed themselves as Healers. Therein. Now. Still. Within.


The Shosoin. Some 40 Original Recipes remain within. Within Us too…

for still. Still

and now. Healing aways…


dis-ease. Therein. Herbal Ideals… ideas

also. At work. Medicinal that is. Indeed. Therein.



Now revealed as Recipes of Ancient Healing. Still treasured and within. Like Buddha…

‘cept when there was that Earthquaking and shaking thereof.

Therein as well. By the then…


12th Century. Not now,.. then,..

that is in deed.


Such as The Shosoin Herbal Collection shows and documents how Herbs…

have helped. Helping to shape much more than Our Health.


All over Our World

Legends as well. As well

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Mistletoe. Below.


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such Gifts of Nature do so creep their Ways into other Traditions. Traditionally

Mistletoe is well within Our Ways and Our World Legends of Christmas

from Times and Places other. Other than Topic

at hand anyways. Herein. Herbal that be.


Mistletoe creeps and is parasitic indeed. In deed

and in fact too. To other Plants and on to

other Plants… does Mistletoe grow thereupon. Thereof

as well. As well as Mistletoe another Ancient Herb was


well used. Used well within Times and Places of Yore


Chickweed + co.


that is. Is that  One with the nomen Chickweed. Weed though called

still more so a Healer ’tis be.



and Chickweed

both have very long usage and History in Japan of Yore. Traditionally dating back to the very first known of Tribal Peoples, Places and Times thereof and therein. Herbalists from all Walks, Ways, Times and Places have availed Healing from these Plants of Legend.

Treatment Modalities include Cancer, Diabetes, Nervous and Respiratory Systems

and more. More Ways to Live well.


Immunity System boosts noted to aid Healing and Pain Relief therein.



With such range of effects on many of Our Bodily Systems their uses

are many also. Topical and/or… within.


By the handful it seems indeed and in deed

as well. As well,..



they make You well. Within. That is.


With out as well. Indeed.

Such are the Ways of Medicine.


Therein and thereof… it seems.

Such are the stuff of Mother Nature’s Plants.


The stuff of a…

Herbalist’s Dreams.




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Till next…


Our World Legends.

Be One.


Walk the Life Road.



Your Ways. In

deed… and wellness. Too.