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Well As The Full. Alphabet encoded in Our World. Legends of A to Z. Seizing those ciphered Ways. Means This be. Hits n Misses. Myth, Fact. Fictional Truthful. Fantastic in Our World. Legends. Herein. The Letter. #R. Rainbow Raw. Aurora Roar. SlideShow Lit As Well.


Light. An Essential too. To Life

in Our World. Legends

tell Sunlight, Moonlight, Light


are a Healthy. Concern

a Health Induced High. Levels

of Vitamin D that is. That is

mainly Healings, Rejuvenatings

Skin, Mind when

dones. So appropriately. Subtle


Sun Gazing, 30 min. Outsdoors Meditations, Grounding

Techniques. Sun Salutations. Tai Chi, Yoga

Posturings, Breathing. Methods


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Outdoors so done. That

slowly surely. Generate gradual flexibility

too. To Spine, Shoulders, Lungs, Leg

Muscles stretchings. Mores. Moreovers

Light can. Heal improvings


Balance, Posture Natural. Rhythms, Colors

can. Enhance Moods, Motions, Surrounds

Environs uplifting. Such Natures much

Light effects. Effectively so


Natural Light displays. Auroral Phenomena

shiny. Coloring so stunning within. This


A to Z in

Our World. Legends

Hit ‘n’ Myth. Rainbow

Raw, Aurora Roar

Spectrum Colors so High-

Lighted ins Our World. Legends



Tell sunningly. Of

Lights interactions, Rainbows that blend

so and curve. Beauty too. To Our Eyes

so. Within the Wintery chaos. Icy


Polar Regions. No exceptions,

exceptional Aurorals bright in Deed. Indeed

though exposed to lil’. Sunlights



such Polar. Regions generate/emit

Their Own. Light

where The Sun. Moon well as. As well

shine for. So Longer Periods Times,

Places like Polar. Regions



Auroras dominate Landscapes with


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Crimson, Reds, Greens

Predominant thereof. Therein

A Natural Spectacle. A Wonder

in Our World. Legends

Tell so. Of Explorations, Vast Unknown


Landscapes, Hidden Valleys, Misty

Environs filled. With Light Colorings

in Our World. Legends Tell so

Both. Poles Two too. To

North and South. Lights.


A. Borealis + A. Australis. Lights


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Nomens so derived of Yore. Ancient

Roman, Grecian. Aurora typically Eos

associated with. Dawn’s SunRise. Rising

Early She had many. Escapades

familiar and otherswise

that is. That is so. She is


Daughter thereof. Hyperion, Theia.

A Sister Too. To these. Two

The Sun, That Moon. A

Member of this,

The Second Generation of Gods. Titan.


As a Goddess Her Chariot. So

Multi-Colored. Several


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Auroral Light Types so noted

well as. As well

Light can Stream, Patch, Arc. Cloud

Ups. Mores. Moreovers


Hang in Curtains or Ray Shoot. The Sky

Across, Ups. Overs Lit


Atmospheric Particle Collisions. Releases

Charge. Ins Light Forms. Differences

ins Mains Gas Proportions. Oxygen,

Nitrogen and so forth. Forthrightly


As a Resultant. Colorful


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Next Quirky Quotes Quaintly. Done. #34. Dis Fancy Gas. Eased. Wills Be.


Collisions of Particles. Ups High Aboves.


Belows in Minds We may

ponder. Still

like The Legendary Norsemen of that.

Viking Era who boldly sailed far. Wide

well as. As well such said: That


“… Some People maintain that this Light

is a reflection of Fire which surrounds

the Seas of the North and of the South,..

Others say it is a reflection of the Sun

when it is below the Horizon… I think

that it is produced by Ice

which Radiates at Night the Light

which it has absorbed by Day…”


The Exact Hows, Whys

in the Real. Still

oft Debated arounds,

abouts. Ways such

mean Life from

Mother. Nature so




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a lil’. Mystery.