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Guest Post. Geopolitical. A UN Special Report. Crimes against Humanity alleged. Mores. Herein.


In Our World. Legends do not. Always uplift. Lifting

the veil. On a Modern Country’s. Inhumanity to

Fellow Man. The alleged Massacre of Innocents.



The loss of innocence of a once Noble Regime.



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A Guest Post vis MintPress News. Therein

Their Site.


Herein. As Belows… After This Intro.

A Lil’ Ways. Below, means

Their Post, where and bys:..

Individually or collectively, Terror can rise.


A rising sense too. Pervades. Of imposition improper.

Of a long ago. Ideal. Idolised, injected. Shot

into. In

The Real. Now. In Our World. Legends

expose terrible consequences. Of that. That




Civilisations, Customs, Cultures. Fall.

Some. With lil’ grace. At Alls. All


World Opinion contained in the concerned. UN

Report. Guest Report so nomened:

Findings of the UN Report.

Israel’s Massacre

of Gaza Protesters.



The UN Commission of the

Human Rights Council found serious

Human Rights violations

that may constitute Crimes Against Humanity

and called on Israel to


“Lift the blockade on Gaza with immediate effect…

Source: Findings of the UN Report

on Israel’s Massacre of Gaza Protesters




Also. Btw’s: The nomen is

All. In Many Gods Names.


ISis : A Queen-Goddess. Of Yore.

RA : A Sun-God. Egypt. Of Yore.

EL : An Olden God. Father of Men and Gods. Gods,..



Theirs.?. Only Knows.

Why. Such a Name. So chosen.


An Eternal. Flame. Herein. Clicks Aways.


Till next…

Which Shall. Be: So Artfully. Hands On, With

A Call. To Arms. Of Yore.