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Archery + Ways of the Bow. Herein. Targeted. Highlighted also. From the Sacred to the Sporty. Ways in and ‘tween as well. Well as Our World Legends of Ancient Japan. The Peoples of the Bow. From A to Z per se. Arrows thru Zen that is. Zeroed in. Ceremonial + Martial Methods, Traditions +other such Legendary… pointed Ways.


Ceremonial and Sacred Archery developed along with

Martial + Sport Forms and Traditions. Of Yore. Of

Ancient Japan that is. Yumi-ya.


YUMI ( ) = the BOW.


YA ( ) = the ARROW.


Whilst Defence and Military Ways were the dominant Themes the

Ancient and Olden Methods also encompassed Social

and Cultural aspects

into the associated Traditions. Archery; Ceremonial, Sport or


Sacred Archery thereof;..

was and were displayed at many a Royal, High

Religious and/or Public Occasion. Elsewhere as well. Occasions

that is.



Occasions such as Commemoration Ceremonies in the Early A.D. Years

would of necessity,

Custom and Protocol,..

incorporate such targeted Exhibitions. As well. Attaching to


Archery. Sacred, Ceremonial,

Martial + Sports.

Japanese Ways.

were so and thus;..

linking the Present afixed to the ideals and appreciation

of Our Past. An Ancestral Our World Legends


Thank You it seems indeed. In deed. Also.




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Back of Yore.

The Martial Warriors that Lived and Studied the Early Ways

of Japanese Archery

developed Methods and Disciplines to achieve flowing, coordinated

integration of this Weaponry. Martial and Self-defence applications soon

adapted to suit the Others. Though becoming somewhat more


ritualistic in this and that process.


Individual actions though by Heroes of Fame and Renown from

Earliest Times and Places ensured continuing growth and interest

was conveyed allowing long term appreciation…


and participation for future Bow Ways Students.


Legendary Archers such as Tatebito no Sukune. As Archer to Emperor

仁徳天皇 Nintoku (319-99 A.D.) ’twas He. He whose Arrow went straight

true and straight through. Through

a presented and proclaimed Korean Shield of Iron.


To wit and which… Ironically.



The Korean Envoys had thought… and said… ‘Tis. A


Pass not thru. This Shield. Not possible. No Ways. This Iron

will not bend or bow. To Your Bow. Will not.

They could not do. That.



To that. Pronouncement of Statement. To

this and that.


Tatebito… simply politely asked may i so then.?. Then and so

with puckered and guarded

assent well envoyed back, simply too plucked His Bow. Let loose

and fly that which was attached. There. Arrowed.


Tatebito no Sukune, an Ancestor of Omi of Ikuba.

Then did. Just. That.


Straight as Arrow on thru and past… just passing

through it seems. Straight as. Straight through too. To

and through thus their Shield of Iron. Korean. Of Yore.


Straight on through and True. Flew.

With just ease. Causing


some rather guarded and shielded Korean…

confab commentary and…  too some

such targeted dis ease as



well. Therein. Back then. Of Yore. In Korea.

Straight Up it seems indeed. Takebito in deed. Did. That. That

as well as


quality, quantity was neither ignored nor overlooked. Looking

over and back at such who totally targeted Our World.


Legends such as Archer Adept Masatoki is a

nomen high so then upraised. Raised up and loosened

many Times indeed

in deed. Therein. High numbers therein and thereof.


He whilst in Service to the Chief of Sakai ( May 19, 1852). Let

loose so well and over 10,000 Bolts arrowed in less than

just a Day (app. 20 hrs…). At the Archery Hall

of Sanjusangen-do. Of Edo. That was. Then. Masatoki.


That was and is. Then. Also



recorded in such other olden annals of Yore

are many epic Events of Ceremonial and Sacredness strung

together within many hallowed and sacred Temples,

Shrines, Royal/Noble Grounds and Precincts. Also.


The New Year custom of Harai.

Heralding Royal Births. The Hikime.

The Bow Man collecting Witness Statements at the Seppuku.


The Ways of the Bow. Are there.



Other Martial Ways too. To


include such Ancient Ways as a

Dedication One need only to. To

come to grips. Sumo Style that is. Gripping indeed. In deed

do such as the famed


Sumo appreciate these Arrow and Bow. Ways.


The Sacred Bow.

That is. Also. Divine.



The Yumitori-shiki Ceremony.

Ancient and of Yore indeed.


This intricately interesting Ceremonial Closing… Ceremony. A Ceremony

which closes the Sumo Tournament proper is a continuing Legacy

of the Ancient Traditions. Traditions

that still and now Dedicate Thanks and Appreciation to the Archers

Arts and Peoples of the Bow. A Champion is chosen. A Sacred Bow


presented. In thanks and respect thereof and therein.


The Sumo using Martial Style Movements and Actions then proceeds

to show and venerate said Bow to All present in recognition. Thus

and then so.


Ceremoniously… closing that Show.

Of Style

Sumo. That is so. Harmonious


as well.


Ceremony of the Bow… Sumo style in deed.


The Ways of Kyujutsu…

as well have been adapted as a Modern Discipline.

Kyudo that is. Kyudo is that

which so seeks within the Arrowed Arts

Physical, Mental and Spiritual coordination. Thereof. Therein

also. Also


enfolding Philosophy of Buddhism, Taoism and Zen within. Within

were thus developed special Methods and Techniques to aid approach.

Physical Control achieved with stabilising Exercises and Movements.

Mental Control achieved with Motivation, Focus and Integration.


Spiritual ness soon follows. Balanced.

‘Tis Hoped. And Dreamed.


Worked at as well.





This Approach provides a subtle synthesis yet enables each to be emphasised

if the Archer is so willing. And/or as reqd. Each Lesson or piece of Knowledge

from any of the Physical, Mental or Spiritual Disciplines/Approaches…


applies thus and so. In some

and many Ways to the Others. Then on. In


Theory at least… On and to One’s Life in the Real.



The Basic Approach of the Ways of Kyudo.


The Disciplines per se. Are.

As follows. Herein. Below.












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Festive Ways. As well.

Traditional Kyudo is extensively practiced within Archery of the Modern.

Many Schools of thought and action.


Legendary Archers from such and so Ways as the Nihon, Kajima, Soken,

Nichioku, Hioki, Ogasa-wara, Shigo, Takeda also. To

name several nomens therein as well. As well


still. Today there still is. A Festival of the Bow. Arriving…

soon in deed. Indeed.



That is. Soon in fact too. To

appreciate the ongoing contribution of the Arrowed


Bow. A Festival in deed. Is done. In Japan. Still.

Soon enough it seems.


A Modern approach to an Ancient Tradition and Ways.


Many Shrines, Organisations and associated ALL celebrate Yabusame.

This Festival of the Bow is performed by such at various Times and Places.

All over Japan.


Several indeed over the next oncoming few months.


Unlike the somewhat Zen approach mentioned afore this. This

Festival is rather more… fleet of foot.

The thunder of Hooves that is. In deed.


Mounted Horseback Archery.

The Yabusame. As Below that is.


Arrow aflight and fired Festivities at the Festival of the Bow. The Yabusame that is.


Whistles whilst working as well. As well

as Whistling Arrows the thus and so

Mounted Archer-Horse-Rider has several.



In sight in deed. To target.



Festival Honors are still hotly contested events though Rituals

and the Disciplines are rigorously applied as well. Just as well. Too.


For many of the Festival attractions take up much of the Day. Much

Energy of Rider, Horse and the encouraging Crowd is partaken. Away


by the Action.



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‘Tis good to… so and just take a Break.

From all that and those arrowing in and on things in deed.



Get Zenned.


Herein as well. In deed



Our World Legends.


Our World Legends.



Be One.


Stay Balanced. Target and

Live Your Dreams.



Till next…


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i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein. It so seems.