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In Our World Legends So. Found Ins Psyche Much. Such vis Synchronicity, Symbols, Self. Selflessly Requoted Found Ins. Shiro’s WP Reader Ons WordPress. A View Of The World. We Alls Should. Take A Long View Longingly Herein. Re Pressed On WordPress.


Our Unconscious Human Mind is akin

another Personality. The

Subconscious that is. Is that,


That which so. Reacts almost subliminally

too. To Symbols

rather than these Conscious Awakes

Levels. Symbols

are Letters, Words or Images


that have greater implications



than their obvious and outward Meanings.

Symbols have therefore no precise,

easy explanation. Means Ways

depend on many variables. Of Yours…


In Our Minds the clearest example of this

is Our Dreams.


The Symbols within ONLY



relate to the You,.. Dreamer per se. Unless

Psychic Phenomena involved that is. That is

also not to downplay valid Global/Local Insights


so gained. They be a Bonus. This


Post Please So Note…

…Be A Long. Read. So Writ



In General Terminologies so enjoyed

this of. Off The WP Reader well as. As well


Striking a Mind nerve. Of i, Shiro

akin too. To

introspective. Thoughts. Thinking Ons much. Such

Sharing in Our World. Legends Told By

Synchronicity, Symbols,



…so forth. Forthrightly WordPressers also. Also

see much. Such as. This So Writ By


A Well Aware. Personality so sayeth, Word

presseth His. Quotes


in Our World. Legends So Told That




When I look at another individual I sense
their aura and the energy emitting from their soul.
Seeing past lives and future lives that have
possibly occurred or that will occur.
An infinite amount of possibilities to occur.
For some reason out of all the “infinite”
possibilities to occur.
Most individuals manifest a life of suffering
and become a victim.
That is your choice to become a victim,
not anyone else.
That “suffering” you think that is destroying
your mind-body and soul.
It is all inflicted by yourself onto yourself.
Sure another individual can emit their
energy towards you.
It is up to yourself to process
what the individual is emitting onto you.
Let the individual manipulate you
and take over your energy.
It is your choice if you let them harness
your energy for their enjoyment.
Do not fight fire with fire.
Let me repeat that one more time.
Do not fight fire with fire.
War is not the answer.
Love, constructive language and positive
interactions create peace amongst the people.
Positive or negative.
Either or you need both, so stop
complaining about all the “negatives.”
Life is all about relativity
Without the negatives, there would be no
Therefore “negative” moments that occur
are needed.
“Negative” moments are needed for “learning.”
Negative is positive.
Positive is negative.
Yes, you can be a “winner” but you
are not a “winner” all the time.
We live in an over celebrated and
coddled society.
I rarely meet another soul that is not
we all suffer.
People that say they are “Okay”
are most definitely not “okay.”
We all need to suffer to grow.
Life is here for us to suffer so we
can grow and become greater
versions of ourselves.
The suffering that happens within my
life I appreciate.
Without the suffering, I have gone through.
I could never be my unique individual self.
Please take a moment to realize your
suffering is needed.
There is no escaping this vessel.
What are you running from?
What have you done that is so horrifying
that you fear everything including yourself?
We are all “sinners.”
If someone says they are not a “sinner.”
They are “sinning” for saying I am “sinning.”
I don’t like it when people try to convert
each other.
Only express yourself using your soul.
Otherwise, it’s mostly a bunch of none
sense gibberish.
If I have people breathing down my
neck telling me how I shall live this
life and what I shall do.
That person is the devil.
Only the devil would manipulate you
and lie to you, setting you up into a
false reality that you didn’t wish to manifest.
Do not believe everything you are told.
Do not be a dummy.
If all you do is listen to others.
You are nothing more than a sheep
taking orders from its master.
Are you a sheep.
Or a wolf?
Are you in control of your reality?
Or are you willing to hand your reality
off to another?
Having that individual or individuals control
your life instead of yourself.
Do you expect everyone to hand you
everything within your lifetime?
Or are you going to “manifest” wisely?.
There should be no participation trophy.
Everyone is lazier than lazy.
If there is a word for being lazier than lazy.
Most of the world is that definition.
You need to “work” for what you wish to
become and achieve.
When I say work.
I mean use energy within yourself and
become something of yourself.
I do not like the word “duty” or “work.”
This life is nothing but play.
Most turn all of the play into work.
Manifesting unneeded distress and drama
into this life that is avoidable.
Man thinks he “knows” so much and when
a man knows more than another.
That individual shall be sentenced to
At the end of the day I “believe” no one
has a clue of what Is going on.
We all live in these fantasy worlds with fantasy
expectations and fantasy everything.
Nothing is “real” anymore.
Even nature itself.
Man is altering the creations of mother Gaia
out of ignorance and greed within that ego.
When the earth was first manifested.
It was beautiful.
Then the first human was born and screwed
everything up.
Maybe we shouldn’t have even had the
opportunity to even live this life.
Possibly this was all an “accident”
If so.
This “accident” took a lot of energy.
It took so much energy it was probably
better off just staying pure darkness
within nothing within nothing.
Our births should have not happened.
At this moment in time, i do not believe
we “deserve” everything we “have.”
People get their needs and wants messed up.
Manifesting a life of despair.
Never knowing what they want.
Fussing and fighting and crying, but to
never look within their souls.
Within your soul lies many versions
of yourself that you fear.
A version of yourself you wish you could become.
Is hiding somewhere within you.
Stop “fearing” everything and live this life.
Be so confident in yourself that life itself
is fearful of you hahaha.
The “answers” lie in the depths of your psyche.
The parts of your mind you “fear” the most
will help you find the “answers” you
are so desperately searching for.
Attempt to find the “root” reasoning
to all your suffering.
Possibly you were abused.
Possibly you were never loved as a child.
You are “different” than everyone else.
The list goes on forever.
Accept what has happened.
There is no turning back in this life.
Sure you can turn around and
start running hahhha.
That will not manipulate time.
I recommend before acting out each action.
First, you should use your mind, body,
and soul to analyze what Is manifesting
within yourself.
To make sure that what you
were thinking about in the “past tense”
does not happen.
When you have negative feelings
or emotions enter your psyche.
Attempt your best to understand
the root of the problem.
Everything that is occurring right now
is occurring because of how the “system”
Just because you have gone through something
or have absorbed another’s energy.
That does not give you the right to transcend
that same energy that person gave
to you onto another or yourself.
Use your “suffering” to help you
overcome adversity.
We truly need to suffer in our lives.
You need to “suffer” to feel.
We are all only human.
Live up to the image of yourself.
Embody who you are.
Become your greatest version.
Fear nothing.
If you feel no emotion, you must be a rock.
Rocks are cool.
Most rocks suppress their feelings and
feel tense.
Acting all “tough” to never show the layers
of flesh hiding within.
“Rocks” suffer the most.
When I say “rocks” i am talking about
people who are “tough” and hide their emotions.
In all reality deep down within most
individuals, they are screaming and crying for help.
No one can hear your cries or screams
within your psyche.
Only you can.
“Suffer” and become a victim.
That is unless you wish to fight through
adversity and take on the world.
Imagine this scenario playing out.
You are “dreaming” you wake up.
You see a wall of fire surrounding you
burning in flames.
Do you scream mercy and cry for no reason.
Or do you take one deep breath and accept
your fatality and sprint through that fire.
Possibly on the other side is the “safe zone.”
The fire falling on to you shows the depth
of your will power within yourself.
To accept your death or to not accept
your death.
Most would cry and give up.
I would either start meditating and die
burning alive into an ecstasy.
Or I would accept my fate and attempt
my best to survive whatever situation I am put in.
Everyone is playing out a “character”
An avatar in this life.
Everyone thinks something about you.
You think something about yourself.
In the end, what others think about you
is more import than what you think of yourself.
Then again, you can contradict that and say.
What “I” think about myself is “who” i am.
Sure, yes that is true.
Make sure you aren’t an asshole hahaha.
There is hidden potential within every soul.
Usually, it takes another besides thyself to
realize the “greatness” within yourself.
It is hard to observe yourself when all you
do is see your hands and nose.
You can’t watch yourself and see what you
are doing.
That is for other people to see.
I know for a fact when some individuals
read what I write.
They are speechless.
I never ask for a response from anyone.
All I ask for is everyone to listen.
I feel as if I am a radio.
A battery.
A source of energy.
My “tuner” is at a higher frequency and vibrates
higher than most individuals.
What you consume mentally, physically, spiritually
will create you into you.
If you wish to die sooner than later go
for it.
No one is stopping you from doing
what you are doing besides yourself.
Much love my beautiful people.
Remember we live in a “we” and “us” world
Stop soaring on that ego trip of yours.
Get off that ship.
We are all messengers sharing what we
“know” and what we don’t “know.”
That is it.
Life is an illusion and to prove that any
of “this” is happening is quite difficult.
Enjoy the ride and take it easy.
No need to stress besides the stress
you manifest on to yourself.
There is an infinite amount of ways to
stress yourself out.
Use “logic”
and life will create a lot smoother
path than at this very moment…”



A To Z Next Too. To That Letter #E.


So. There so Writ. So as well

In deed. Indeed

Our World Legends.


Be One. Be


Your Self.

Live Your Dreams. Well as

Till next…