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Featured Image Of A Colored Chalk Solar System And Orbits Roughly Drawn.

Indeed Counting Ups Down. In Our World. Legends Outed Geometrywise So. Calculated With Yore Calculator. Newly Pressed Tons Of New Calculus. Figures Reappear Whens 365 Days Per. Year Daily We Use Only. 360 Degrees So Circled Arounds Abouts Our World. Legends Numbered Herein In Deed.


Exploring Yore Geometry universally finding. Harmony,


Our Archimedes, Aryabhata, Euclid, Ptolemy, Pythagoras

evens Newton mores many more. Yore Mathematicians

been counting 695 so forth. Forthrightly left mystified

finding Certain Our Numbers. Mysteriously repeatings well as.


As well so tons of new. Calculations then showed… Something

mayhaps amiss. Perhaps Nots adding ups calculus

in Deed. Indeed amassing nought

Addings Ups

Down Too. To Earth



Days in Our World. Legends Tell

means so ways arounds. Our Sun takes this. That

long 1 Year. Year Cycle. Our Circling

Our Heat, Vitamin D Source 365 Times. Places

Our Sun so central per se. Sayings tho’


365 = Circle.?. mores howevers. Moreovers underlying Truths,

a Mystery forthwith. For with

Our Circles YET we do too. To


say 360°… yet well



we know.?. Now.?. ’tis 365.?. Yet 360 wise

we use it. Still, well NOT so. Matching these too. Two to

harmonise leads also. All so thru’ many. Calculations Ours +


that numerically. Repeat 365/360 = 1.0138888 = 73/72:

Thus this Now. Our Year = that Perfect Circle + 1/72. Now


where before have These.?. Those Numbers nomened

been. Seen in Yore Our World… Legends Told 360/365/72.?.

Our Maths, Sciences for sure +… Surely Yore

Lazarus aka Osiris… so Divine Year = 360 Days… + Five Festival

Days… 72 Conspirators conspired in The Osiris Murder. Mystery


Yore that recall a so called. Our Golden Age a. Geometrically

Yeared, scaled at 360. Days so align now 365

uninclined Our World. Legends Tell Mathswise


360 in a Circle. Squarely fronting this circling

Figure harmoniously into. To Our World. Legends Tell Geometric

Numbers so apply. Applying a 360 to Our. Earth means ways

Numberings Harmonics. Why


this Number.?. Here’s Why



Numbers oft meant much mores. Moreovers such

down unto. Geometrical Magic divined. That this Magic

of Numbers. So is


360° per Circle inner outed so begins. Ending

our outer World Circumference in approx.

25,000 Miles = 40000 Kilometres. So C/° =


25000/360 = 69.4444…

(Actual = 24901/360 = 69.1694444…)

40000/360 = 111.1111…

(Actual Equator= 40075/360 = 111.319444,..

Actual Polar = 40008/360 = 111.133333…)


In Otherswise words… Each, every

One Degree of Our World 360 = a surface distance/width

of that approximateds amount. 69.5 Miles/111.1

Km’s per se. Sayings that this Circumference Measurement

numerically confirmed. Measured ways backs means

yore. Our


Author Richard Norwood of 1635

in His. Sea-Mans Practice


Image Of An Olden Sextant Device.

Indeed A Yore Our Sextant In Deeds.


used an oversized Sextant/Octant. Measuring

so ‘tween Two. Places at a known distance aparts too. to

thus confirm that. This Number 69.5 ish so applies too. To

One Degree. (… Latitude/Circum./° of Earth Circle per se…)


= Our 25000/360 = 69.4444…


This 360 is made ups of even smaller measures.

Each Degree, we slice into. To


60 sub/smaller pieces called Arcs (of Degrees). Arcs

thus Number 360 x 60 = 21600 Arcs per 360°

per Circle. Now…

This (Measure aka = The Nautical. Miles of Our World) 360


Circumference Arcs Total. 21600 (Arcs) with havings a

Diameter = C/Pi = C/Π =

21600/Π = 6875.4935


Image Of A Round Pastry Pie With Symbol For Pi Baked On.

Indeed Pi On Pie In Deeds.


Our World Diameter = 6875.4935 Arcs of. Degrees


so whilst That nomened. Surface Naut. Mile smiles

ons same numberings. On then… Mass Total

Our World,… + Atmosphere = approx. 1/10 of Mass…


so thus: Total Our World Diameter and/+ Atmospheric =

111.1111 % = approx 110.00 % of Diameter =

6875.4935 + 68.7549

= 6944.2484


… 6944.?. So agains.?. All so


Light Energy mores. Moreovers underlying

Truly Powered ups. In Lithium

Elemental Isotopic Weighing Ins. Outed ats

6.94… Then, with Otherwise now in Maths…

Equationly 5/6² = .8333² = .6944…


How’s Many Vital Body Points In Deeds.?. Pointedly

On Our Body also.?. Pg 4 Indeed… All so = 695 on too

so seems. Seemingly to One-


This/These Numbers 694/5 is thus much mores this. That

then beings such a harmonic. Reciprocal of


Our Light Speed. Warped



next so Writ too. For #D

of Our A To Z.



( Editorial Btw’s: Numbers on notice in Our World. Legends

Tell keep getting. Noticed several Numbers therein that point. Out

Star like. Qualities, Properties that Matter. Living Traditions +

Sciences Geometric oft. Match.?. Firing

ups Mystery within The. Tale told arounds abouts. Then

wondering did One Group.?. compile in Our World. Legends


this Way. Means more. Mystery moreovers underlying Truths

left rightly therein. Mathematics in Our Nature.?. Well

as well known Yore.?.). Our calculated

Research countingwise continues to add too. To


now repeat Repeating Number. So seen

herein WP Word Count then. Now is so 695…


Take Care.

Till Next… Shiro  😎